I didn't mean for this to happen, but eighty minutes of straight studyhall thought otherwise. So here I am starting yet another story when I'm already working on three. Yupp, I suck, I know. This just popped into my mind and would not leave, no matter how much I tried. So I hope you enjoy this. It's definitely and AU. -Insert Disclaimer-

Everyone knew that there was a new exchange student coming to Dalton Academy. It had been all anyone could talk about for the first week of October. The boy was apparently from Paris, France and the son of Burt Hummel, the founder and proud owner of Hummel's Tire and Lube which now had over two hundred shops worldwide. Not much else was known about the boy.

Blaine was currently on his way to greet the other male. He had been assigned as his mentor and dorm mate for the next two years. Blaine didn't know what he should say when he met the boy. How he should introduce himself to somebody from another country.

It seemed as though he wouldn't have much trouble as he suddenly slammed into another body, causing the kid to drop everything and land on his bottom. Blaine stared down into wide blue green eyes, masked with long lashes on porcelain skin. The boy was gorgeous, with perfectly coifed brown hair and clothes that looked as though they belonged on a runway. Not in Lima, Ohio.

"I'm so sorry! You much be Kurt Hummel." Blaine spoke as he helped the boy up, handing him his dropped items.

The tall boy stared back for a moment, looking thoughtful before nodding his head quickly, a smile taking over his face. "Merci! You be must, er, Blond? Correct?"

Blaine couldn't help but melt at the confused boy, cheeks flushed red in confusion and worry. "Blaine." He responded with a smile.

"Blaine." Kurt repeated slowly for emphasis before nodding once more. "I am sorry, I still have troubles with speaking in the English."

"It's perfectly fine." Blaine grinned, wanting to scoop up the boy and hug the hell out of him, "You signed in, right?"

Kurt was silent for a few moments once more, and Blaine realized that he was probably translating the words in his head. The French boy nodded slowly, an eyebrow raised in confusion. "Sign to my, right?"

Blaine shook his head. "Have you signed yourself in at the front office?"

Kurt seemed to perk up at that and grin. "Yes! My name has been signed!"

The Dalton boy grinned as he led the other down the halls and towards the dorms, carrying Kurt's suitcase for him. The walk was silent for a few moments while Kurt looked around at the different signs and trophy's displayed around Dalton. They had just reached the main hall of the dorms when Kurt spoke again.

"Americans have bird choirs?"

Blaine gaped at him before chuckling and shaking his head. "Oh no. The Warbler is our mascot."

"Moose cot?"

Blaine just grinned. "Mas-cot." He spoke slowly. "It's something that represents our school."

Kurt smiled happily, clapping his hands together. "Like a cheer leader!"

"Sort of like a cheerleader." Blaine nodded.

"Ah, does that make me a, how you say, moose cot?"

"Did you dress up as an animal?"

Kurt stared at him in shock before shaking his head. "No…" he answered slowly. "A leader uniform. I cheered."

Blaine flushed slightly but nodded his head as they set towards their dorm. "That makes you a cheerleader, a mascot is someone who dresses up like an animal or another representation."

Kurt paused, biting at his lip. "I…I don't understand."

Blaine felt for the boy, wondering what it must feel like to be in a new country, learning a new language, surrounded by people saying things that you can't understand. "That's okay, Kurt. I'll explain it to you."

Kurt grinned at him, biting at his lip and blushing softly. "That would be nice." He whispered softly.

Blaine smiled at him before his eyes widened, unable to stop his friends that had suddenly rushed at the newest kid to their dormitory.

"You must be Kurt!" his one friend, Wes, a tall and slightly scrawny Asian boy with straight black hair smiles, sidling up to the boy.

"You're the new French boy!" David, another tall, dark male with a shaved head and calm smile asks, sidling up to Kurt's other side.

The boy looks shorter and lost between the two.

"Ah, oui. Ce serait moi." Kurt speaks quickly before flushing. "Desole! Je veux dire…" Kurt blushes once more before staring down at the ground, obviously shocked by the forwardness of Blaine's two friends.

Blaine stares for a moment in shock at the easy French that slips from Kurt's lips before he realizes that he should probably help out the new kid before he's scarred for life. "Calm down guys, you're going to freak him out." Blaine speaks and the two immediately put space between themselves and the new student. "Everything alright?" Blaine asks, falling in step next to Kurt.

"Parfois, quand je suis-" Kurt pauses, catching himself. "Sometimes the French words just flow when I get startled." He sighs softly, rubbing at his neck.

"Don't worry about it Kurt. Things will get better." He smiles.

Kurt looked up at him with the most sweetest, confused, but hopeful eyes that Blaine absolutely melted, turning into a puddle of goo. He smiled, taking the males hand and walking him the rest of the way down the hall, ignoring the faces that the other boys had flashed him, large grins, before turning to his and Kurt's room. "Number two seventeen."

Kurt nodded his head. "Two seventeen. Got it." He murmured.

Blaine pushed open the door to the dorm and Kurt smiled, looking around to his bare side and Blaine's side, which looked homey and used and comfortable. "I'll have to start decorating at once" Kurt spoke aloud before covering his mouth. "Not that it's not a nice room and and…"

Blaine smirked as Kurt started speaking French once more and Blaine just chuckled, shaking his head. "Kurt, calm down. We're not going to take everything you say and turn it into something completely awful."

Kurt stared at him, a small smile on his face before he nodded. "Alright…" he spoke softly as Blaine lay his suitcase on the bed. Kurt smiled happily, bounding over to his side of the relatively large room before flopping down on the bed. "So high school will be fun, correct?"

Blaine looked up at him, raising a brow. "You've never been?"

"Homeschooled." Kurt shrugged.

Blaine blinked but nodded. "It can be fun, at least, at Dalton it can be."

Kurt giggled and nodded his head. "Teach me?"

"Teach you what?"

"How to have fun!" Kurt spoke in an obvious tone.

Blaine laughed but nodded his head. "Alright new kid, I'll teach you." He grinned.