Hey everyone! This is my first story away from Twilight and The Hunger Games, which I'm excited about! Time to try out some new characters and I'm excited. Okay this is about Paco and Julianna (Brittany and Alex's kid's love story) and here's the first chapter. Please let me know what you think. :D I've wanted to write a fanfic. for one of Simone's books and I finally get to! (Even though its not about one of the main characters, but I wanted to do something that's with undeveloped characters.) Hopefully all of you like it! This story I'm thinking about updating once a week...maybe Wednesdays? :D

(Parts in Spanish will have the English translation in () behind the part in Spanish. Sorry if the translation to Spanish isn't perfect, I'm using a translation engine. I only speak English and a few words in Spanish, haha!)

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I wake up and let a small groan escape from my lips. Why do I have to get up so early to go to school? This is just insanity! My bedroom door bangs open and in walks Daniel, my twin brother. He walks right into my room and plops down on my bed. Can't I ever wake up without someone just walking into my room like this? No, obviously my room is the intersection for all off the traffic going through the house. Using all of my weight I push him off of the bed and he lands on the floor with a light thud. He grunts and hits me in the face with a pillow. Some how I end up on the floor and he's almost sitting on me.

"Time to get up, Juli! We have to go to school and be bored." He starts bouncing up and down, which pisses me off even more and I throw him off of me. I use all of my weight and push him up against the wall. "Whoa! Little Julianna's been working out!"

"Shut up." I whisper to him and I stand up. When I turn on the light I notice that my brother has another black eye. He stands up and walks towards the door, but I stop him. "How did you get the new black eye? One of the druggies not so friendly?"

He glares at me and pulls away from me. "Don't talk to me like that. You know that Álvaro and I are protecting the four of us. So don't give me this shit-"

"We could have asked dad for more money! You know that we could have, but no! The two of you wanted to join the Blood." I hiss at him and he looks around him frantically. "Dad could have gotten us onto the north side and you know it. Why do you always use that as the reason why you got jumped in?"

"Juli, stop talking like that. One time you'll slip up and everyone will know what your saying." I roll my eyes at him, but he pushes me up against the wall. "Sabes lo que pasa cuando piensan que están en contra de ellos. Una vez que usted empieza a girar esa mierda, te pasa por que ... nos van a obtener por ello. Entender?" ("You know what happens when they think they are against them. Once you start spinning that shit, you get for that ... we're getting for it. Understand?")

Dan's blue eyes are the same as mine and we both have the same light blonde hair, with the a dark tint underneath it. "Deje de usar todo lo que pasó con mi padre como excusa. Estás arruinando la vida de todos. Usted y Megan ruptura, que conseguir un salto pulg Cuándo terminará todo esto? Dan?" ("Stop using everything that happened with my father as an excuse. You're ruining everyone's lives. You and Megan break, to get a jump in. When will it end? Dan? ")

"Daniel! Julianna!" My mother's voice rings up the stairs and the two of us stop our bickering to listen. Our mom doesn't speak any English, except for our names. "Prepárate para la escuela o de lo contrario será tarde! Date prisa! Álvaro ya está listo! Tiene quince minutos!" ("Get ready for school or else it will be late! Hurry! Alvaro is ready! In fifteen minutes!")

Both of us are scrambling to get ready. Quickly I run into the bathroom and hear Dan yelling at me from the other side of the door. With a small smile on my lips I quickly get ready and walk out of the bathroom at the perfect moment, he only has three minutes to get ready. He runs into the bathroom and flips me off. I sigh and walk down the stairs. Standing in the hallway I look at myself in the mirror. My dad takes us shopping once a month in New York, we can get whatever we want, but he won't get us out of the south side? No, not unless we go to live with him in New York, in his fancy loft. My dad's fully American, he knows a lot of Spanish and that's how he won my mom over. Staring at the mirror, I see a girl who looks like she could like on the north side. Designer clothes and a little bit of make-up on. Everyone knows that I live on the south side though. No, I'm not in the Latino Blood like my brothers.

"Juli..." The voice comes from behind me and I turn to see a smiling Adán staring at me. I shake my head a little and smile at him. His dark green eyes are locked with mine and his dark hair is sticking up in all directions, I remember when just seeing his hair ruffled made my heart skip a beat. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks, Adam." I say the words slowly and turn away from him. Silently I walk into the kitchen and sit down. "Buenos días, mamá." ("Good morning, mom.")

Adam and Dan walk into the kitchen a few minutes later. Our families live together, we were all going under before we all just moved into one house. That was when Adam and I were dating. Living in a house with his family and him, makes things get around a whole lot faster. His mamá thinks that I'll change my mind after sometime and that I'll realize that we belong together. Yeah, keep hope alive.

