A/N: This is a repost for a series of one-shots that were never meant to be a series, but ended up being one anyway… Someone suggested I do this and I'd been thinking about it anyway, so... Apologies if you've already read these – just wanted to have them all together and…and as an added bonus, I'm going to give you the starts of the next two chapters. I'm working on them simultaneously – I'm freaky like that… [To David_of_Oz – thanks for the kick in the butt!]

Also! I wanted to thank you guys for embracing this "series" and for making me feel so loved with your comments and hits. (And on livejournal where the stories have done very, very well.) I truly do appreciate your comments and reviews and you have to know that I write to entertain or amuse or make people think and feel. When I hear from you, I know I did it right. Thank you for that. And for asking me to continue this. It's be enormous fun to write and I look forward to the new chapters.

Thx! ~ibshafer