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This is a harem fic of course, the women that are definitely in are:

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Chapter 1 – Awakening of a Daiyoukai

In Konohagake no Sato

Deep inside a forest that has a bloody history for the shinobi of Konoha, of being a place where abnormal animals, insects and possibly even minor demons make their residence. Genin hopefuls from all across the elemental nations were being pitted against each other in a competition of cunning, skill, and survival for a chance or being promoted through the ranks; not to mention bring honor and prestige to their home village in the bi-annual Chunnin Exams. All of the other villages including a reluctant Kumo had sent genin teams to compete, there were even smaller shinobi villages such as Kusa, Hosi, Ame, Yuki, and a new village by the name of Oto that sent the best of their genin to bring honor to their villages as well. Because Konoha was playing host to the exams this year they too had genin teams eagerly trying to prove their mettle and hopefully get a promotion to chunnin rank, one such team was the genin cell of squad 7. Haruno Sakura who was named kunoichi of the year at the academy, Uchiha Sasuke the rookie of the year in this year's graduating class and one of two survivors of the grisly fabled Uchiha massacre, and Uzumaki Naruto the known deadlast at the academy and the Jinchuriki of the famed Kitsune Kyuubi no Yoko found themselves facing an opponent that was their toughest to date following their disastrous C-rank mission to Nami no Kuni...

"Hmm so the Kyuubi-gaki has learned to access his tenant's chakra. Well I can't have that, he could become detrimental to my plans if left alone, well I'll fix that this moment."a female Kusa-nin mused as she held Naruto airborne with her extremely long tongue and made handsigns as her target struggled.

"Let me go teme or I'll rip your tongue from your skull!" The twelve year blonde threatened as he thrashed to get free while the Kyuubi's chakra flooded his system right this moment.

"Don't worry I'll release you soon enough, after I've made sure you're out of the picture. Gogyou Fuin!(Five Element Seal)" The woman chuckled as her fingers lit up with a bluish flame before she thrust them into the seal on Naruto's stomach.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto gasped as he felt his chakra begin to fade away as pain like he never felt before racked every inch of his body with unrelenting force, soon enough he couldn't hold out and gave way to the sweet embrace of darkness.

Within Naruto's seal just moments before

The Kyuubi sat behind its cage with murderous rage at being stuck within such a weak jailer and the Yondaime Hokage for being the one to put it here. As she huffed in annoyance at watching those same bars again, everything went completely black.

"Well this is a surprise; I can't feed the pitiful ningen anymore chakra." The Kyuubi mumbled as it shifted to lay better as suddenly it was becoming very sleepy very fast."That gaki better live, I enjoy living to much even if it's inside this damned seal..."Those were the last thoughts as Kyuubi gave into the exhaustion.

Back outside the seal

"Now then we can move onto the festivities Sasuke?" The Kusa-nin smirked as she tossed Naruto off into the trees while Sasuke and Sakura watched without doing a thing.

"Sasuke! You just going to stand there at least Naruto did something to fight that woman. Sure he's annoying but he tried to get our scroll back!" Sakura yelled to her raven haired teammate and crush as he stood trembling so much it was visible on his whole body.

"Sakura doesn't know what she's talking about, this woman is in another league. It's obvious that we won't live. We can't get away...we cant'..."Sasuke thought with a mind filled with absolute terror at his death just seconds away while Sakura continued trying to reach him with her voice as his opponent stalked closer with the grace of a predator.

"Foolish otouto, Run...cling to life...Continue living in shame for my sake..." Sasuke's thought soon turned to the man he swore to kill, his clan's slayer: Uchiha Itachi and his aniki. His eyes snapped open with a fire for survival as his clan's Kekkei Genkai was displayed for all to see as his Sharingan gained another tomae to bring the number to an even two in each eye. "That's right! I have no intention of dying not while that man still breaths. For the honor of my clan...I swore to kill Itachi but that won't happen if I lose here." Sasuke proclaimed to himself as he turned his battle ready gaze at the Kusa-nin and rushed forward.

"Good, his clan blood has ignited. Let's put him to the test." The Kusa kunoichi mused with a lopsided smile that seemed amused as she slid into a simple defensive stance as Sasuke rocketed at her.

Kusa-nin just smirked with glee as Sasuke rushed to face greet her in combat, Sauske threw a leading jab that was easily sidestepped before a rising knee had him jumping back to create some distance only to find the Kusa-nin already in his face attacking with a flurry of attacks which he countered or out right dodged before launching attacks of his own.

"My sharingan has improved dramatically, I can 'see' all your movements." Sasuke thought with confidence as he tracked his opponent through the area as she moved with enhanced speed, before Sasuke spewed a brief stream of fire in her path. Soon they were engaged in taijutsu again and Sasuke's movements became more precise as he wasted no energy on attacks that wouldn't work as he read his opponent with his clan doujutsu.

The Kusa kunoichi then jumped back, raised her hands to her mouth and blew "Kuiton: Senpu no Koku Yoh(Grass Release: Whirlwind of Cutting Leaves)" as the jutsu took effect a swarm of wind infused leaves flew at the Uchiha heir.

"Katon: Hosenka no jutsu(Fire Release: Mythical Phoenix Fire Technique)" Sasuke called as he counted the move by shooting small fireballs at the leaves which reduced them to ash. The fireballs continued on towards the kunoichi but she dodge them only to have the fireballs swerve to keep following her.

"What are you planning Sasuke-kun?" The woman thought as she decided to see where Sasuke would take this lead in the battle of theirs. Sasuke didn't disappoint as he led the woman to a rather large tree, the kunoichi prepared to dodge but the fireballs changed direction at the last minute to fly past her position.

"This is the Sharingan Soufuusha Sannotachi(Sharingan Windmill Triple Blade) " The kunoichi barely managed to get out as Sasuke began to launch an insane number of shuriken attached to wire at her which wrapped around the tree. Sasuke continued to toss weapons until he was sure his opponent wasn't escaping as he pulled his end of the wires towards his mouth.

