Chapter 1: Over sharing

Author: mrstrentreznor

Title: When Clearwater goes cloudy

Rating: NC-17 for teen sex, language and themes

Fandom: Twilight, AU

Pairing: mostly Seth, with bits of the rest of the pack

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Author's Notes: follows the previous four stories, in this series

Summary: Seth is no longer the youngest wolf. He doesn't have a mate but he keeps getting drawn to a particular place in the forest. AU. NC17 for teen sex and language Fifth story in the W series.

When Clearwater goes cloudy

AN: this has become a series of stories. Read them in this order:

1. What was she doing?

2. What was he thinking?

3. Where's my happy ever after?

4. Who's your daddy?

5. When Clearwater goes cloudy.

Chapter 1 over sharing

Disclaimer: the characters and all recognisable situations belong to Stephenie Meyer - this is a work of fan fiction, except for the legends and histories of the Quileute and the Makah that, of course, belong to them. I pay my respects to their gods.

Thanks to BanSidhe for betaing.

Seth, Paul, Embry and Quil were trying to play cards.

Trying, because Seth was in a mood. Someone had been foolish enough to ask what Jake and Leah were up to and Seth had launched into a whine about living with them.

"Man you do NOT want to be in the house when those two hit it hard. Usually Jake is just up for stamina or frequency but occasionally they go full on animal, pelvis snapping sex and I RUN. It is NOT normal sex. I swear he tried to fuck her through the wall last night…," he complained.

"Jeez Seth, over share much?" said Embry, throwing his cards down. It was hopeless.

"Yeah, Way too much information dude," said Quil, following suit. For once.

"I see inside your heads… remember?" Seth pointed out. "You all thought I was just the little brother. But I know that you guys are just jealous, 'cause you all wanted to hit that." He managed to look superior. "Except Paul," he added.

They all looked at Paul.

"What?" from Paul; he was still trying to sort his cards.

Quil looked perplexed. "He's right… you never did."

"Out of the hundreds of women you bedded, Leah Clearwater never was one, was she?" Embry asked.


"Why not?" Seth sounded as if he really wanted to know.

"She kind of offered…" Paul added.

"And you turned her down?" Quil was incredulous.

"Hell yeah!"

Embry shook his head. "Paul, explain it to us and use very small words please so we can be sure we understand your reasoning… 'cause I could have sworn I just heard you say Leah wanted to fuck you and you said 'no'."

"Why do you think she had such a hissy fit at the bonfire that time she thought I was fucking Bella? You remember they were screaming at each other inside the house." [WWSD chapter 7]

"I thought you werefucking Bella then," said Quil.

"Well no… not until later that night." Paul smirked.

"Jesus Paul," said Seth. "That's where you went; you ran to her house." It was as if he had only just worked that out.

"She picked me up on the road… actually I thought she might run me down for a second… but…" Paul shrugged again.

"Is that what Leah was upset about?" asked Embry.

"Yeah… I basically didn't let her get to the offering stage. Just shut her down at every turn. She was seriously pissed with me because I fucked everyone else EXCEPT her," Paul explained.

"Oh…," they all breathed.

"No," said Quil, "I still don't get it."

"I rejected her; not the other way around," Paul tried again.

"Yes but why?" Quil still didn't get it.

"Too complicated," Paul stated.

"The explanation?" checked Quil.

"No… Leah! She was a freaking basket case, Man! We all saw inside her head. Sex with her may have been down right amazing, but it was so not worth it, as fucked in the head as she was at that stage," Paul explained.

"Jake helped to fix her," said Seth, "and some of it, she did on her own. Always does try to do stuff on her own."

"He healed her," corrected Embry. "And he was the only one who could have done it."

"He got hurt protecting her too, remember?" from Quil.

Paul spoke again, "So, in that case he gets what he earnt in my opinion. If he wants to fuck her through the wall, he can go for it. Besides," added Paul, "I had already imprinted on Bella, months earlier."

"Yeah but you fucked half of forks; the female half. Why was Leah off the list?" Quil still needed clarification.

