Showdown! Bleached

"Face it. You're purpose for being here, Kuroi Varensu, is not because Jei was kidnapped from under the Soul Society's nose. Nor is it because you 'owe' Seneru Kuriji anything. You're purpose for being here, Kuroi Varensu, is because you want to kill me. Isn't it obvious? I've seen that hollow mask of yours. You may not be a hollow, but your no soul reaper either. But it doesn't matter. Soul reapers kill hollows, and hollows kill soul reapers. That's the way its always been. You came here to kill me. Just like I came to the world of the living to kill you."

"You're wrong, Shaari Fennesu. I didn't come here to kill you. I came here to bring back Jei, and to avenge the deaths of my friends! I'm nothing like you at all!"

Shaari grinned. "Fine. Keep telling yourself that. It doesn't change the fact that I'm going to kill you." Shaari drew her sword. "Now... Prepare yourself, Kuroi Varensu!"

Kuroi blocked Shaari's attack, and countered with her own slash at Shaari's side. They continued to exchange blows for a few seconds before Shaari stepped back, grinning.

"Come on. You know I want to fight you at your full strength. It doesn't matter if I kill you like this!"

"Forget it. I'm saving my strength to fight Schwartz."

Shaari threw her head back, laughing. "Schwartz? You'll never be able to do that!"

"Yes. I will."

Shaari stopped laughing, but her grin was still plastered on her face. "I'm Espada number six. That means that even if you defeat me, you still have four who are all much more powerful than I am before you even get to Schwartz. You didn't last two seconds against Arukoto, and he's only number four. What are you gonna do against the others?"

"I will defeat them. I have to. Jei's counting on me. All my friends are counting on me!"

"Enough talking! If you want to save your friends so much, then show me your real strength!"

Kuroi closed her eyes briefly. "Ban...kai."

The wind around her seemed to pick up momentarily, and the cape of her uniform became slightly tattered. Her sword however, known simply as Excalibur, grew to almost twice its size, maintaining its purple hue.

"This is my bankai, Shaari Fennesu. Eien no ken. The Eternal Sword." Kuroi slashed the air in front of her. "Getsuga... Demon Fang!"

Shaari dodged the blow and quickly rushed forward, stabbing Kuroi through the stomach with her own blade. "Hah! You're a fool if you think you can beat me without your mask!" Shaari drew her sword back and gave it a quick flick, sending the blood off of it.

Kuroi doubled over. "Fine. You want to see my hollow mask? I'll show it to you. But only for a second. That's all I can afford."

Kuroi held her hand in front of her face, focusing her energy. It wasn't long before her eyes turned golden and a crystalline, skeletal mask appeared on her face. She stood up.

"Shaari! I didn't come here to fight you. I came here to rescue Jei. I came here to stop Schwartz. And I will. Save. My friends!"

Kuroi launched herself at Shaari.


Come on, all Bleach episodes end at annoying cliffhangers like that!

But I think its safe to say that Chloe, playing the part of Ichigo Kurosaki, wins this battle, thus she gets a point. Thus the score is now Valens: 3, Fennes: 2

(For those of you who aren't posers like me and know enough Japanese to look smart without really knowing the language, here's who everyone was in this short:

Kuroi Varensu: Chloe Valens

Shaari Fennesu: Shirley Fennes

Jei: Jay

Arukoto: Alcott.

I took all of the names from my single volume of the manga, except for Alcott's name. That one I just made up as best as I could.)