"Now to finish this. Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu(Fire Release: Dragon Flame)!" Sasuke said as he gathered as much chakra as he could and unleashed a powerful torrent of flame that traveled along all the wires towards the bound kunoichi who struggled to get loose to no avail. All she could do was scream in agony as the flame jutsu consumed her body completely.

Sasuke bent over to clutch his knees as he caught his breath from using so much chakra for his last attack. "It's over now, and I'm one step closer to beating you Itachi." Sasuke though as he looked over at his work to see the fire still burning strong.

"Way to go Sasuke-kun! I knew you could beat her, there was no doubt about it!" Sakura cheered from her perch in the tree line as she decided that her input would be appreciated to score points with Sasuke.

"Perhaps...I was wrong Sasuke, you don't have the same talent as Itachi. He would have at least made me feel the heat from the flames." A sickly sweet voice called out from behind Sasuke which had his eyes widening in disbelief and fear

"H-how? You were trapped against the tree! There was too much wire for you to escape!" Sasuke managed to get out as he spun around and jumped away to give himself some distance as he stared at a completely unharmed Kusa-nin.

"Maybe you should take a look at that tree again where I supposedly couldn't escape. I'll wait while you look."The Kusa-nin replied with a chuckle and a smile that just screamed utter terror to Sasuke.

Up in the tree line Sakura was having a full blown panic attack at what she was seeing with her eyes. "How is she alive? Sasuke's jutsu was dead on! There's no way she could survive that attack!" She was close to breaking down with what she was witnessing with her crush on the edge of defeat.

Sasuke did as the Kusa-nin suggested, although hesitantly as he was afraid of being attacked. He turned to the tree he attack just moments ago and see the last of his flames die away to reveal a charred corpse. His eyes narrowed a bit as he focused on the body fully; only for the corpse to twitch slightly before collapsing in on itself to reveal a heap of mud.

"Since your having trouble understanding I will explain it to you. From the moment you countered my Kuiton: Senpu no Koku Yoh(Grass Release: Whirlwind of Cutting Leaves) up until you pulled those wires taut I was really there but then I decided to Kawarami(Substitute) myself with a Tsuchi Bunshin(Earth Clone); the rest I'm sure I don't need to say." The Kusa-nin explained with a snug look as Sasuke brought his gaze back to her.

Sasuke just listened the entire time with a look of desperation on his face as she explained how she got out of his attack.

"So Sasuke-kun shall we resume our little game? I'm going to step it up a notch, try not to die too quickly okay?" The kunoichi said as she cocked her head slightly to the side while pulling our a kunai.

Sasuke just grabbed a kunai from his own holster while trying to catch his second wind to continue fighting, he didn't get much time as he watched the Kusa-nin eat up the distance with his Sharingan.

Punches, kicks, and slashes from the kunai in each shinobi's hand was either blocked or dodge by the other, Sasuke held his own barely as he managed to block and counter whatever attacks came his way, however his opponent was too skilled for him to land any attacks as he was slowly being pushed back by his opponent.
"Come on Sasuke don't tell me that's all you've got left." The Kusa-nin taunted as she strung together combinations that Sasuke was barely able to dodge thanks to his Kekkei Genkai.

Sasuke silently prayed for an opening to strike when he spotted one, quickly he wove inside an off thrown slash and gave his opponent a vicious back fist to the stomach followed by an uppercut that had her falling back. Until she went with the hit and rolled low into a sweep kick that knocked Sasuke off balance as she then finished up with a rising cartwheel kick that sent him flying into a nearby tree.

Sasuke slammed into the tree with enough force to rattle his entire body as he then hit the ground, he struggled to compose himself as he slowly got to his feet while looking at his opponent through a fatigued red and black gaze.

"Well that was entertaining; maybe you truly are worthy of your clans name Sasuke. Allow me to give you a token of my appreciation." The Kusa-nin said with a smile as her neck stretched before Sasuke could react and sank her fangs into his collarbone causing him to scream out in pain as a tattoo began to form where he was bitten.

"Ahhgggrgggggh! What..have you... done?" Sasuke groaned out as his neck began to flare out of intense pain and he felt his energy completely leave him in a flash meaning that Sasuke was weak as a newborn child.

"Sasuke! What did you do to him?" Sakura cried out as she leapt to his side after seeing her crush downed by whatever the woman did to him.

"Kukukuku! I've just given Sasuke a 'gift' to help him achieve his goals if he survives the rest of these exams. Sasuke-kun I look forward to monitoring your progress and just so you don't forget my name is Orochimaru farewell for now." The Kusa-nin replied as she slowly seemed to sink into the earth itself leaving the area quiet save for Sasuke's groans of pain before he passed out as well.

"Sasuke-kun! Don't worry I'll get you somewhere safe." Sakura gasped as Sasuke fell into her lap and she looked around for what felt like an eternity before getting up and carrying, half dragging Sasuke's unconscious form with her. For a moment she stopped when she remembered her other teammate and the fact that he was tossed somewhere into the forest.

"Naruto...what can I do? I can't leave him behind or we can't pass the second exam but Sasuke-kun needs me." Sakura thought as she gripped Sasuke tighter then another voice in her head popped in with its own opinion.

"Cha just leave that dead last, it was his own fault for getting in the way of Sasuke-kun and me, he's better off where he is! All that matters in Sasuke-kun and getting him somewhere safe.!" Inner Sakura shouted in a lovestruck rant to which Sakura wholeheartedly agreed. "You're right that baka can fend for himself. I know Sasuke-kun can find us two scrolls and a way to pass without the dobe." Sakura said agreeing with her inner self as she dragged the Uchiha heir along to find shelter, little did she know that Naruto wouldn't be the same after today.

Hours later as the sun was giving way to the night; Sakura managed to find a large tree with a hollow base to lay Sasuke in and set up traps around the area before tending to the young Uchiha boy with utmost care.

