Chapter 29 side effects

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Seth was very concerned about Rose because it took her quite a long time to calm down after her big vamp zapping exercise. In the end he insisted on taking her to see the tribal medic, Charles Eastman to check her out and make sure she was fine.

She seemed to just be physically exhausted. Seth carried her in to the medical centre. Charles checked her over and assured him that she was fine as far as he could tell. They let her sleep and went in to Charles's office to have a discussion.

Seth decided to quiz Charles about the medical side effects for Rose.

"I don't know what she was like before the coma, but now she wears herself out concentrating too hard… if she has to do more than one thing or absorb a lot of information at once … she seems just worn out … like she is overloaded."

"When she does it, it takes a sugar hit to help her recover. A big mug of sweet hot chocolate, or a soda or a candy bar or something like that, otherwise, she just sleeps for ages. She could sleep for ten hours at a stretch."

Charles gave him a look.

"Seriously, she sleeps a lot! I mean I sleep when I can, but I swear she would hibernate. Maybe she is part bear or something… no something smaller… what else hibernates that is really little … a squirrel?"

"Any other issues Seth?" Charles tried to get him back on topic.

"Yeah, she still gets headaches, migraines sometimes… she has muscle spasms in her left leg… I am working on getting her to hike… to build up the muscle strength … we might build up to jogging if she is up to it…"

"It sounds more like the side effects of a lightning strike survivor than a coma patient."

"Well I suppose that would make sense," Seth agreed.

"We had better keep a watch on her for optical problems."

"Like what?"

"Well like cataracts… that is a common one. Lightning is very damaging to the eyes. What about her ears?"


"Does she have balance issues?" Charles checked.

"Yes, she does. I thought it was worse when she was tired."

"Uh huh."


"Ever had an ear infection Seth?"

"Yeah, I had a bad one once… inner ear … couldn't walk straight… mum had me, down to the doctor and on antibiotics as soon as she realised what it was… do ears affect how you walk or balance?"

"Yes. The tiny little hairs inside your ear help you balance. Hers might be injured or damaged."

There was silence for a minute while Charles thought.

"Psychological damage?" he asked.


"How is she behaviour wise?"

"She gets anxious; she has almost panic attacks… she got really upset when they said she could go home from the hospital … it was such a big change in routine for her… she tries hard not to, because it is so obvious with the storm build up thing …but she can wind herself up pretty quickly."

Seth thought about it for a minute before adding, "Plus, she blames herself for the whole family life change. They had to move from Deadwood to here… her father changed jobs... with a loss of income. I mean no one else in the family seems to think like that… they are all happy she is better… but she worries that they do… that they blame her… plus the money they spent on her bills and treatments that they no longer have to spend on themselves… for holidays and things like that … she feels guilty about that too."

"Maybe you can get them to talk it up to her; how great it is here. Assuming they are happy here. See if they will tell her how happy they all are now…. that kind of stuff."

"Charles how do you know all this stuff about lightning survivors?" Seth asked.

Charles looks chagrined. "Truth is, Seth the first time I heard about her… ability… I worried that she might hit someone else… someone in the pack… even you. I wanted to be prepared for whatever might come from this being around… before I just had to worry about teeth, claws and venom … I suppose… but now…" he shrugged.

"Whoa," said Seth. "She is my imprint… so one day we might have children… what if… man… "

"If you crossed a werewolf with a thunderbird…" Charles suddenly snorted with laughter.

Seth frowned at him.

"Imagine the problems with static electricity if they were furry as well… they would burst out of their clothes and have half of the pieces stuck to their fur…"

"Shit…" said Seth. "They'd look like… what are those cute little fuzz ball dogs with the black tongues…?"


And then they both cracked up laughing.

"Awww… they'd be so cuuute…" said Seth. "But no visiting Auntie Leah's puppies."

"Shit yeah," said Charles.

Seth was sure he had never heard him swear before.

"Whatever pups Jake and Leah bred would just tear them apart."

Seth and Paul had just finished a patrol together and they were walking back towards Paul and Bella's house.

"We are working on Roses' control. If she can target it better, it would make her feel a little less out of control as well. Plus I would like to try her keeping storms away. That would be cool… imagine we could have sunny bonfires in La Push while it is raining in Forks. Plus, there is an added bonus to this big discharge thing from Rose." Seth sounded inordinately pleased with himself.

"A bonus? What kind of a bonus is there to your girl is the vamp equivalent of the electric chair?" Paul asked.

"She's fully discharged now," said Seth.

Paul looked confused. "Excuse me?"

"It seems like it might take her a while to build up to a full charge now."

"Oh, I get it… you can fuck now without getting tasered."

"Yep. Perfect. We can actually do it in a bed now. I never appreciated beds before. I think I really like having sex and then just going to sleep. No need to shower all the mud off."

"Great Seth, you just have to leave her alone in the forest every three months or so and let some vamp scare the fuck out of her enough so that she let's loose and you're home free… I mean clearly she has to be in state of abject terror to let loose badly enough to run out of juice… we can manage that? Right?"

Seth just looked at Paul. "Well okay, maybe I haven't thought this through clearly…"

"She's got a few thorns, your Rose," Paul commented.

the end

To stand against the deep dread-bolted thunder?

In the most terrible and nimble stroke

Of quick, cross lightning?

(Wm. Shakespeare, "King Lear", Act 4, Scene 7)

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