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Chapter One

Luka Megurine sat at school, staring out the window next to her desk. Where was he...?" she though absentmindedly.

Suddenly, a hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped. She grabbed her fish from her lunchbox and swung it right into...

"OW!" screamed Hatsune Miku, shoving the fish away. "Luka, come ON!"

Luka reddened and set her fish down on the table. "Sorry, I'm just distracted today..."

Miku sighed. "and yesterday, and, like, a million days before that too." Then she frowned. "Why do you even HAVE a raw fish in your lunch box? It's not like you're going to eat it, and it makes you smell like tuna!"

Luka stroked her fish, and looked up and Miku. "I like my fish. What's wrong with with my fish?"

Miku just stared. "A fish."


There was silence.

Miku picked her books up. "Anyway, whatever. The bell's going to ring, in, like-"

The bell rang, piercing the awkward moment. Miku squealed and ran to her desk, her bright blue hair in pigtails bouncing along with her steps as she plunked into her seat. Luka's head sank back into her arms, her pink hair strewn around her head, as she resumed looking out the window.

And then the door swung open and Gakupo Kamui walked in.

Luka's eyes widened. Her hand twitched. She slowly turned her head.

There he was. Gakupo.

He was tall and lean, his purple hair in a ponytail that arced elegantly over his back. He grinned, and his smile pierced Luka's heart.

The teacher turned. "You're late." she said sternly.

Gakupo raised his arm and put it behind his head. "Uh, yeah, I had some... uh. some stuff to do. Yeah."

The teacher stared at him. "I'm sure you did." she said. "I'm not going to mark you late. Now, sit down, before I change my mind."

Gakupo walked over to his seat. "Hey, wait...!"

The teacher looked up from her papers. "Oh, yes, Gakupo. I have given the new student your seat. I though Ann should have a chance to sit in the front, so she can catch up smoother to our class." Ann looked up shyly and waved.

The teacher turned to the rest of the class. "Everyone," she said, "meet Sweet Ann. She is an immigrant from the U.S and I hope that the rest of you can help her with her Japanese, as she is still struggling a bit."

Luka gave a little gasp. So this is the new vocaloid! she thought.

Yes, a Vocaloid.

I should probably explain what that is.

The Vocaloids... no one knew who they were, exactly. All anyone knew was that one day, on the news, it had said that about 20 babies had been found outside in the pouring rain. They were all scattered around a park. They all had rich, vividly colored hair.

No one could figure out where they came from, or what they were, or who their parents were. Sure, they tried to find out, but it was to no avail.

Eventually, they were all put up for adoption. Many of them were adopted by a pretty old (well, middle aged, really) wealthy man who felt sorry for the lonely bunch of infants. He bought a mansion of huge proportions, and took care of them there. However, he did not adopt all of them.

Slowly, two or three more trickled into the mansion as the parents who had adopted them decided that they should go, for a variety of reasons. Money, laziness... etc.

They all lived together in separate rooms in the mansion. They grew up together.

And as they grew, one thing stood out in all of them, something that they all had in common.

They all had beautiful singing voices with perfect pitch.

Now, let's go back our friend Luka, sitting in class at school one rainy morning.

She had developed, in the past, say, six months, a giant crush on Gakupo, a fellow Vocaloid. He did not know this, of course, but Luka was madly in love with him.

She loved everything about him. His lovely smile, his wonderful humor, his perfect temper, and most of everything else about him. The way he walked, his smooth voice that rose and fell like the waves of the sea along with his emotions.

Their rooms were so close to each other...

They were so close, yet so far away.

And why far away?

Because he usually didn't talk to her much. Luka was pretty shy.

But all that was about to change very, very soon.

Gakupo stood next to his old desk. He frowned. "Well, this is great and all," he grumbled, "but... where do I sit now?"

The teacher glanced up from her papers once more. Her eyes scanned the room. They landed on an empty desk. "Um... okay, how about there right next to Luka?"

Luka's ears perked up like a wolf's. Her hand twitched a spasmic twitch that knocked over her homework folder. It landed with a plopping noise on the floor.

Gakupo walked up to Luka, gently scooped up the folder in his hand, and held it out towards Luka. "I think you dropped this." he said.

Luka stuttered, groping for the right words to say. "Uh... Th-thanks... Gakupo...!"

Their hands met as the folder was passed. Then, they both raised their eyes, and something clicked. Inside both of them

The teacher cleared her throat. "Settle down, everyone, we're wasting time. Gakupo sat back down, and Luka stared wide-eyed after him, the folder dangling limply from her hand. All the papers were spilled on her desk. But, he had talked to her. And so, she really couldn't have cared less.

Luka walked out of the class with a dazed expression, her black shiny skirt swaying. Miku ran and caught up with her and frowned. She waved her hand in front of Luka's face. Luka made a little squeaky noise. Miku snapped her fingers in front of Luka's face, and that got her attention. She turned.

"Yes?" she said. They both stopped walking. "What?"

Miku whipped out a leek and poked Luka in the face with it. "Okay, WHAT'S going on?" she demanded. "What are you hiding?"

Luka looked down. "Why would I be hiding something?"

Miku stared at her with an agitated expression. "You've been acting strange lately! What's up with that?"

"Uh... mumbled Luka. Her eyes flickered from side to side. "Nothing..."

"Yeah right!" said Miku. "Now tell me! You know I'll nag you until you do."

Luka's heart sank. She was right. Everyone cracked under the pressure Miku could invoke. "Fine." she said. "I'll tell you."

Miku rained her eyebrows. "Wow! That was easy!" she then grabbed Luka by her shoulders and shook her. "NOW TELL MEEE!"

Luka gently took hold of Miku's arms, unhooked them, and lowered them. "I... sort of..." she gulped. "Like someone. In our class."

She heard a high pitched noise, and turned. It was Miku.

Of course it was.

"Why didn't you just tell me before?" she said, dancing in place. "Because I am Hatsune Miku, professional love doctor!" she stroked her chin with her fingers. "Now, what seems to be the problem, Ms. Megurine? Or should I say... to-be Mrs. Megurine!"

Luka giggled. Her face reddened. "Stop it! You're embarrassing me!"

"Not enough, I'm not!" she said, abandoning her act. "So tell me! Who's the lucky guy?" She twirled once. "Shinji? Komui? Allen? Suman? Tell me!"

Luka sighed. "It's... it's Gakupo." she said blissfully.

Miku's smile dropped right off her face. She took a step back.

Luka turned, worried. "What?"

Miku's foot made slow circles on the floor. "Well... it's just that...!"

Luka grabbed Miku's collar and shook her, losing her usually present cool. "WHAT WHAT WHAT what IS IT?" she hollered.

Miku's legs dangled above the ground. "Whoa! Chill!" she said, pushing away Luka's hands. "I'll tell you!" She dusted herself off.

"It just so happens that... Akita also likes him." she said.

Luka's heart sank. "Akita? Akita Neru?" she said.

Miku gave a sad nod.

Luka leaned agains the nearest wall. "No..."

Akita. Akita Neru. Such a name was always spoken in a voice laden with dread, because Akita was, she was...

"My bossy, annoying, stuck up cousin." said Miku. "She always gets what she wants. And she is HOT!"

"Miku! Gross! Seriously, self esteem boost 100%! Thanks a LOT." groaned Luka. She put her face in her hands, her shining hair falling around it.

Miku sighed. She leaned against a wall. "There's only one solution to this that I can think of." she said. An evil look materialized on her face.

Luka groaned. "Oh no." she said, her voice glum.

Miku looked up. "Oh, yes!" she said. She punched her fist into the air. "Love doctor Miku is on the scene!"