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Elena could tell that she was smiling before she even opened her eyes. The past few days had been heaven. For her birthday, Damon had surprised her with a week long trip to Greece. It was more of surprise than it would have been considering they were supposed to get married within the next few months. Either way, Elena enjoyed the gift. It was even better now that Katherine was old enough to enjoy herself. It made Elena smile even more as she thought of her daughter's third birthday they had celebrated not too long ago.

With that thought in mind, Elena opened her eyes and frowned a little. The hotel room was a little too quiet for having a three year old around. Especially one that had turned out to rise early. Elena pushed herself up into a sitting position and yawned before getting out of bed and slipping on her robe. "Damon? Kat?" she called out as she left the bedroom. Nothing. The living room and kitchenette were completely empty. Even Katherine's bedroom was vacant.

Just as Elena started to panic, she found a note on the little table and sighed as she read it. "Kat and I decided to hit the beach for a little bit. When you get around to reading this, you should come join us." She smiled as she put the note back on the table. She looked at the clock and groaned a little. She was still getting used to the time difference, but no matter where she was, the time was still early. She shrugged and decided to join them on the beach after all.

She headed back to her room and opened the closet. She did a double take as she saw how empty it was. There was only one thing on a hanger and it was inside a garment bag. She narrowed her eyes as she saw another note with Damon's hand writing. "I should also mention that we have another surprise for you. Kat would like you to get all dolled up and wear this."

Elena couldn't help but smile and shake her head. Carefully, she brought the garment bag to the bed and began to unzip it. Her eyes widened at the sight of the dress that was revealed. It was an off-white, knee length dress that had straps that reminded her of the ancient Greeks. It was fitting for where they were and she couldn't wait to put it on. After doing her hair and make-up, she stood in front of the mirror and pulled on the dress, completely in love with the reflection she saw. Eagerly, she grabbed her purse and headed out to the beach, hoping that her family wasn't too far away from the hotel.

"Miss Gilbert?" some called the moment she stepped outside.

She stopped and turned to look at the man who had spoke. "Yes?" she returned. A part of her knew Damon had set this up considering she had never bothered to change her name back to Gilbert.

"Follow me please," he said and led her towards the beach. Elena followed him cautiously, her curiosity peaking as he led her to a restricted section that was usually used for private parties. It was then that she realized Damon had planned something different than a little get together on the beach. Her suspicions were confirmed as she rounded the corner into the restricted section and the sight before her nearly took her breath away.

There was an arched altar facing the water that was wrapped with flowers of every color. Standing beneath that arch was Damon in a semi-formal outfit and Katherine in one of her favorite dresses. Damon was standing off to one side with a sly grin on his face as she started at Elena's as she took everything in. Katherine was holding a bouquet of flowers that matched the ones on the arch. The man who had led her here from the hotel smiled at her before he went to stand underneath the arch, facing the hotel.

"Damon..." Elena breathed as she moved closer to them.

"I know we've been planning a wedding for back home, but I thought this would be much more appropriate. I appreciate the fact that you were willing to do the whole nine yards even though you've already done it before. Honestly, I never cared about the details as long as you were walking down some sort of aisle and became my wife."

"But I-" she stammered, still trying to wrap her mind around everything that was going on.

He grinned and met her halfway to take her hands in his. "Everyone knows about this. Why do you think they kept pushing for you to agree to this vacation when our wedding was coming up so soon?"

Elena shook her head and allowed him to lead her up to the altar. "This is gorgeous," she said.

"I know you wanted everyone to be here, but-"

She shrugged. "They'll deal with it."

"Look Momma!" Katherine said, holding up her bouquet so that Elena could see.

Elena sunk down so that she could look her daughter in the eyes. She smiled as she pulled a flower from the bundle and tucked it into Katherine's long brown tresses that matched her own. "You look beautiful," she said and kissed Katherine's forehead before standing up again. "So we're really doing this. We're really getting married."

Damon nodded briefly and stuck out his hand for her to take. "As long as you still want to."

She placed her hand in his and nodded. "What are we waiting for?"

With that, they turned their attention to the man who was about to pronounce them husband and wife. As they listened to him speak, Elena couldn't help but smile and steal glances at her soon to be husband. The first time she had stood in front of an altar about to make this vow, she had been wracked with nerves and could feel the weight of the world pressing down on her. At this very moment in time, all she felt was joy. She had never been happier in her life and she knew she wouldn't have it any other way.

For the past few months, Elena had been stumped on what to get Damon for their first anniversary. They still celebrated the day that had actually met, but this was the first year they would be celebrating their marriage to each other and Elena wanted it to be one hell of a memory. Just as she always did when she was stuck, she called Caroline to help her brainstorm.

"Our anniversary is in a few days and I can't think of anything."

Caroline frowned. "You know, this shouldn't be happening until much later on. Have you asked him what he would like?"

Elena nodded. "All he says is that he has everything he wants. He's even harder to shop for than you are."

The blonde cringed at that. "Damn. That is hard. Well, looks like we'll be here for a bit. Mind if I raid your fridge?"

At the thought of food, Elena put her hand over her stomach and shook her head. "You can if you want. The thought of food makes me nauseous and nothing stays down for long."

Caroline's eyes went wide. "How long has this been going on?"

Elena immediately picked up on where she was going with this. "No..." she breathed and then recounted the events of the past few weeks. Her eyes widened as well. "You know what, that's entirely possible."

"Forget dinner, I'm going out to buy pregnancy tests!" Caroline shouted and threw her arms around Elena. "Be back shortly!"

That was how Elena found the perfect gift to give Damon for their first anniversary. She and Caroline had spent the rest of that afternoon coming up with the surprise. Now, Elena was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Damon to come home from work so they could go out for dinner. Katherine was going to stay the night at Isobel's so that they would have the evening to themselves. Elena couldn't stop smiling as she imagined Damon's reaction. Last time, she had dreaded every moment, but this time, she was overcome with happiness and couldn't wait to share the news.

At the sound of the garage, Elena got to her feet and picked the small bag up from the table. Damon walked into the kitchen from the side door to see Elena beaming at him. "Elena?"

"I kept thinking that I could wait until after dinner to give you your gift, but I can't," she said and handed it to him.


"Just open it," she demanded, a smile still on her face.

Damon eyed her wearily as he took the bag and began to open it. Inside all the tissue paper was a pregnancy test in a Ziploc bag. Elena saw the look on his face when he realized what it was noticed the way that he paused. Slowly, he looked at the result of the test and then at her. "Is this for real?"

She nodded rapidly. "I'm pregnant again and this time, you get to experience everything right off the bat and neither of us have to feel guilty."

Damon dropped everything and gathered Elena into his arms. He lifted her enough so that she could wrap her legs about his waist and giggled into the heated kiss that he delivered. "Best anniversary ever."

She nodded and kissed him again. From that moment, they both realized they weren't going to make it to dinner. Damon began carrying her towards the bedroom where the night wore on to prove that it was indeed the best anniversary ever.