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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the DC-verse!


Lex Luthor laughed maniacally. Finally, after so much effort. So much blood, sweat and tears he could finally claim the superiority he knew was his. This was the triumph of humanity over…

His formidable intellect came to a halt as he paused to contemplate what exactly he was triumphing over.

In high definition and on no less than eighty-three monitors he could see the pink-haired superhero whimpered as the chunk kryptonite inched closer and closer.

For a moment of madness he felt pity for the damn thing.

Then batman dropped in from behind and rendered the point moot.


"Thanks Homura," Madoka said tiredly as they limped out of Luthor's self-destructing base. It was a shame, Luthor always seemed to be doing things like that. The brat. "I-"

"Batman," Homura said harshly through the voice synthesizer.

Madoka chuckled. "But you're a-"

"I require terror for my ends," 'Batman' repeated, voice harsh and guttural. "The male emblem is a necessary front in order to terrorize the criminal element."

They'd had this conversation before.

Multiple times.

"I think," Madoka yawned, "that mothers can be scary too."

'Batman' said nothing.


"They are totally going to start frenching each other," Kyouko reported excitedly.

"Friend Raven," Starfire said uncertainly, "I do not mean to be inconsiderate, but I believe this is what friend Cyborg refers to as 'not very nice.'"

Kyouko tossed a bag of popcorn at the Tamarian. "Ah, don't worry about the big lug. We go way back. She's always been such a strait-lace."

Starfire sat and accepted the bag of popcorn. The 'frenching' had not yet started although it appeared that Batman was getting suspicious of the green hummingbird with the miniaturized surveillance equipment. "Is being a 'strait-lace' undesirable, friend Raven?"

Kyouko grinned. "Oh, you betcha."


Half an hour into the very necessary research into how the movers and shakers of the Justice League lived their lives, Robin burst into the room.

She wasn't happy.

"Kyouko," Sayaka growled. "That's batman."

"Yup," Kyouko said, tossing another handful of popcorn down her gullet. "Neat, huh? Now you can indulge in your crush and remain within the limits of plausible deniability. Aren't I nice?"

Winsome smile.

Robin didn't even acknowledge it, seething as she watched the display.

"Join us, friend Robin," Starfire said, patting the couch. "Friend Raven has explained to me that we are 'people watching.' It is a fascinating human custom!"

"Oh, I'm sure it is," Sayaka growled, balling up her fists. "It's also known as an invasion of privacy and-"


Mami examined the control room of the Titan Tower with a whimper.

"I just fixed the place," she cried. "How is it a mess again?"

"Friend Cyborg!" Starfire said cheerfully, waving her over, the one spot of spotlessness amongst the pandemonium. "We were people-watching! And then friend Robin said we were violating a great many human laws, and friend Raven said that that was semantics, no celebrities pretended to have privacy and friend Robin started yelling-"

"And then they started blowing things up," Mami finished sadly as she toed a sparking monitor.

"No, then friend Batman and friend Madoka started 'frenching'-"

Mami choked.

"-and then friend Robin learned about the betting pool-"

Mami choked again.

"-and then they started blowing things up." Starfire said. She cocked her head at the blonde. "Friend Cyborg, are you not feeling well?"

"I'm – gah – fine." Cyborg muttered, shaking her head. She wiped away the long trail of drool that had formed at the corner of her mouth.

"Did Raven make a recording?"


The Joker examined the animal curiously.

"Now this is a proper joke," he chuckled.

"It is very nice to meet you," the white squirrel-thing said, without once changing expression.

"Delighted," the Joker replied without inflection. "I wonder what smilex would do to you, hmmm?"

"Probably nothing." Kyuubey replied. "This body is thirty percent cotton."

"Really now?"


"We'll ahahahaha see about that!"

Kyuubey frowned. Oh well. What could this hur-