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Epilogue: Because We Can

*"I still can't believe you two got together. It's such an unlikely pairing!" Duo's loud mouth was blasting everyone's ears once again.

"Duo." Hiiro warned.

"No, I can see Maxwell's point. Serena doesn't seem like the type to date a whore." Wufei snorted in laughter.

"When she first told me she had dated him, I nearly had a heart attack!" Ilene joined the laughter.

"Mommy? What's a whore?" A little voice called over the noise.

"Kara! You shouldn't have heard that!" Serena gasped through her laughter. The only one of them who wasn't laughing was Hiiro. He was sitting quietly, taking it all in with a simple smile playing across his lips. He had a real, loving and caring family now.

He, Serena, Ilene, Duo, Quatre, Wufei, Trowa, and Serena's little brother and sisters were all seated around the Tsukino dinner table. It had been three months since the fateful night he and Serena had… made up. Since then he had spent a lot of time with her. They went out nearly every night. And when they weren't together, he was with the guys, rebuilding their friendship. Ilene had been very welcoming, once she had gotten over the embarrassment of seeing 'Cin' kissing her daughter. Life was wonderful.

This was the first time they had all actually gotten together, and it had been quite a night. It had begun a little on the formal side, but after they had sat down for dinner, the insults, stories, and comments being exchanged relaxed the entire atmosphere in the house.

"We are not an unlikely pair." Hiiro finally spoke. The entire room broke into laughter. Those who had already been laughing only laughed harder. Duo fell out of his chair.

"Ow!" But he continued laughing. Life was good. This was how life should be. Hiiro placed his hand over Serena's, and she got the impression he wanted to speak with her alone.

"Well. As interesting as this had been, I'm going to clear the plates for dessert. Hiiro, help me?" She said, standing with a smile.

"Of course." As they walked into the kitchen, they heard Duo make a smart remark about them wanting to be alone for… reasons… Trowa smacked him on the head for it. Both Serena and Hiiro looked at each other and grinned. These people were their closest friends?

"You do realize our friends are insane?" She asked him.

"The thought has crossed my mind occasionally." He smirked.


"So what?"

"I got the feeling you wanted to speak to me alone?"


"Fine then. I'm going back out there then." She made her way towards the door. He grasped her hand and stopped her. She simply stared at where he was holding her hand.

"I didn't say you could leave." He stated.

"I didn't know I needed permission." She smirked.

"You're picking up too many of my habits. Don't smirk like that again." He warned her with his voice at a dangerously low level.

"Oh? And what are you going to do about it?" She mocked.

"Hnn." He whirled her around and pulled her in close. Looking her up and down, he carefully held her in a hug. He felt as if she might break if he squeezed her too hard. But he needed to hold her, or else she might fade away. He need the reassurance she was real.

Serena lay her head on Hiiro's chest and allowed him to hold her. She felt safe in his warm arms. Safe and content. She knew he would always take care of her, and she loved him so very much for it.

"Serena! Hiiro! The desserts! Or are you going to make-out in there all night?" Quatre called. Laughing could be heard on the other side of the door. Quatre making such a comment happened once in a blue moon. That made it twice as funny.

"We had better go." She stated softly.

"Yeah. I guess so." As they picked up the desserts, Hiiro blocked the doorway. Leaning over, he pecked Serena on the lips.

"What was that for?" She asked in surprise.

"I love you." He stated softly. She could see the love radiating form his eyes.

"I love you too." And all the world had been set right.*

The End.

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