Hey everyone, I know it's been some time since I last posted a chapter in anything but the truth is that I hit writer's block which derailed me from writing anything. Then I started working again so that took a huge amount of my time. But, good news: your worries are over.

I'm continuing with all of the stories that I'm working on such as Uzushiro no Kage, Hitokiri Battousai Maelstrom, and Kitsune Inu Youkai. The last story is the one that I'm completely unsure of how to continue, however if people were willing to give me some ideas that they wouldn't mind sharing I can pick that one back up. Until then Kitsune Inu Youkai will be on an indefinite hiatus, I am truly sorry about that one to everyone.

Also as I note for Hitokiri Battousai Maelstrom, I gave it some thought about Naruto being the 14th successor but not taking the name and I now agree with everyone that wrote me about that topic to not have the name passed on would mean that the style is ending with that user. However Naruto does intend to pass on the style as was done to him. So when I find enough time I'll be going back to the first two chapters and changing that completely, now when I do I don't want my in-box flooding about the change I've just explained my reasons. Tough cookies if you don't like that.