"Sasuke-kun's fever is going down, that's good. I'll have to keep watch and keep an eye on him, hopefully we aren't attacked. Sasuke-kun and I will have to look for Naruto when he's better, then get somehow get a scroll. We've only got two more days to complete this portion of the exam." Sakura thought tiredly as she changed the cool cloth on Sasuke's forehead. But her though of not being attacked will go unanswered as the genin team from Oto was not that far away watching the tree with hawk like focus.

"When do we attack Uchiha Sasuke?" asked one fidgety and excited male, he had on a brown shirt with black pants, camo arm-warmers and black sandals. This boy wore a head wrap that doubled as his hia-tae.

"Calm down Zaku, we'll strike when the girl drops her guard to sleep. Until then we will have to be patient." Replied the second male on the team, this one had on a gray yakuta that was large in the sleeves as it covered his arms. His head was covered in bandages his hia-tae was slanted but left one eye uncovered so he could see, on his back was a large fur like covering.

"Hmph she don't look like much. Probably spends more time primping herself than training. I agree with Zaku." The female of the watching team says in barely hidden disgust at Sakura tend to Sasuke faithfully. She wore a black shirt with camo pants and arm warmers. She wore a normal hia-tae unlike the other two.

"I don't want to wait Dosu, we can take care of them right now!" Zaku all but shouted as he watched the tree with an insane glee in his eyes.

"Geez Zaku why not alert everyone to our position." The girl replied looking over to her brash teammate Zaku.

"Shut it Kin, or I'll make you next on my shit list!" Zaku growled as he turned to look at his female teammate and waved his hand in a threatening manner.

"Zaku, Kin that's enough. Be prepared cause we attack at first light."Dosu butted in ending the argument.

They both mumble out agreements as they went back to watching Sakura and Sasuke, waiting for the moment to make their move as they wait for the morning to come so they can complete their objective.

Just outside the Forest of Death

A lone kunoichi sat on top of the small examiner's booth while enjoying dango and red bean soup, she wore a tan mini skirt with a fishnet body shirt with nothing else but a tan trench coat over her torso. Her purple hair was done up in a small pineapple shaped ponytail and her lightly purple to amber eyes were closed in delight as she enjoyed her meal. This kunoichi was none other than Mitarashi Anko; a tokubetsu jounin for Konoha and the ex-apprentice of Orochimaru one of the Sannin, his crimes against the Leaf have put her career and reputation in a unfavorable light with Konoha's citizens and her fellow shinobi. This is of course for another time as a Chunnin examiner landed nearby in a crouch.

"Proctor Mitarashi, we have a situation!" The Chunnin said with slight hesitation at being the one to deliver bad news to Anko given her temperament.

"What is it? I'm having my lunch as you can see." Anko asked as her demeanor changed to one of annoyance at having her meal disrupted.

"It has to do with one of the genin teams here for the exam."

"All right, lead the way." Anko replied as she tossed the empty dango skewer at a tree where the rest were completing the symbol of the leaf village then jumped down.

With a burst of chakra both shinobi disappeared from the area via the Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique). A couple of miles away they materialized in front of a waiting group with a burst of smoke to cover their position.

"All right, where's the team?" Anko asked getting the attention of the group of Chunnin as she approached where they stood.

"Over here Anko-san, we have determined that it's one of the three Kusagakure teams. The weird thing is that-" A lead chunnin started while looking towards the bodies.

"Their faces are missing completely. Can you tell me how long they've been like this before you discovered them?"Anko finished as she crouched to get a better look at the victims after looking over the clipboard with the ID's of the deceased shinobi.

"From what we estimate this team has been like this, from when you started the second part of the exam six hours." Another chunnin replied as he looked over Anko's shoulder at the bodies before pulling back from the sight.

"There's no doubt about it, this is his work...Orochimaru. So he's returned to the leaf after 17 long years of hiding but, what would he be doing that he would risk capture to get back in? Doesn't matter I can finally kill that traitorous bastard and hopefully put my dark past to rest." Anko thought to herself as her old mentor sprung to mind causing her to clench her hands so hard they began to bleed from the pressure.

"What should we do Anko-san?"

"I want you to alert the Anbu and inform the Hokage of this situation, I'm going into the Forest to try and find whoever did this."

"Perhaps some of us should come with you as backup." A rookie Chunnin suggested as Anko started for the forest.

"There isn't time to debate this, you all have your orders. Now get to it!" Anko all but shouted as she looked back at the group with her hardened gaze.

"Yes ma'am!" The entire group shouted as they took off to complete their objective, leaving Anko alone.

"Orochimaru, your last day on this earth has come at last" Anko though as she took off in a Shunshin that put her inside the forest as she began to track her old mentor.

Another section of the Forest of Death during the night

Naruto lay unconscious on the forest floor thanks to the attack on his squad not too long ago, it's strange though in a forest just brimming with all sorts of predator like creatures one would think that this blonde twelve year old could become the target of some creature's empty belly. However the reason that they didn't make a move against him was because of the overwhelming energy filling the air around him, yet none of it was coming from Naruto's navel as his tenant's chakra was just sealed off not long ago. No; the source of the powerful force was radiating from the boy himself with the only physical indication of anything happening was the energy jumping off his skin in the form of little forks of purple to black lightning.

Deep inside of Naruto's subconscious

Naruto opened his eyes with a groan as he awoke to the feeling of grass on his back and the sounds of a peaceful waterfall. He sat up with little trouble and looked around, what he saw put him on edge. There was no way he was in the Forest of Death anymore, this place wherever he was, had too much light plus there wasn't the overwhelming sensation of being watched like some beasts meal. To top it all off it was nighttime.

"Hello!...Is there anyone there?" Naruto called out with an echo greeting him back as he got to his feet and looked around as he didn't want to move from this spot and get lost then encounter who knows what in here. As Naruto looked around the trees for someway out, the sound of footsteps on the soft ground caught his heightened hearing and putting him on alert. Naruto reached for his kunai holster only to find it and his clothes missing and himself completely naked.

