"Sebastian, this is an order. Reverse me."

"Yes, my lord"

Ciel looked out the window of his carriage as he came to see the familiar sights of London, England, which he left exactly one year ago. He let out a slight smile as the carriage pulled up the drive to the Phantomhive Manor, his precious home.

As he opened the large, creaky door, he let the homely surroundings flood him with joy. He looked around for the 4 servants who had always filled the mansion with chaos. They were nowhere in sight. "Sebastian, what is the time?"

"Exactly 12:00pm, my lord."

"Funny, they should be awake by now"

"Who should, young master?"

"The servants"

"I can go look, my lord"

"No, they are here. The garden is destroyed but what appears to be herbicide and the mansion is only decently clean. I suppose they went out"


"I'm thirsty. Sebastian, go make me some tea"

"Yes, my lord". Ciel wondered about his all too familiar mansion, but something was off. He couldn't tell what, but something was not the same.

After taking a seat, waiting for his tea, Ciel heard a strange voice coming from the downstairs. His curiosity led him to the front door, where a strange boy was standing. He didn't seem to be much older that Ciel, perhaps 17 or 18. Ciel walked down the stairs to dismiss this uninvited guest.

The guest turned around and, with shock, blurted out "What? Who are you? This is private property!"

"You're mistaken. This is Phantomhive property,"

"You mean was, this is Loriesque property now."

"…" For once in his life, Ciel Phantomhive was speechless.

"So who are you? Are you soon relative or friend of the Phantomhive's?"

"I am Ciel Phantomhive, and this is my manor"

"Ciel Phantomhive? He died a year ago! You can't expect me to believe that!"

"C-Ciel?" a small voice whispered from behind the stranger.

"Elizabeth?" Ciel gasped as the stranger moved aside.

"C-Ciel? ...but you're…." and she collapsed to the ground in a pool of tears. Ciel slowly walked up to the two.

"Ok, who are you really? What have you done to my fiancé?"

"Your fiancé?"

Sebastian Michealis came down the stairs, bearing a pot of tea. "Really young master, I looked for you everywhere, and- oh. It looks like we have a visitor"

"Sebastian, take Elizabeth to another room and see her back to health"

"Yes, my lord", and Sebastian departed, carrying Elizabeth in his arms"

"What. Do .you. think. you. are. doing. with. my. fiancé?"

"It's rude to leave her there."

"Who was that?"

"My butler, Sebastian Michealis"

"Canning. Take this intruder out" The stranger said, address an unknown person. In walked a fairly large man. He began to walk over to Ciel. Sebastian suddenly appeared.

"My apologies, but I can't allow you to touch my young master" Sebastian smirked, and then proceeded to easily take down Canning, and return to his master's side.

The stranger looked shocked, and then said "Look. I don't care who you are, where you came from, or why you're here. Just get out"

"It's rude to dismiss someone without first giving your name"

"Rue Loriesque,"

"And I am Ciel Phantomhive. Head of the Phantomhive estate, the 'Funtom' company, and the Queen's personal guard dog."'

"Preposterous. Phantomhive died a year ago"

"You are mistaken"

"Prove it."

"Take me to Elizabeth"

"Very well."

Upon arriving at Elizabeth's room, they found her in a somewhat calmed state. "Ciel…." She said, "but you're…"

"I simply went away, and didn't plan on returning."


"Nothing of your concern"

"Elizabeth!" Yelled Rue, "Are you certain this is Ciel Phantomhive?"


"But how?"

"It's as I said," Interupted Ciel, "I went away, and wasn't planning on returning"

"I guess I have no choice but to allow you to stay" Rue Loriesque said, obviously enraged.

"Sebastian, make preparations for dinner"

"My own servants can do that"

"I refuse to eat food other than Sebastian's"

"Hmph." And with that, Rue stormed off.

Ciel started off to his room, as he walked, he noticed something still felt, off. Figuring it was nothing, he continued off to change his clothes for supper.

When dinner time arrived, Ciel took a seat a his usual end of the long, elegant table. The furniture hasn't been changed?, he thought to himself. Opposite Ciel, at the other end of the table sat Rue Loriesque. They both ate in complete silence, refusing to make eye contact. Dinner ended, and both headed their separate ways, not to see each other until the morning of the next day.

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