Chapter 15: Start of the Final Brawl

After a couple of hours of hard flying, Spyro and Shadow had gotten to Malefor's lair, where Darkness had made his home after his father's death. The two dragons could see a weird crimson light flaring from inside the windows, yet both couldn't go near due to the fear of being seen. Shadow and Spyro then dropped to the ground, prepared to break down the wall if they had to to rescue Cynder and the dragonets. The duo then saw a pair of Ape guards standing at the entrance to the tower, standing tall and wielding razor sharp spears in their hands.

Shadow nodded to Spyro, and the purple drake instantly understood the silent signal. Silently kill them. The duo then carefully sneaked behind the guards, Shadow using camoflauge to disguise his scales against the dark background. Spyro managed to tip up behind the first guard, and drawing Mooncleaver, silently cut the Ape's throat with a single stroke. As he collapsed, blood bubbling from the wound, Shadow had drawn Bloodreaver and had bisected the other ape in half, causing blood to spout the ground around them a gory red.

Spyro watched in horror as Shadow put his special powers to use. He watched as the lines throughout the former god's body flared with power, and the blood was instantly absorbed into him. Shadow's eyes flared with godly power, and he grinned, his strength restored and his body ready for action. He sheathed Bloodreaver, and turned to see Spyro staring at him.

"What? I needed refreshment. Don't forget, I am the God of Blood. Blood is like a smoothie to me." He shot back. Spyro nodded, shaking off his surprise as he sheathed Mooncleaver, then the duo booted down the door and entered the tower.

Darkness snarled as a bloodied ape guard suddenly burst through the doors. The wounded ape staggered to Darkness, before collapsing onto one knee. Darkness grabbed him by the chest, glaring at him with his hellish red eyes. "What in the Ancestors's name happened?!" He roared.

"S...sir... Spyro and your former... assassin... have entered the castle to kill you..." the ape managed to pant. Darkness's eyes widened. He snarled with sudden rage. "They're after me then..." He thought to himself. "Si... sir... it would be best to flee..." Darkness snarled, before throwing the ape into the air and blasting him into smithreens with a powerful blast of fear energy.

Cynder, struggling to regain counscious, watched as her former mate turned around to face her children... "N...No... Don't... touch... my children..." Darkness grinned before his right paw crackled with dark energy as he cocked one in a talon shape. Instantly a great, sulfurous claw grabbed the young dragonets and hurled them into a nearby iron cage.

Darkness then grabbed Cynder and threw her into the cage as well. "My love... I will make you see the foolishness of such a choice of mating with that purple freak!" Darknesss snarled. Cynder growled, nearly losing counscious, but managing to spit out one more sentence. "He... is ... a better... mate... then... you... will ever be!" She snarled.

Darkness snarled viciously before whipping the back of Cynder's head, knocking her ucounscious. Draco snarled at the dark dragon before hugging his mother. Darkness then turned to his elite guard. "Dark Seekers. Hold Spyro and Shadow off as I formulate a plan." he ordered. His elite guard saluted. "Sir yes sir!" They said. They were extremely loyal to the dark emperor, willing to lay down their lives for him.

They then marched out of the room, heads held high as they wielded massive pikes. Darkness grinned evily as he turned to the ancient book he was reading from before the ape had come. "Spyro and Shadow... you'll both see what will happen to you..." he gave a evil grin, his eyes flaring with a blood red light.

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