Breakfast in Bed

Rated M (for explicit sexual content)


Ch.1 "First Course"

Written by Turqcoyce

Kiba awoke to immense beauty and intense hunger.

He was mesmerized and famished.

Before him, was his woman, his Sakura.

He took in the beauty of her as the gentle morning sunlight kissed her skin. Her hair spread wildly across the pillows from their late night rendezvous. Her long eyelashes brushed her cheeks. And her soft, pink lips were parted slightly.

Her face was amazing, but he outwardly smirked as he lifted the sheet to see her bare body.

If her face was amazing, her body was perfection.

He watched as her breasts rise and fall with each breath. He licked his lips as he recalled the taste and feel of her nipples in his mouth.

His eyes wandered further down as he began to salivate.

His eyes drunk in the smooth, tight planes of her abdomen, the curves of her hips, the sleek skin of her thighs…

But the womanhood that rested between her thighs drove him crazy with lust.

Kiba bit his lip as his hunger threatened to consume him.

There wasn't an explanation for it, but he loved the taste of her lower pink lips on his lips. There was something about the aroma, the taste that made him feel… full.

A loud growl came from his stomach.

Apparently, he was more famished than he originally thought.

It was perfectly fine. He had a feast before him. He eyed Sakura's naked body.

A feast would commence. On her. His Sakura.

Kiba licked his lips as he adjusted his naked body above her, beneath the sheets.

Sakura awoke, a smile on her face. "What are you doing?" She cooed as he placed kisses above her navel.

"I'm about to have breakfast in bed." He said as he began to lick her flesh.

"Really?" She questioned as she reached down to run her hands through his wild locks. "What're we going to eat?"

He came up to place a slow, lingering kiss on her lips. "I'm going to eat you." He pinched a nipple. She moaned and bit her lip. He placed another kiss on her lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth. He could feel her bare chest arch against his bare chest.

When their kiss broke, she held him and looked into his eyes. He always got lost in her emerald orbs.

He smiled as she rubbed her nose against his own.

"Eat all you want, " she said and laid back, her hands at her sides, a smile on her face.

He nuzzled her breasts, and teased her nipples with his tongue. "Oh, I will." He murmured into her flesh.

He placed a trail of butterfly kisses down her torso until he got to his destination.

The wet folds between her legs.

His tongue darted out of his mouth and licked her from bottom to top and top to bottom. He smiled, and looked at her from her dripping womanhood. "You're wet already." He licked her again and looked at her face. He couldn't see her face, she had thrown her head back on the pillow and was moaning, his name. This brought him immense pleasure. He could feel his own member come to life. "I like that. I love it when you're dripping in anticipation."

Sakura gripped the sheets as she fought to peer down at him. He loved how foggy her eyes were with lust. It only made him harder. "You better not disappoint me then." She challenged and gave him a wink. "Don't forget, I get to eat after you're finished." She licked her lips. "I'm just as hungry as you are."

He placed a hand between her thighs and began to massage the sensitive flesh. Her body jerked in response as another moan escaped her lips. He parted her lips with his fingers, and explored the familiar territory with his hand.

He loved to watch her body's response to pleasure.

Her thighs wobbled, back arched, hands gripped the sheets, head thrown against the pillow, and her ass would wiggle around, occasionally lifting in the air.

She was quite nimble when she was horny.

Two fingers thrust into her. She gave an especially loud moan as she jerked her bottom up. He looked at her. She was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as she moaned and tried to cope with her arousal.

She was pleased. Now it was time to satiate his hunger.

He removed his fingers and replaced it with his tongue.

And licked, sucked, ate, feasted upon her.

The flavor of Sakura burst on his tongue. Every dewy drop was savored and swallowed. He couldn't compare the taste of Sakura to any food he knew, but it was sweet to him, like nectar. But the scent was sharp – like a strong, sweet spice. Along the lines of cinnamon, but nowhere near. He took a deep whiff and treasured the delicacy's scent. The scent only fueled the fire to his hunger.

She struggled to control the impulses of her body. He could hear her breathing hasten, as she moaned his name, and called for God.

His tongue reached out and flicked her swollen clitoris. He heard her sigh as an electric pulse shot through her body. He flicked it again, just to make her moan. Then he took it into his mouth, and sucked.

He sucked softly at first, flicking it with his tongue, then sucked again. Hard.

Her body quivered and more womanly nectar flowed from her.

He lapped it up greedily. She was so sweet. Sakura's cherry blossom nectar satisfied his hunger, but that didn't mean he wasn't a glutton.

So he began his ministrations again. So she could be wetter. He loved to see her nectar slide from her folds. It excited him, made his dick twitch in anticipation.

So he took her clit in his mouth, and then nipped.

Again and again.

And her nectar flowed like water from a faucet. He ate. He ate well. This was the best breakfast in bed he had ever experienced.

Sakura was at the point where her body was trembling with pleasure, even her words were shaky.

"K-kiba…" She was breathing heavily. "I… I can- I can't take it anymore."

He looked up and his chocolate orbs met her emerald gems. "Tell me," he sucked her clit again then gave it a lick. "What do you want? I've eaten to my heart's content." He ran his tongue up and down her, never breaking their gaze.

She visibly shivered. "Kiba… I need to eat too…" She smirked at him. "In fact, there is a particular delicacy I would love to swallow." She emphasized the last word and licked her lips.

"Ok," he kissed her lips then spread them wider with his fingers. "As soon as I'm done. Cum one more time, and it'll be your turn."

She moaned as his mouth returned to her pussy. "Trust me. It won't take long."

"Good," he smiled against her lips. "Nothing tastes as delectable as your juices."

As Kiba continued, and reaped his glistening reward, he couldn't help but think of having breakfast in bed every morning. Sakura was a sweet treat that he could never get enough of. He devoured every drop and always licked his fingers clean.

Breakfast in bed was the best idea he ever had.

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