"What is going on? I'm sure I had my weapons and clothes before I fought that crazy Kusa-nin . More importantly why am I not freaked out by my lack of clothes?...Ah I can't think of that right now I've got to remain alert to whatever is coming towards me!" Naruto thought in his head as he slipped into a ready stance and waited for the unknown presence to emerge as the footsteps became even louder.

He didn't have long to wait before a figure strolled into the clearing with a regal air about them, clearly the person before Naruto was a man wearing the clothing of a noble. A white kimono with a red honeycomb pattern on the edges with a large black breastplate connected to a spike pauldron on the left and what looked to be white fur on the right, matching white Sashinuki Hakama were on his legs and his feet covered with pointed black boots. On the man's waist rested three different swords, which Naruto had no doubt were capable of being used against him, what really had Naruto on edge was the somehow familiar aura coming from this man before him. It was the face of the male, markings on his face in the form of two purple streaks on each cheek reminded him of the Inuzuka clan and a matching purple crescent moon atop his forehead all framed by silver hair that fell towards his waist, the thing that sent shivers of unease up Naruto's spine were the golden orbs that stared at him too deeply as if looking directly into his soul. (If you can't guess who this is, you get to be taken out and beaten to an inch of your fanfiction life. For those that knew right away, you get 15 style points and an author cookie, enjoy.)

After what seemed like an eternity of just staring at one another the man vanishes from Naruto's sight, he looks about frantically for the figure only to feel a vice like grip around his neck as he was lifted from the ground and found himself looking into sharp golden orbs with his deep blue ones.

"...So you are my newest descendant. What is your name boy?" The calm voice demanded with authority as he simply awaited Naruto's answer after staring at the boy again.

"You're looking at the next Hokage of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto Dattebayo!" Naruto answered with that huge grin of his as best he could with the man's hand around his throat, until he saw there was no humor in the man's composure at all then his smile gradually faded into nothing.

" ….I am Inu Taisho Sesshomaru and Demon Lord of the Western Lands, and as my descendant you will cease that foolish and detestable act now." The now self proclaimed Sesshomaru commanded as he set Naruto down as his blue pools lost their warmth and became jagged as ice.

"How did you guess I was faking? I've had everyone fooled for years now." A now calmer Naruto asked in a voice not unlike Sesshomaru's own.

"Your eyes told me all I needed to know; that and I have viewed your life as I held you by your neck, You have stayed strong, struggled, and survived despite what those pitiful ningen threw at you. Listen up as I will only instruct you once and I will not tolerate repeating myself, normally I would appear in front of a descendant when the maturity of their youkai ripens at age 15. Unfortunately for you the stress plus damage of the years growing up and that one Ningen's attack against you has jump started your Youkai power to correct what has been done, so the change is happening even as we speak. I give you free reign to wield two of my swords that you see here: Their names are Tenseiga and Tokijin. The first blade Tenseiga: was an heirloom from my father and your ancestor, this sword has the ability to resurrect 100 souls with a single swing however your intended target can only be revived once by the sword's power so use it sparingly. Also there is a small time frame of a few hours in which your target can be revived by the sword until their soul passes from this plane of existence, and finally this blade cannot bring someone back who has died naturally and when used against you enemies can open a path straight to the after life. The second sword Tokijin is a sword crafted from the fangs of a powerful demon that I had forged for my own use, it can conduct lightning attacks as well as respond to the youkai and chakra within your body. You will use these two blades until your youkai body matures and you manifest your own weapon." Sesshomaru explained to Naruto who listened as he pulled out Tokijin and Tenseiga respectively.

"What of the third sword on your waist, Sesshomaru-sama?" Naruto asked as he eyed the last blade still resting against Sesshomaru's hip.

"You are perceptive child, this is Bakusaiga and it is the testament of my power as a Daiyoukai you will not receive this sword as there will be no need as Tenseiga and Tokijin will be enough. Seek out my resting place to the West where the sands of time shift endlessly it is there you will find the weapons I offer you and whatever else can be of use in the tomb, as for anything else I have passed along the knowledge of my abilities and strengths to you. I have two stipulations before I depart and you awake: first; you will add Inu Taisho to your name in honor of our family stead and second; you are to never be defeated by any of your enemies as you now reflect my line, do you agree to this?" Sesshomaru continued explaining to Naruto as he replaced his swords to his hips.

"I agree to both terms." Naruto said with a nod of his head as he watched his ancestor turn to leave the clearing.

"...Very well child but, do not make me rethink my judgment of you." Sesshomaru replied after a period of silence in true Sesshomaru fashion as his way of saying good bye while walking into the forest.

"I will raise our family's legacy once more, from this moment forth I will be known as Naruto Uzumaki, Inu Taisho." Naruto declared on the sudden night winds as a bright light filled the area until all that could be seen was whiteness before everything went black.

In the unknown clearing with Naruto's body

Naruto awoke to find his every sense heightened beyond belief, He could hear, smell and see like never before. After quickly getting use to his new senses, Naruto decided to find a body of water to wash in, using his nose only he was able to pick out a body of water not too far from where he sat he got up and walked in the direction of his objective. As he moved out towards the water, three small patches of ground rippled like liquid as it gave way to one of the genin teams from Iwa.

"We should capture this guy and have him lead us back to his team; in case he doesn't have the scroll." One of the two males on the squad whispered as they looked in the direction Naruto walked off in.

"Why not, if he doesn't have the scroll and refuses to cooperate we can always leave a fresh corpse behind." The lone female chuckled with obvious control of the team as they leapt into the trees after their target.

"Oh man I can't wait to stick it to this Konoha-nin!" The last member of the team mumbled as they all picked up speed while suppressing their chakra.

After walking for a bit Naruto found the body of water, a stream that ran naturally through the Forest. He bent down to the waters edge to look at his changes and he wasn't disappointed. Naruto looked like his ancestor for the most part at age 12 but kept his own blue eyes instead of having gold ones, where his three whisker marks usually rested; three purple stripes took their place and a matched purple crescent moon sat on his forehead. As he lifted his shirt to examine where that Kusa-nin attacked him, he found the same stripes flowing down and stopping around his waist. Just as Naruto let the now barely fitting orange jacket drop back around his waist, he tilted his head a few centimeters to the right to avoid the kunai that made contact with the stream as a loud splash.

