Title: The Killer
Summary: It started out with a kiss… Slash
Word Count: 493
Rating: M (to be safe)
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or The song.


It happened one week ago, Jasper and I were hunting together, alone.

I still remember the feel of his arms as he wrapped them around me.

"Edward, do you know how long I've longed to touch you?" His smooth voice asks as his cool breath tickles my ear.

I want him, and he knows it.

But I can't stop myself from turning in his grasp and saying the one thing I don't even want to think about in that moment.

"Alice?" Her name barley leaves my lips before I am enclosed in a kiss with the beautiful man before me.

"It started out with a kiss.

How did it end up like this?

It was only a kiss…"

Days passed and Jasper and I avoided each other, both of us regretting the kiss we had shared and the fact that we both wanted more.

"Now they're going to bed

And my stomach is sick

And it's all in my head…"

I don't know why I torture myself, but I do. I was in my room alone on my bed. But my mind was elsewhere, with him. I knew I should have just left but I couldn't as I lay there watching Him, through Her eyes.

"But she's touching his-chest

Now, he takes off her dress

Now, letting me go…"

I could see his golden eyes looking down at me, I could almost feel his hands touching me as we kiss, and I could feel our bodies becoming one as the smells of sex fill the air.

"I love you." He whispered to her, like he always did.

"Jazzy, I'm close." She would say after a while, causing him to cringe at the nick name. He hated that nick name.

"JAZZY!" She screamed as her climax hits her, but he doesn't follow and soon she knows why as a vision captures her, pulling me along.

Jasper and I were sitting side by side.

"I love you, Edward." He says as he pulls me into a kiss.

"I love you, always Jasper." I reply after a few minutes.

A gasp from Alice brings me out of her vision.

"Alice what did you see?" He asks, unaware of the pain she'll soon endure.

"Go, just get out and go!" She yells as her pain hits him full force, giving him no option but to leave.

She saw something, but what? Jasper wondered as I follow him, careful to not be noticed.

"Jasper?" I say when I can take it no longer.

"She doesn't want me, she doesn't love me." He says not even looking at me as I wrap him in my arms.

"I love you." The words leave my mouth before I can stop them.

"Guess that is the brighter side of things." Though he doesn't seem happy a smile plays on his face.

"Just call me Mr. Brightside." I laugh, before Jasper is kissing me.

"I love you… Always." We say in unison.