Legend of Spyro Eternal Pair

One fine morning in the great Dragon city of Warfang, a young purple dragon named Spyro awoke. He was a middle sized dragon, his muscular body covered with purple scales. Two great yellow horns sprouted from his head. He had sparkling purple eyes and powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth. His long tail had a double edged fan at the end. His well shaped wings were golden. Since he was a purple dragon he had power over all four elemental powers. Earth, Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Also, he could breathe Conviexity, the combined power of all four breathes. Spyro yawned and turned. The beautiful black dragoness Cynder awoke. She was Spyros mate until the bitter end. She had horns growing all over her head, with flashing emerald eyes and a long tail. A razor sharp steel blade was attached to her tail. She had a mauvere underbelly. Iron shackles bound her legs and neck, reminders that she had once been a servent of the evil dragon Malefor.

After they awoke Cynders stomach rumbled loudly. Spyro nuzzled the black dragons neck and said "Shall we find breakfast my Cynder?" Cynder smiled and said "Of course Spyro." As they flew toward the west to find their breakfast a black dragon growled angrily in his lair. He was watching the whole thing from a magic mirror and was very angry. He wanted Cynder to be his mate, not Spyro. He growled and began plotting his revenge. Meanwhile Cynder and Spyro had came to the edge of a great forest and Spyro blasted two deer with his electrcity breath. Then he lugged them back to Cynder, who devoured them quickly. She had eggs and was very hungry.

After they ate Spyro and Cynder flew to Warfang. However a giant Dreadwing attacked them. The beast knocked Cynder to the ground and was about to devour her when Spyro roared in rage and rammed the beast. The Dreadwing sailed left and slammed into a tree with a sicking crunch. The beast rose and howled at Spyro. Cynder rose and opened her jaws. A blast of shadows came out, engulfing the Dreadwing. Spyro turned and blasted the beast with fire. The Dreadwing howled in pain and fury and lunged. It beat its wings and sailed up. Then it released a screech blast at Spyro, knocking the purple dragon over. Cynder roared in rage and blasted the Dreadwing with poison. The beast howled and tackled Cynder. The two creatures tumbled backwards. Cynder sank her sharp fangs into the Dreadwings neck and plunged her tail blade into the beasts back. The Dreadwing howled in agony and slashed. Its claws stabbed into Cynders shoulder. The black dragoness gasped with pain and released the Dreadwing.

The beast took the chance and wrapped its tail around Cynders neck. With a quick yank the black dragoness fell to the ground. The Dreadwing screeched in triumph and opened its jaws to deliver the killing bite when Spyro awoke. He saw Cynders bruised body and growled low in his throat. He snarled "You... attacked my mate?" His anger and rage started to fuel his body. His body burned and turned black. Black flames swirled around his body and he lunged. He opened his jaws and blasted a beam of Conviexity at the beast. It pierced its head and ate through its scales. The beast howled in agony and collapsed. Spyro turned his rage on the town. Cynder awoke and cried "Spyro!" Spyro snapped out of his rage and lunged toward Cynder. He wrapped his wings around her and licked her cheek, saying "Cynder..."