Last chapter was the last chapter. I'm sorry if I ended it poorly, which I must have since so many people think there's going to be more, but this is it. Cloud's story is over. I might add a few little extra bits like this in the future, something about Tseng dealing with the whole Reno Cloud thing, but I don't have anything planned. I only wrote this so soon because I felt bad, and one lovely reviewer requested it. Thanks!

Vincent scanned the reactor from his perch on a nearby boulder. Jenova was supposed to be inside. How creative, hiding Jenova in a reator. After half a day observing the reactor and the surrounding area, he should already be inside, assured that no guards were stationed to protect the virus. Yet here he was, checking everything over for the nth time.

'Take your time' Chaos murmured, and Vincent let out a sigh.

'Are you sure about this?' he thought to his demons, deformed hand clenching in its gauntlet.

In response his mind roiled, its occupants pulling at the bit. 'Get on with it,' Gigas growled, and Vincent's mouth almost tugged into a smile.

Without another thought he leaped from the boulder, landing gracefully and flowing in through the doorway of the reactor. Ignoring the majority of his surroundings he stepped forward with purpose, heading straight up the stairs and to the back. With Hojo's lack of creativity in storage locations, there was likely no need to. Sure enough, there, in the same back room that had existed in Nibelheim, Jenova lay.

'Are you ready?' Vincent questioned, kneeling and taking out a destruct materia he never thought he would use. When his tenants had all shown their agreement he activated the materia, falling to the side and clutching his head as his mind was torn apart.

The pain he felt was indescribable. He would have liked to be able to say he had felt worse, but its nature prevented any comparison. The only similar thing he might have experienced before was when Hojo had created the barrier in his psyche to keep in the demons, but at that point in time he had been unconscious and near death.

He felt when Galian left. The closest to the surface, the beast's form incorporeal without a life form on which to base its structure. It floated through the tank and into Jenova itself, attempting to attach itself to the virus.

The idea was that Jenova could be nullified by an equal and opposite force. As it came from beyond the stars and his demons were formed within the lifestream itself, no other two objects could contradict each other so.

Gigas, the next closest to the surface, trampled out with a roar. He too soon was sucked into the virus, leaving Vincent's head an empty shell of what it had been. The pain was subsiding by this point, leaving him all to aware of the newly formed space in his mind.

'I do believe it is almost destroyed,' Hellmasker hissed, adding, 'You may not be necessary after all, Chaos.' With that she slipped out of his mind, adding her own existence to the offense on Jenova.

As the last wisps of her presence faded, Vincent sagged in exhaustion. A buzzing had stopped, one he only noticed when it was gone. "Is it over?" he croaked, too drained to tell if he was thinking or speaking aloud.

'It is done,' he felt Chaos respond. 'It is good my sacrifice was not necessary. Without Jenova Omega is unlikely to rise, but it is unknown if some new planetary threat will appear in the future.'

With that Vincent stumbled to his feet, breaking the glass to grasp Jenova's husk. Later that day, as he settled down for a short rest before going to find Cloud, he could only nod in response when Chaos said 'It felt delightful to watch her burn.'