"Buenos días, señora Álvarez. Dónde está Alejandra?" ("Good morning, Mrs. Alvarez. Where is Alexandra?") Adam's mom smiles at me and nods her head a little. She understands a little bit of English, but not a lot. I smile at her as I start to eat and I'm thankful that they can't understand us when we talk in English or else everyone would be screwed. "No quieres que sea tarde a la escuela. Estamos teniendo ella?" ("I don't want to be late for school. We are taking her?")

Señora Álvarez smiles at me and nods her head a little. "Sí, Adán ya ha prometido que la llevara. Estás listo para comenzar su último año de escuela secundaria, Julianna?" ("Yes, Adam has already promised to take her. You're ready to begin his senior year of high school, Julianna?")

"Si, señora Álvarez." (Yes, Mrs. Álvarez.) I quickly eat and leave the table. When I walk out into the hallway I see my two brothers and Adam standing in the hallway, they're in a huddle and I know that it has to be something gang related. All three of them have been jumped into the Blood. "Hey guys. Ready to leave?"

"Si, in a minute Juli. You two sure that you two can handle this tonight?" Adam asks Dan and Alvaro. The two of them nod their heads and I feel sick to my stomach. This is the last thing that I want, my two brothers doing something stupid and deadly, of course this isn't their first time doing this stuff. "Okay, Juli could you go get Alexa? Please?"

Rolling my eyes I walk up the stairs and into Alexa's room. She's twirling around in circles and smiles when she sees me. The light blue dress that she's wearing is beautiful on her and the matching braids. Alexa's only six years old and she's adorable. I look around her room at the light pink walls, with little ballerinas dancing around the whole room. Seconds later she's standing beside me and has her backpack, ready for school.

"Julianna, why are the boys always wearing red and black?" Her eyes are wide as I take her hand in mine to lead her down the stairs. I've never had a sister, but I feel like she is mine. "You never wear red and black..."

I bite my lip, because I do when she's not around. Unlike the others I try to shelter her from this. With a light sigh I bend down to her eye level. "Alexa, honey...right now your too young to hear what's going on. Okay? When your older we'll tell you, okay?"

"Si, Juli. You look pretty." I smile at her before I let go of her hand. She takes off down the stairs and I follow her. The guys stop talking when she's next to them and I'm glad that they have that much common sense at least. "Adán, are you picking me up from school today? Mamá said that you were going to."

"Of course I am and I'm hoping that if we ask pierda Julianna nicely, she might join us." The two of them look over at me, pouting. Slowly I nod my head and sigh. "See? There's nothing that the two Álvarez's can't do!"

Rolling my eyes I walk out the front door to Adam's beat up car, with him and Alexa. The other two get into Dan's car and take off. My eyes lock with Adam's and he gives me a quick shake of the head. We both look back at Alexa and nod our heads. After Alexa's dropped off, he's going to answer all of my questions.

"Si usted me va a decir después?" ("Are you going to tell me after we drop Alexa off?) Our eyes lock for a minute and I can see it in his eyes. He's going to use Alexa as long as he can to block me. "Ella sólo puede ser un escudo para siempre." ("She can only be a shield for so long.")

He has a cocky smile on his lips and he laughs lightly. "Ella sabe que sabe español. Derecha, Alexa?" ("She knows Spanish. Right, Alexa?")

"Si." Alexa says and I shake my head a little. When we pull up to the school the door flies open and she looks back at the two of us. "Adiós Adán y Juli." ("Bye Adán and Juli.")

He pulls out of the parking lot and I shake my head a little bit. I can feel his eyes on me and I chuckle lightly. Adam knows that I don't give up until I know what I want to know, this is no exception. When he pulls into the school parking lot, I stop him from getting out of the car and I make him look at me.

"Adam, we're still friends aren't we?" He nods his head and I know that I have to pull every trick out for this one. "Please, tell me what Daniel and Álvaro are doing tonight?"

"Juli, I can't. This stuff doesn't involve you, so you should stay out of it." He smiles at me and gets out of the car. When he walks over to my side and opens the door for me, I'm taken by surprise. I get out of the car and he pushes my back up against the car. "Quiero estar contigo, Juli. No podemos darnos otra oportunidad?" ("I want to be with you, Juli. Can't we give us another try?")

I stare at him for a minute and think about what I should say to him. "No, sorry Adam."

The expression on his face makes it hard for me to walk away, but I have to. My eyes lock with Paco Fuentes is staring at me. I look away and try to focus on the day ahead of me. Rule number one to keep your family safe from the Latino Bloods is to stay away from the Fuentes family. No exceptions and I'm not just about to throw my family into the line of fire.

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