I thought of this after reading so many Naruto stories where he's the 6th Hokage or the 7th. I was all like, "Naruto could have been the 5th Hokage easy with a little help." So here's how I see it. Also, I made this because I've seen a lot of other stories where he finds out the truth about his parents and he gets Harems. It'll basically go the way of the cannon, but there will be changes.

The story starts from the meeting mentioned in Episode 81 of Naruto, when the 2 elders were talking to Jiraiya, just so you know.

Chapter 1: A Strong Leader, the Real Hokage

The Council Room:

The Council Room felt tense as everyone was facing a hard time ahead; Orochimaru's assault on Konoha did more damage than it should have; the death of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, being among that damage.

"We plan on continuing with other countries to counter the threat posed by Orochimaru. He will not get away with this injustice!" Homura mentioned, making clear his intentions on the matter at hand.

The one from the financing department in the Land of Fire stood as he addressed the matter.

"After what's happened to the village, the Land of Fire will do anything it can into getting Konoha rebuilt, but first we need to set up a considerable amount of budget and then take into account the strain on the other countries as well."

Danzo in particular, raised his head and showed his uncovered eye, gleaming in the sunlight. The other ninja of the room didn't sit well with that, especially the 2 remaining from the old days; Homura and Koharu. They knew what he would do, and that made them nervous.

"There are other important issues to be discussed, such as who will be the next Hokage? Hiruzen was killed by Orochimaru and thus we need another Hokage." Danzo said in a somewhat faked sad tone, but the 2 elders could hear the sincerity of it underneath. The man had lost his greatest rival and oldest friend, and they were sure he had grieved before coming there as they did.

All of the people in the room remained silent. The Fire Daimyo merely sat back in thought and crossed his arms.

"My lord, we can't decide on a plan for the village when we have no leader. Besides, the destruction of Konoha was partially due to Sand." Koharu said as she spoke to the Fire Daimyo.

The Fire Daimyo sighed as he pretended to fan himself.

"I'd normally choose Jiraiya, I like him, but he'd never do it…" the Fire Daimyo said in thought as he looked at the battle records once more. It was then a name caught his eye and he began reading the records with closer and more critical eyes.

Seeing Danzo was about to speak, Shikaku intervened, clearly seeing the schemes of the old war hawk.

"I nominate Kakashi Hatake." Shikaku said quickly as Danzo gave him a stone like look that was his equivalent to a glare.

The others seemed impressed with the nomination as murmurs and whispers went around the council chambers talking about the situation.

"He's well known, strong and respected"

"Minato was even younger"

A councilman then turned to Shikaku.

"Who was his teacher?"

"The Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze." Shikaku replied in a calm voice as he laid his head on the table. Hook, line, and sinker.

They all seemed impressed again.

"Ah, Kakashi who was taught by the Yondaime, who was taught by Jiraiya, and he was taught by the Sandaime… It would be a fine selection for the seat of Hokage!" One of the councilmen exclaimed.

"The Sandaime's teachings have as good as destroyed the village! Orochimaru was once Sarutobi's pupil!" Danzo said heatedly as they all turned to him.

Everyone turned to Danzo who seemed to have opposed the idea, but before he could make headway, it was then that he was cut off.

"The Sandaime was never wrong in his teachings." Homura bit back at Danzo as they glared at one another. The Anbu Commander looked at Danzo, still fully dressed from mask to shoes.

"You were responsible for this Danzo, and I would be damned if you were to become Hokage. You were the one that let Orochimaru roam free in Konoha; you and your ROOT were the ones that didn't stop him! You are in part to blame on Orochimaru's action." The Anbu Commander said as he settled back in his chair. Unlike the previous commandeer, who had been killed in the invasion, he wasn't afraid of the old war hawk.

Everyone seemed quiet at that bit of information and Danzo shifted slightly as all eyes were on him. Shikaku seemed to grin as he held his head down, Haji had a point.

"That's true, your ROOT Anbu should have stopped them. You should have intervened in Orochimaru's actions, which concerned internal affairs of the Land of Fire. Do you have any explanation on this, Danzo?" Shikaku asked with a hidden smirk as Danzo sat stone still.

"No, I had believed in the strength of our Anbu forces and Jonin to deal with Orochimaru as I didn't want him to know of my ROOT still being around…" Danzo said convincingly, but all the Clan Heads, senior ninja, and elders new that was a lie.

The Fire Daimyo merely raised an eyebrow at this, but he never took his eyes from the records and reports he was reading.

"Well now, those are pretty strong allegations, and it seems we can't turn Danzo into Hokage for it will cause such a public outrage if word of your involvement, or un-involvement as it were, gets out." The Daimyo said as Danzo fumed and glared heatedly at Shikaku. Danzo then sat back and started scheming. To this Shikaku smiled, as he leaned back and let the progress of a new Hokage take place.

Homura and Koharu looked at each other and smiled with inward sighs of relief. The Daimyo then set aside the records and reports he had been reading as he was done with them. He leaned forward. Placed his elbows on the table and laced his hands together as a smirk appeared on his face.

"I think I may have an idea of who is to become the next Hokage. It'll be-" The Daimyo started and everyone's eyes grew wide at the person he had chosen.

In the Middle of the Leaf Village:

"Achoo!" Naruto sneezed as he was walking down the road. He looked around and shrugged his shoulders as he made his way to the training field for more training.

"Someone must be talkin' 'bout me" Naruto said as he began to run down the street in his excitement for training.

In that very moment, the wheels of fate began turning again its gears shifting to start an event that will be remembered for all of the people of Konoha.

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