The Doctor was in the control room, 'fixing' the TARDIS. Rose had gone to bed an hour ago, leaving the Doctor on his own. He was just about to finish with the TARDIS when he heard a scream come from Rose's room. He immediately jumped up and run towards the scream.

He got there within a matter of seconds and opened the door, to reveal Rose curled up in her bed, the duvet at the bottom of the bed. The Doctor ran over to her and jumped up on a space on the bed.

"Rose, Rose. Come on Rose wake up." The Doctor said as he shook her. "Rose."

Rose screamed and sat up suddenly, nearly throwing the Doctor off the bed.

"Whoa, you all right? I heard you scream." The Doctor said. Rose turned to face him and the Doctor leaned over and switched on the little light by her bed. Once the light was on the Doctor looked at her closely and he noticed that Rose had tears streaming down her cheeks and she had bags under her eyes. The Doctor pulled her into a hug as she began to sob.

"Hey, what's the matter? Was it a nightmare?" The Doctor asked her gently. He felt Rose nod against him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" After a few seconds, Rose pulled away from him, but the Doctor kept his hands on her arms. It took her a few seconds to answer, the Doctor never taking her eyes away from her. Finally she nodded and moved to a more comfortable and pulled the cover up over her. The Doctor sat down next to her and brought her into a one arm hug.

Rose looked the Doctor in the eye for the first time since he had come in. "Do you really wanna know?"

"Yes Rose, I do want to know." The Doctor replied, rubbing her arm.

"OK then. Well I dreamt about us being separated, but not the same way as last time. I dreamt about the Daleks coming back and, just like one of them did when I found you again, one of them shoot you. However you didn't regenerate, you died and I was left on my own facing a whole fleet of Daleks. That bit didn't bother me, it was the fact that you were dead and I would never see you again." Rose explained as fresh tears streamed down her face.

"Oh Rose, I will never let anything take you away from me again. I couldn't bear to lose you again, it broke me last time, you know that." He took a deep breath. "Rose I just want you to know, and I know I should have told you this way back, but you know me I'm a coward, but Rose, I am completely and utterly in love with you and I always have been." The Doctor told her, kissing the top of her head.

Rose looked at him, her eyes wide. "You love me?"

"Yes I do." The Doctor said.

"Good, because I'm completely and utterly in love with you too." Rose replied with a smile. The Doctor smiled at her as well. It didn't take the two of them to close the gap between them and soon they were kissing. Rose's nightmare completely forgotten. They let go a few seconds later and smiled at each other once again.

"Doctor, can you stay with me tonight?" Rose asked after a bit.

"Of course, Rose. I'll stay with you." The Doctor replied. The two of them lay down and the Doctor pulled the cover over them. Rose cuddled up to the Doctor; her head resting on his chest, the Doctor brought his arm around her, bringing her closer. He placed a kiss to her forehead, before the two of them settled down and fell asleep.

The young human girl and the 900 year old Time Lord were so in love that nothing. I repeat nothing could possibly tear them apart again.

The End

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