"Why don't you fools reveal yourselves, I've known you were following me from the beginning." Naruto warned from his position as he demanded his attackers show themselves. The team from Iwa had no problem rising up from the ground in a stance a few feet away from their target.

"Look clearly you're at a disadvantage here, so why don't you handover your teams' scroll. If you don't have it then we will make you show us where your team is positioned and we can take it from them." The female of the group demanded as Naruto turned his head to the side to glance at the fools daring to challenge him.

"Why would I do that foolish ningen? I don't have a scroll for you to take, not that you could even if I had one. Begone pests!" Naruto replied as he turned back to the stream to cleanse his body of dirt.

"Bastard! Take this, Doton:Doryudan(Earth Release: Mud Dragon)!" One of the two boys growled as he blurred through handsigns and slammed his hands on the ground. Naruto watched impassively as the mud dragon rose from the earth and shot mud projectiles at him.

The attack closed the distance quickly and slammed into the ground creating a lot of dust as it broke up more rock and dirt in an effort to crush Naruto into nothing. After about a minute, the genin rose up from the ground with a huge grin.

"Nice going Kuzahiko, you just cost us a free scroll with your bullshit!" The other boy complained as he slapped his teammate upside the head.

"Fuck you Tako, there are other teams. Besides the fool was all talk but when it came down to it he was obliterated by me!" Kuzahiko scowled before boasting with a smile as they waited for the dust to settle so they could see the body. When the dust did settle all that was left was the deep gouge that let water from the stream to pool in it, however their opponent stood a few feet to the right looking completely unharmed.

"The hell? There's no way you were able to dodge my attack it was dead on!" Kuzahiko exclaimed while shifting his gaze to his two teammates who just nodded in agreement.

"Or maybe your aim was so pathetic, you believed that you hit me. Leave fool and take your team with you before I remove you all from this world." Naruto replied while dismissing the entire Iwa team in one breath.

"What? How dare you? Let's kill this genin all together Tako, Mimarei!" Kuzahiko all but shouted in rage as he nearly foamed at the fact of being ignored by the orange wearing-nin. His teammates gave their okay's as they all flew through handsigns at the same time.

"Doton:Doryudan!" Kuzahiko yelled as another dragon erupted in front of him with its mouth open wide.

"Doton:Mako Danchaku(Earth Relase: Shark Impact)!" Tako called out as a shark made of earth and mud leapt from the ground as well and swam through the air at Sesshomaru.

"Doton:Nadare no Jutsu(Earth Release:Avalanche)!" Mimarei called as she slammed her hands on the ground and a huge chunk of earth popped up then she swung her arms forward and the chunk of rock moved towards their opponent.

"Try dodging our strongest attacks combined tough guy!" Kuzahiko challenged as all three jutsu crasked into the ground where Naruto was standing with such force that the areas itself shook with ferocity as the three jutsu exploded on contact with one another.

When the dust settled from that attack the Iwa team stopped to admire their handy work at dispatching a Konoha genin. "Damn that felt good!" Tako said as he exchanged a high five with Mimarei.

"Yeah, I bet that Konoha-teme is wishing he hadn't fucked with us now that he's dead. Hah there isn't even a body we creamed him so good!" Kuzahiko cackled with a lopsided grin.

"Who says I'm dead?" came a voice from right behind the three Iwa genin, they tried to turn and react but all any of them saw was a flash of light and knew no more.

Naruto just watched impassively as his whip of light took the heads of all three Iwa-nins heads from their shoulders with ease. Slowly one by one the bodies slumped to the floor with the heads of the horror stricken faces laying nearby.

"Pitiful ningen, the Shinigami holds your souls now." Sesshomaru muttered with a small sneer as he began to travel down stream a bit after looting the bodies and finding an earth scroll; of course the forest's natural inhabitants would soon be all over the fresh kills he just made when he left the area.

Stripping down Naruto cleansed his body of dirt from the two battles he just had as well as any blood, not that it would matter seeing as the Kyuubi in his navel would take care of any injury that his demonic regeneration didn't catch. After ensuring he was thoroughly clean, Sesshomaru got dressed and decided that he'd rather wait to reveal his change for the time being and used his chakra to perform a Shin Bunshin (True Clone) which he found he could do when he performed his Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu) when he was younger, and created the look that he had before his transformation.

"Now to find those two I'm forced to call teammates." Naruto said as he let his new sense of smell lead him towards his team's position.

Anko stumbled through the forest even as her body still shook with small tremors of pain from having her curse mark activated by her one time teacher, She was mentally kicking herself for getting so wrapped up in trying to kill Orochimaru that she forgot one of the most important lessons of combat: 'Never let you emotions get the best of you, for your enemy will turn them to their advantage.' Anko was more concerned than anything with what Orochimaru revealed to her in the Forest of Death.


Anko had caught up to Orochimaru and after exchanging a few words attempted to take the man down in a suicide maneuver, only to be overpowered and systematically tortured. Now she gritted her teeth in pain at the kunai that was lodged in her hand and pinning her to the tree behind her as Orochimaru stood a few feet away with that snake like smile on his face.

"What are you doing back here Orochimaru?" Anko demanded with barely contained rage while Orochimaru just grinned even wider, kicking her anger higher.

"Why I'm here doing a little scouting is all. There is so much potential that surfaces during these exams, so many promising Uchiha Sasuke."

"What are you planning to do with him? Answer me damn it!" Anko yelled when he said nothing.

"Poor Anko, jealous that another will take your special place in my heart?" Orochimaru asked as he closed the gap between them and began to caress her cheek with his hand.

"I don't want a special place in your oily black heart, you can keep it!" Anko replied as she tried to keep her shudder of disgust off her face at having the snake Sannin touch her.

"If you must know it's not what I'm planning to do to him, it's what I've already done. Young Sasuke now bears my Juin Fuin(Curse Seal) and if he survives the taste of power the mark will grant him, Sasuke will seek me in the future to obtain what he truly desires." Orochimaru whispered in Anko's ear with glee as he leaned next to her.

