''I hereby pronounce you husband and husband."

All Mew's friends from the band erupted with cheers and even his parents and siblings were smiling. Then Mew saw Tong's parents fidgeting, but they were smiling.

Mew then focused his attention on Tong, his newly married partner. Tong was smiling, moved closer and planted the biggest kiss on Mew's lips.

At this moment in time, Mew was the happiest guy in the world. Mew let out a relief. After all the sadness and turbulences, he and Tong were finally together - for better and for worst!

Mew could feel Tong's happy tears and the tightest embrace he had ever felt from Tong.

Mew relaxingly closed his eyes, enjoying this wondrous embrace, and thought to himself: "I don't want this to end! I love Tong and I want this moment to last forever..."

After several moments, Mew attempted to open his eyes. He could barely, vaguely see his surroundings. There was something in his eyes that prevented him from seeing, but he could tell that he was back in his old bedroom, all alone.

He slowly, gradually remembered. Last night, Tong had come by Siam Square and seen his performance. How happy he was! For the past several days, Mew had attempted to forget Tong. He even walked away when he saw Tong coming toward him at Siam Square. If Tong had come after him at that moment, he would have let down his defenses and forget what Auntie had said and pleaded. He would have thrown caution to the wind and hugged Tong as tightly as he could. He would never let Tong go.

Mew wiped away the dry crusts from his eyes. He had cried himself to sleep last night.

Mew remembered painfully how disappointed he was when he saw that Tong and Ying no longer were standing, cheering at the stairwell.

Mew had wondered if it was just his imagination in seeing Tong there. How he wanted to see Tong that night! On his first public performance, especially on Christmas' Eve, he wanted his childhood love there.

He wanted Tong there so much that it hurt!

After the performance had ended and seeing Tong no where to be found, Mew grudgingly walked away with his group.

He was still downcast when he first heard Tong's familiar masculine voice, calling out for him.

"What did 'I can't be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't love you' mean?"

"And why did Tong say it in such finality that he would never see me again?"

Mew contemplated about that. Tong had made Mew's life whole again by being back in his life and sharing this intimate love.

"Oh, Tong, you have given me so much by showing me what love is like!" Mew yelled in his mind.


Mew's cell phone then began to vibrate.

Mew groggily reached over to his night table, grabbed the cell phone and looked at the front display.

It was a text message from his band mate Aex: "Merry Christmas! Don't forget to come by today to pick up the materials from last night. What are you doing today by the way?"

Mew laid back with a thump and decided that he would stay in bed all day long.

But there was no use. He knew himself too well. He would cry again. He needed to be with his friends. He needed to stop thinking about Tong.

He hesitantly got out of his bed. Slowly, he pushed himself and moved toward the bathroom.

About halfway to the bathroom, he heard the cell phone rocking back and forth again.

"I'll get that after I wash up," Mew casually thought.

After cleaning himself, Mew got dressed. Ate his breakfast. Then as he got ready to go out, Mew realized that he didn't have his cell phone.

Mew looked at the bus schedule and he figured that he only had five minutes to get to the bus stop.

Mew quickly went upstairs and grabbed his cell phone.

Then he saw the text message. He couldn't believe it. It was too incredible.

"Merry Christmas, Mew. Have been thinking of you all night long. Can we talk?"