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Standing in my bathroom, I stare at my reflection as I consider my options – I need something believable and once my parents find out that I've lied to them they'll be cabreado beyond belief. Rubbing my hands together, I realize how pathetic this is, I'm seventeen years old for gods sake! If I can't tell my parents that I'm going out with my girlfriend for a few days and will be back soon, then what can I really do? It's not like they can really stop me, I mean...I am almost legal after all, aren't I? Nodding to myself, I pull the door out of my way and come face to face with mi mamá. Her blue eyes sparkle as she holds my laundry basket to her, making my eyes flicker to her growing bump. A second later the basket is in my hands, and I'm looking at her as though I am a little boy again. The way that she looks at me makes me wish that I was a kid again, things were so much easier back then.

"Kyra just texted me and she's been going through a rough time..." I trail off as I look into mi mamá's eyes, not knowing if I could truly lie to her like this. Hurrying into my bedroom, I put my laundry basket down and start to sort through my clothes – needing a distraction to help me through this. "She's going away for a few nights, and asked me to go with her? Would that be alright?"

"Where would you two be going? I hope that you two would stay close to home?" She walks to stand next to me, and begins helping me put away my clothes which makes me start to feel guilty. "It's fine with me but you'll have to talk to your father, and you know how he feels when you want to leave while school is in session."

"I'd only be taking Friday off, we would be back by Monday," I say in a false confident tone. To be completely honest, I would love to just take off with Juli and not have to worry about anything for a few months. "Please just...let me go for a few days? I really want to help a friend of mine, and you know how much I love her."

I turn away from her as she sits on my bed, and sighs. Kyra has always been like another daughter to her, and I know that neither of my parents will tell me no when it comes to her. "Fine, go ahead and go...but take my car. I'll let your father know, and we'll be calling you every so often to check on you. Just..be careful out there, I know that you feel like you can take on the world but I don't know if you understand what is out there."

"Mom I'll be fine, you know that I won't do anything stupid." I give her the same you can't resists me smile that mi papá always used, and passed down to me. A mistake on my part is when I decide to push my limits and ask, "When have I ever done anything that was dishonest in the past few months? I think that going out for a little while won't hurt anything, and I'll be just a call away."

"Paco, need I remind you that you ran off with Sarah many times when you weren't supposed to?" Her tone turns motherly, making me almost start laughing before I nod, knowing that she is right and there is no way that I can deny it. "But...you have been better lately, and I know that you do mean well, sometimes its your actions that don't reflect that or the outcome. Go with Ky though, and have some fun."

After about an hour I'm driving down the interstate with Juli sitting next to me with her feet on the dashboard. The gleam in her eyes makes me even more glad that I had done all of this, and I know that I would do it all over again. Slipping one of my hands off of the steering wheel and reaches out for her's. When my hand finds her's, she laces her fingers through mine, singing along lightly to the song on the radio. Her eyes shine brightly as she easily gives me directions to a place that she feels fully free, but one that she's not willing to share with me until we pull into the parking lot.

Taking the next exit, I look around us and take a right. I stare ahead of me in surprise, unsure about what our destination is. After a few twist and turns, I stare at a dirt road in distaste that runs right into an old paved road – which makes me wish that the dirt road had lasted longer. When she tells me to turn left into this large filled parking lot, my eyes bulge out of their sockets as I see a large county fair in front of us. Putting the car in park a few moments later, I look over at her with amused eyes, and seeing how excited Juli is I burst out laughing.

"You really wanted to come all this way to come to a county fair?" Shaking my head, I leap out of the car and walk over to the passengers side to open the door for her. "Tell me why you wanted to come here so badly? You look like a little kid on could nine. Es...asombroso." (It's...breathtaking.)

Her sparkling eyes flicker up to mine as she carefully gets out of the car, her long blonde hair swaying in a ponytail before she gestures before us and says in an almost dreamlike tone, "Este es el último lugar que mis padres nos llevaron antes de su divorcio. Estábamos todos tan felices, y todo a la vez. Tengo que decirte algo ... aunque mi primo es una especie de ... a cargo aquí." (This is the last place that my parents took us before their divorce. We were all so happy, and whole at the time. I have to tell you something though...my cousin is sort of...in charge here.)

"Your cousin, huh?" Wrapping one of my arms around her waist, I chuckle before gently kissing her on her lips once and press her back up against the door. "Looks like I'll be meetin' more of the family sooner rather than later. Have you told any of 'em about me?"

"Paco...dear..." Leaning forward, her lips are just barely an inch away from my ear before they gently brush below my earlobe, making a light groan escape from me, making her smirk. "Usted sólo tendrá que esperar para averiguarlo, no usted?"(You'll just have to wait and find out, won't you?)

Laughing, she pushes away from me and starts walking towards the fair. Her eyes bright with excitement as I run to catch up with her. Unsure about what we're about to do, I gently take her hand, and she laces her fingers through mine as we walk through the entrance. As we walk around slowly, she points to her favorite rides until I stop walking and stare at a large panda hanging from the top of a stand. Smirking, I start to walk towards the man holding onto five darts, but Juli pulls me back.

"Let's go get something to eat, and then you can embarrass yourself." Standing on her tipy-toes she kisses me on the cheek before dragging me to the other side, until her words settle into my mind. "Paco? Is everything alright?"

"You don't think that I could win you a giant ass panda?" I ask her in disbelief, feeling the need to prove her wrong as her eyes meet mine. Seeing the amusement shine back at me in her eyes, I begin to turn but she stops me. "Come on, I'm going to win you one named Charlie."

"Eat something, and then you can win me Charlie, okay?" Her tone is inviting and seconds later we're standing in line waiting for food. Squeezing her hand, I stare at the man with the darts and he starts to wave me over. "So what do you think?"

"It's nice..." My eyes narrow for a second, before I look at her with a wide smile and I gently kiss her on her lips. "I'll be right back – gotta run to the restroom really quick."

Before she can question it, I head off towards the porta potties before looping around back to the man with a sly grin on my lips. Taking two bucks out of my pocket, I hold it out to the man and take the five darts as he chuckles gently. Stepping backwards, I start to aim the dart at a bright pink balloon, and send it flying forward. The dart sticks to the board, at the top – far away from the balloon that I was aiming for making the man laugh.

"Looks like you'll be here for a while," says the man as he slicks back his dark hair and continues to hold back his laughter. "Want me to give you a deal? For four bucks I'll give ya...twenty darts, and will promise that you will at least win one of the small animals. The lion is a hot item."

Staring at the man for a moment, I shake my head before holding another dart up and taking a deep breath before sending it flying at a balloon, this time it just an inch shy of the balloon. This happens for the next three, making my bow my head in defeat and feel someone tap me on the shoulder. Turning, I see Juli standing behind me holding a corn dog, and trying to not burst out laughing. Looking extremely amused, she hands me the corn dog before giving the man two dollars and getting five of her own darts. Her eyes stay locked on a balloon in the center, and she sends it flying right into it. A light pop makes me stare at her in surprise, and she does the same thing for the next four darts.

Juli smiles wide as she points to the giant panda, and takes him from the man before holding it out to me. Kissing me on the cheek, she giggles before saying, "I hope that you like Charlotte."

"Looks like the date just turned in the little lady's favor," the man says in a highly amused tone before holding a bucket of darts up in front of me. "Want to attempt to save your bruised pride there buddy?"

Holding Charlotte away from me I say in a disgusted tone, "Panda de estúpido, culo gigante..." (Stupid, giant ass panda...)

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