Anko could only let her eyes widen in horror; at the memory of when he applied the curse seal to her all those years ago. She remembered the pain, the fear, and total helplessness as the seal burrowed into her chakra coils and left an undeniable presence within her.

"Now you understand but, I have to leave now Anko as I can feel the Anbu moving towards the forest. Do tell the Hokage that if the exams are stopped for any reason, I will crush Konoha and all who live within its walls." Orochimaru warned as he stepped back and began to sink into the ground using his Hiru Banshō: Bōka no Jutsu(Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Technique) leaving Anko alone and still pinned to the tree.


Anko was brought out of her thought by the sound of growling, she looked around only to spot three huge tigers of the forest moving in, having picked her for their next meal.

"I don't have time for this, but I can take my pent up aggressions out on you three before meeting with the Hokage." Anko said as she steadied herself and pulled out a kunai just as the three tigers charged.

Next Morning in Sakura and Sasuke's position in the Forest

Sakura's head jerked up for the umpteenth time in exhaustion as she struggled to stay awake to watch for enemies and tend to Sasuke.

"It's morning now, hopefully Sasuke will wake up soon. I don't know how much longer I can keep my eyes open like this."Sakura thought as she turned to look at Sasuke who was sleeping more soundly now that he no longer had a fever.

Sakura tried valiantly to keep herself alert for danger but was nodding off again when a noise startled her. A squirrel came darting out of some nearby bushes heading straight for her, she didn't want the critter to trigger her traps so Sakura threw a kunai ahead of the squirrel. The knife stopped the animal short in fear before it turned in a new direction and took off into the foliage.

"That was close, I've got to stay alert." Sakura mentally said to herself as she just went back to watching the area.

Nearby however, the Oto team sat in the bushes watching Sakura as she fought to stay awake for any trouble.

"I was sure the squirrel could have made it, do you think she suspected the paper bomb on its back?" Zaku asked Dosu with agitation.

"I don't think so, look she can barely keep her eyes open much less detect a real threat at the moment. Doesn't matter for now, Uchiha Sasuke will fall at our hands. Come on." Dosu replied as he stepped out the bushes towards where Sakura was.

"Hey girl. Wake up Sasuke, we want to fight him!" Zaku called out as they stopped in the clearing and made themselves known.

"Sasuke, isn't in any condition to fight. So just get out of here!" Sakura warned with a bravado she didn't feel at the moment.

"Look princess, you can either wake up Sasuke or we do it for you." Kin threatened as she held a kunai towards rosette kunoichi.

Sakura shakingly brandished her own kunai as she prepared to defend herself and her teammate from the Oto genin.

(Yea...for the sake of moving the story along, we are skipping this entire fight sequence. Reasons: It's cliche and it always ends the same, so just imagine that I wrote that really one sided fight and get on with your lives, thank you.)

With Naruto a few yards away

Naruto could smell that he was getting close to where Sasuke and Sakura were, however he also smelled at least 9 other people where they were and couldn't tell who they were. He could make out that everyone in the clearing was human but nothing else as the very air was thick with chakra, both normal and tainted.

The info of the tainted chakra had Naruto preparing for the worse as he moved closer to the clearing.

Back with the scrapping genin teams in the clearing.

"Orochimaru-sama didn't inform us that he gave Sasuke the curse seal, this definitely calls for a tactical retreat.' Look you win, we can't beat you. Let me gather my teammates and we won't try attacking you again." Dosu thought to himself before speaking up trying to convince Sasuke to let his team get away without further injuries.

"Drop your scroll, get your comrades and leave my sight." Sasuke huffed with a jerk of his thumb to the catatonic Zaku was on his knees in utter pain about his broken arms and the unconscious Kin who was slumped at her knees.

Dosu quietly dropped his team's heaven scroll and grabbed Kin and Zaku before taking off into the forest out of sight of the three Konoha teams.

"You all right Sakura?" asked a plantinum blonde blue eyed kunoichi by the name of Yamanaka Ino who used to be friends with Sakura until their 'love' of Uchiha Sasuke drove a rift in their friendship.

"Yeah...thanks for the help Ino."Sakura replied with a tired smile as she looked up at the Yamanaka heiress.

"I'll even do your hair for you right quick, but don't think that this is to make you look better than me for Sasuke-kun." Ino said as she moved behind Sakura with a kunai to use as a makeshift pair of scissors and began to even out her hastily cut pink locks.

"Sigh...Mendoukse. That fight was a waste." Shikamaru groaned as he sat next to Chouji who opened a bag of chips and began to inhale them.

"Don' won." Chouji offered positively between bites.

"Yeah, you're right Chouji. Besides it's too troublesome to think about." Shikamaru replied as he leaned back to look at the clouds.

Neji still stood of to the side as he watched Tenten wake their teammate Lee up while keeping a discreet watch on Uchiha Sasuke as well. Sasuke sat under a nearby tree by himself just reflecting on this latest development.

"That power was intoxicating, I felt that nothing could beat me so long as I had that power. But..." Sasuke thought as he remembered what happened not too long ago, however he was brought out of his musing by the general conversation between his fellow genin.

"So what do we do now? There are still plenty of teams out there who could easily beat us separately." Ino pointed out as she looked at everyone else in the clearing.

"Yosh! That's an excellent idea, we can all make it through with the combined might of our youth!" Lee all but shouted as he gave his nice guy pose before Tenten clocked him with a fist to the back of the head and pulled him down to sit and be quiet.

"Technically our teams are still enemies for the remainder of this part of the exam, so teaming up wouldn't be wise." Neji warned as he stood of to the side but still listening.

"Aw come on Neji, it makes sense considering that all the teams are heading for the tower anyway. Besides I'm sure all our teams have two scrolls by now right?" Tenten replied trying to sway her pupil-less teammate as she looked to teams 7 and 10.