"You don't shit in your own nest, guys. You oughta know that! She was too close and too complicated. Sam would have beaten the stuffing out of me, too. But you should have offered to do the deed, Embry," he suggested.

"What? Me?"

"Ha, tell us you didn't want to," Paul gleefully said.

"She used to tease me about my father," Embry was quiet for a minute. "So hang on, she's too complicated for you but it would be okay for me! What the fuck, Paul?"

"Heck, you like to complicate your life! You even imprinted on Rachel Black! It doesn't get much more fucking complicated than that," stated Paul.

Everyone sniggered.

"Whatever," said Quil, "it still leaves us with what do we do with Seth?"

"What? Since when did I become the topic of conversation?" Seth queried.

"You're getting some arent' ya, Seth?" Paul asked.

"Yeah… enough," he admitted. He almost blushed.

"No imprinting though," pointed out Quil.

"Yeah well, we can't all pick up strays at the side of the road Quil," Seth replied.

"Hey, she might have been a stray but she's beautiful…" Quil's eyes glazed over.

Seth added, "Maybe some of us don't want to imprint. Maybe we want to find love on our own."

"He's been watching the Hallmark Channel again," Embry whispered.

"I heard that! Best hearing in the pack you know…"

"So that exceptional hearing doesn't let you hear anyone pining for you eh, Sethy boy," said Paul.

"Well what am I supposed to do? Go around looking deeply into every girl's eyes trying to find my perfect match?" Seth was sarcastic.

"No don't do that, I tried that, it just weirds them out and you don't get ANY sex," stated Embry.

They all looked at him.

"On the Makah rez," he explained, "when I was feeling all sorry for myself after Quil imprinted and pissed off and left me alone. I went round like a complete dope, gazing intently at women and got nothing except weird looks and people pulling their friends out of my eyesight."

"Yeah but that was before your big life changing moment," added Quil.

"So Seth has to go away on a spirit quest like Leah?" suggested Paul.

"Or hunt down missing family members," said Embry.

"Or stop to chase the squirrels," from Quil.

Seth rolled his eyes. "For fuck's sake guys. Leave it alone! I'm happy!"

"Yeah we know." None of them sounded happy about it. Perhaps they were just the littlest bit jealous.

"He's too happy… it's not right," suggested Quil.

"No one is that sunny and cheerful all the time; it's weird," said Embry.

"He's adorable," from Paul. "Like a big gangly puppy." They all looked at him. "Well, that's what Bella says," he blustered.

"Oh come on guys… I'm seventeen…if it aint broke, don't fix it. I'm fine! If the fucking imprint fairy swoops down and whacks me with her big starry wand, I'll deal with it," he shrugged, "like I deal with everything else in my life."

"With a smile," the others chorused.

"Jeez I dunno, the imprint fairy has to fuck it up sometime…," suggested Paul.

"What do you mean?" Seth asked. He sounded a little worried.

Paul explained, "Well they have got it pretty right so far, Sam with Emily, Kim with Jared, me with Bella, Embry with Rachel and Quil with Pititchu. What does that leave you? The odds are stacked against you, man."

"What…" argued Seth, "there is a whole world of women out there. You of all people ought to know that."

"Yeah… it could get it all wrong," suggested Embry, ignoring Seth's comment.

"Make you imprint on a baby," from Quil.

"Or an old woman," from Paul.

"Or a guy," Embry said with evil relish.

"Or a vampire," stated Quil, "Bad imprint fairy."

"Guys, give it up! I'm seventeen. I am happy with meaningless casual sex. I don't want to be locked into my lifetime relationship at this age. It will be fine." He smiled at them with his big, adorable puppy smile, "I know you are all just worried about me. But don't forget about Collin and Brady too. They haven't imprinted either."

"Ooh, ooh," said Paul, "what if the imprint fairy made you imprint on one of them? Then you could have wall breaking sex… with a guy wolf." Paul looked gleeful.

Seth just looked at him. Then he sighed. "You are a sad, strange little man, you have my pity," he said quoting his favourite line from Toy Story.

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