*Hey this is my second story hopefully you all will like it*

- Set during the namek saga-

Chapter 1

"Hey Krillin, Gohan will you all sleep at the bottom of the ship?" Bulma asked looking at a magazine.

"Sure Bulma but can I ask why?" Krillin asked picking up the stuff that he brought really it was only his kame hat.

"Because I want a night by myself up here, and since Gohans here you need to stay with him if you know what I mean." Bulma looked at Krillin and smirked.

"Bulma what do you mean?" Gohan asked. Krillin hurried him out of the room before she could tell a stupid lie.

They took the stairs down to the spear room Bulma made.

"Krillin what did bulma mean?" Gohan asked jumping down two stairs at a time. This little movement strangely aroused Krillin and he wasn't even touching the boy.

"Krillin!" Gohan yelled as Krillin almost walked off the stairs and to the very bottom.

"Thank." Krillin said relived that Gohan stopped him.

"Why where you looking at me funny?" Gohan asked Krillin blushed.

"Man for a kid whose been in a fight with sayians you sure do ask a lot of questions." Krillin said hoping he would forget the question maybe he could show him what Bulma meant. He smirked at that idea.

"Sorry Krillin didn't know it was getting on your nerves." Gohan said as he opened up the door to the room. For a room made by bulma it sure was small. It had dark blue paint, had random boxes in the corner, and a small bed that if Goku where here it would only be him on the bed.

"I guess we have to sleep together." Gohan said in an innocent kid voice that made Krillin blush even more. Gohan went over to the bed and laid his back on it. The bed had a wood baseboard and purple sheets.

"Unless you want me to sleep on the floor its alright by Me. " Gohan said getting up looking at Krillin who was still at the doorway. He was still staring at Gohan he didn't hear a word that he said all he heard was 'I guess we have to sleep together' and 'you want me…. on the floor its all right by me'. He was growing harder and harder. He walked in and locked the door behind him.

"Worried Bulma might come in." Gohan laughed but stopped when he saw that Krillins face was serious.

"Gohan how is it that your so…. What's the word pretty for a boy?" Krillin asked as he walked up to the 5 year old.

"What do you mean Krillin?" Gohan asked as he scooted over thinking Krillin was walking over to go to sleep.

"Why are you moving away?" he purred.

" Don't you want room to go to sleep?" Gohan asked as he was getting under the covers.

" Its not bedtime yet how about we play a game?" Krillin asked sitting on the bed putting his hand on the boys knee.

"Really what game do you have in mind?" Gohan smiled it has been forever since his played any game besides fighting. Krillin moved forward grabbing Gohan by the armpits and put him on his lap.

" What game do you want to play?" Krillin said liking the heat that Gohan was producing.

"I don't know any to be truthful," Gohan said sadly "Remember I was token to training at age 4 all I knew was learning and exploring."

"Well I know some games if you would like to play them, but you have to play by the rules."

"Okay what are the rules?" Gohan asked interested looking up at Krillin with innocent eyes.

"Well the game is called lick It." Krillin said moving Gohan to the bed once more.

"How do you play." Gohan said his eyes shining bright his hands formed into fists.

"You lick what the other person tells you to lick." Krillin said simply.

"Okay that sounds easy to do." Gohan said jumping up and down hugging Krillin. Krillin smiled and pulled down his pants.

"Is that part of the game?" Gohan asked looking at Krillins penis standing up.

"Yeah your suppose to lick the other person off isn't that easy?" he asked smiling even wider as Gohan nodded his head.

"Krillin can I ask you a question?" Gohan said putting his hands on his head leaning on the bed.

"Yeah sure go ahead." Krillin said looking down at the beauty.

"If you wanted sex you could just ask you know." Gohan said which surprised Krillin.

Next chapter will be rated m for you people reading!