"Troublesome but, yeah we have both our scrolls." Shikamaru breathed out as he tried to focus on the clouds in the sky.

"What about you guys?" Tenten asked looking towards Sakura and Sasuke.

" see... Naruto-"Sakura began after finding her voice only to be cut off by Ino who decided to ask the question that no one else seemed to catch.

"Hey yeah, come to think of it. Where is Naruto? I didn't see him at all." Ino pointed out as she looked around briefly before rounding on her ex friend with a questioning gaze along with everyone else minus Sasuke.

Before Sakura could even give an answer, rustling of bushes on the opposite end of the clearing put all the Konoha genin on edge at the noise. Everyone scrambled to prepare a defense, as they held kunai ready to fight whatever was about to emerge from the forest.

"The moment you see whatever comes out, hit it with everything you all got." Sasuke directed as he jumped in front of everyone to face whoever was showing up first.

They didn't have long to wait as Naruto's familiar orange form emerged from the treeline with an even walk and a scowl on his face, this caused all the genin to breathe a sigh of relief as they lowered their guards. In Sakura's case that relief turned to anger as she stormed towards her blonde haired teammate.

"Naruto you baka! Where have you been? Sasuke-kun and I had to battle another team without you and nearly lost because you weren't here to help." Sakura screeched as she stopped a few feet in front of Naruto who after getting close to her, continued right past her without a passing glance. Of course this didn't sit with the girl who still considered her teammate as her punching bag.

"Did you hear! Don't ignore me you baka!" Sakura yelled as she went to punch Naruto in the back of the head only to find a vice like grip around her neck cutting off circulation.

Everyone else in the clearing had to blink to make sure they weren't seeing things, one minute Sakura was about to clobber her teammate on the head. The next thing they knew he was holding her completely off the ground as she struggled to get free, it was the most uncanny thing they all witnessed today aside from Sasuke using a foreign chakra to decimate the Oto team.

"Let's get a couple of things straight right now. My name is Naruto, baka, or dobe for that matter. Also I won't tolerate you trying to take shots at me anymore, if you do try. I can promise Haruno you will lose a hand, am I clear?" Naruto said in a completely emotionless tone that had all the other genin shivering at the truth of his words even Sasuke mentally shivered at his teammates tone of voice also they were in shock at the fact he didn't have a huge smile on his face while shouting 'Sakura-chan'.

As for Sakura she could only nod as much as the hand around her neck would allow as she stared at her blonde teammate with a newly found sense of fear. Naruto simply set Sakura on her feet only for her legs to give out causing her fall to the ground in shock.

"Now then let's head for the Tower, we've wasted enough time as it is." Naruto said as he began walking past his fellow genin in the direction of the tower at the same pace he entered the clearing.

"Hang on dobe. Why should we listen to you? In case you forgot already we don't have two scrolls, we barely managed to get one just earlier and that was without your help." Sasuke challenged with his usual demeanor as he pulled of the Ten(Heaven) scroll for his blonde teammate to see.

"I wouldn't be wasting my breathe by needlessly saying let's head to the tower if I didn't have the necessary number of scrolls to pass. Now let's go." Naruto replied as he pulled out the two needed scrolls which shocked everyone at the fact that he actually had two scrolls in his possession.

"Wait a moment, how did you of all people get the scrolls from two other teams without getting into a fight and getting injured in someway? I demand that you answer me dobe!" Sasuke shouted at Naruto's back as he kept walking.

"Hey Naruto, you baka, You answer Sasuke-kun right now, he asked you a question!" Sakura screamed from her spot on the ground having quickly forgotten what just transpired 20 seconds ago as her fangirl attitude surged to the front in an effort to impress her crush only to have Naruto stop a moment later and glance icily over his shoulder.

"I have already warned you once Haruno, strange how quickly you forget. As for you Uchiha, you have no right to demand anything from me and besides what does it matter how I got the scrolls? I stand before you and those two teams do not, it's as simple as that. Get yourselves in gear, if you have enough energy to question and argue with your mouths you can use it to move your legs towards the tower. And believe me when I say that I will leave you in this forest with no hope of passing these exams this year, it's your choice either way." The blonde replied as he resumed walking regardless of his two teammates still standing in the clearing looking at his retreating form.

"Whoa, that was harsh!" Chouji said while still eating away at the chips.

"Something tells me that he's going to be incredibly troublesome from now on." Shikamaru muttered as he watched where Squad 7 took off.

Wordlessly while trying to look like Naruto didn't just totally own them in one shot; Sasuke began following behind his teammate who by now had exited the clearing completely.

"Sasuke-kun, matte!(Wait)"Sakura cried out as she scrambled to her feet and followed after Sasuke like a lost puppy.

"So troublesome. Ino...what are you doing?" Shikamaru breathed as he looked at where squad 7 took off at until he felt a tugging on his jacket and looked up to see his own blonde haired teammate as she dragged him and Chouji along.

"IF you think I'm letting Sakura get anywhere with Sasuke-kun you gotta be dreaming, also we have both scrolls so lets get to the tower already." Ino growled as she dragged the rest of her team into the forest behind team 7.

Team 9 just quietly brought up the rear as they also began the trip to the tower in the center of the forest.

Over the next few hours, Naruto was surprisingly still leading the group as they made their way towards the tower. While everyone else moved through the trees, he was walking at the same pace that somehow keep him ahead of everyone else regardless of how fast they were going. They faced off against a team from Ame but quickly overwhelmed them and continued towards the tower in peace. Soon the three teams found themselves out side the tower and decided to get this part of the exam over with as they were all tired and ready to rest.

When the group got inside the doors, they came face to face with a large board that held a riddle on it. While everyone else struggled to figure it out, Naruto had already solved the puzzle at first glance and tossed the two scrolls to the floor as thin smoke started to waft from them. Seeing this teams 9 and 10 followed suit until all three scrolls exploded to reveal three people. First there was a man wearing a green spandex suit with a jounin vest over it, he had a bowl haircut similar to Rock Lee and looked eerily like his adult carbon copy this man was known as Maito Gai, a jounin Taijutsu master in Kohona. The second man also wore a jounin uniform and vest, he had a beard that covered the entire length of his chin as he smoked a cigarette that hung loosely between his lips. This man was Sarutobi Asuma, son to the current Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen. The final person word the uniform of a chunnin rather than a jounin, his hair was done in a high ponytail and he had a scar that ran along the bridge of his tanned nose. This was Umino Iruka who was normally an academy instructor.

"Well this is a surprise, you all made it together." Asuma said after exhaling a puff of smoke into the air.

"What are you all doing here Asuma-sensei?" Ino asked with confusion on her face.

"Allow me Maito Gai to explain it to you youthful genin. You see when you obtained two scrolls and made it to the tower where you could finally open them, your jounin-sensei would appear to meet you and get you prepared for the next step." Gai explained with a smile without surprisingly yelling, that is until Rock Lee spoke up with high praise which launched the taijutsu duo into a loud rant that was soon broken up by Tenten before the sunset genjutsu set in.

"But that doesn't explain why you're here Iruka-sensei." Sakura pointed out the the chunnin.

"Well this portion of the exam started I volunteered to be the one to appear for team 7 when you guys arrived. I wanted to see how well you all did." Iruka replied as he looked over his students looking no worse for wear after spending time in the Forest of Death.

Soon there was discussion of what the board behind the adults meant and how it related to the exams, before they were allowed to rest up and recover before the end of the Second exam the following day. The three Konoha teams went their separate ways as they each went to an assigned room for the rest of today as they reached the tower on the fourth day and had a chance to get cleaned up and rested before tomorrow, Sakura and Sasuke walked in silence behind their blonde haired teammate who somehow changed over the last twenty-four hours but wrote it off as him trying to be better than he was. When they reached the room, Naruto walked right past it as if it didn't exist.

"Hey dobe where are you going? Our room is right here." Sasuke called out as Naruto kept walking as if he didn't here the Uchiha heir at all.

"Don't waste your time with that him Sasuke-kun, let's just get inside so I can get a shower and wash my hair." Sakura swooned with syrupy enthusiasm as she opened the door for her crush and they went inside to do whatever they wanted.

Naruto wandered around until he found a bathroom and walked in, knowing that he was alone he lifted his shirt and jacket to reveal his stomach. By channeling some chakra through his body caused the seal to show itself. Naruto had to silently both praise and curse the Yondaime, he praised the man's skill for seals as the one on his body was truly a work of marvel and yet in the same breathe he cursed the man for saddling him with a life of blatant hardship and isolation as the jailer for the Kyuubi. Naruto stared at the simple design which he knew was completely complex as there was seal writing both above and below the large spiral in the middle, looking closer he could see the handiwork of the Kusa-nin who slammed a seal on top of his own.

"When I meet that woman, again she will perish at my hands. Perhaps the Hokage can provide a solution, I'll make a visit when this exam is over." Naruto mused as he fixed his clothes and decided that he would rather sleep elsewhere than share a room with his 'teammates', so he went in search of a place to call his own until tomorrow.


The following day found all the genin teams that managed to get two scrolls lined up in a large arena floor in front of a pair of large stone hands in the hand sign for Ohitsuji(Ram). Anko stood at the front of these teams looking them over with a critical eye.

"What do you know we've got too many teams to move right along to the finals, perfect. Let's see we've got five teams from Konoha, two from Kiri, one from Suna, one from Kumo, one from Iwa, oh man is there gonna be huge publicity from this year's exams." Anko thought with a smile that just crept up on her face which put off more than a few genin that were intimidated.

"...All right you maggots, to those of you that made it this far congrats. However from here on in is where things get really interesting, there are too many of you to skip straight to the Finals so, we're gonna have ourselves... a little Preliminary match up to cull the weak and keep those that will put on a great show. Before we start the Hokage is gonna give a few words first. The floor is all yours Hokage sama." Anko said with suspense and energy as she stepped aside for her leader to step up.

The Hokage stepped forward and many looked upon him and saw an old man but, it their senses were sharp enough they would feel the raw power and intensity of Hiruzen's power and title as 'Kami no Shinobi'(God of Ninja) as he gazed at all the chunnin hopefuls with an appraising eye. With a brief pull of his pipe sarutobi went on the explain the true purpose of the exams as an alternative to all out war between the many Shinobi villages which would cause more unneeded bloodshed.

"Now to explain how these Preliminaries are going to proceed." Sarutobi started only to be cut off by another voice.

"Forgive me Hokage-sama but, perhaps I should explain this seeing as I am the protor for this portion of the exams." A sick like voice called out as a body landed near the venerable Hokage.

All the genin turned to see a man dressed in the jounin attire walk over, he wore his hia-tae as a bandana and had large bags under his eyes indicating lack of sleep. He coughed a few times into his hand indicating that he was very much sick but, that didn't stop Gekko Hayate from performing his duties as a shinobi as He took the spot where the Hokage was just standing.

"All right I'm Gekko Hayate and I'll be the proctor of third portion of the exams. You will all take turns battle in one on one matches until some is defeated, is unable to continue or I stop the match if I think it's being prolonged. Any questions" Kayate explained all the while coughing (just go with it he's sick damn it.)

"Will we be allowed to kill our opponents?" Gaara asked with his dead like tone which caused many of those near him to silently pray that they didn't have to be the one to lost their lives at his hands.

"Death of a combatant will only rarely occur if the circumstance can't be avoided, outside of that there will not be any outright killing of the other genin." Hayate replied watching subtlely as relief sagged on many of the genins shoulders.

"you mean that we have to fight right now? Come on many of us just got here and we are worn out." A genin from Kiri yelled believing that the decision was unfair.

"Another attribute of the exam is to tests a shinobi's ability to adapt and work under pressure and through fatigue. If you can do neither then you don't deserve to become a Chunnin." Hayate replied while leaving a small look at the genin.

"Are there any more questions?...Then let's get this Preliminary tournament under way.!" Hayate asked before occifally declaring the start of the third exam.


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