Ciel Phantomhive had a lot to think about. What to do now? Why did Rue own his mansion? Why was Elizabeth engaged to Rue? What was it that bothered him? And the one he thought the most important question of all, why did he suddenly crave the Darjeeling tea? It was very unusual for Ciel to crave a certain tea, especially one he wasn't to fond of. He knew once he took a sip, he would refuse to drink anymore. So why did he still want some? Actually, now that he thought of it, why did he even go to the basement? He doubted he would ever go down there again, and there really was no reason to. All that was down there was junk. Even so, he felt like he had been down there before. However, no matter how much he thought, he could think of any occasion he had been down there, let alone an opportunity he would have had to go down there.

Ciel was so deep in thought that he hadn't heard Sebastian walk in, carrying the cup of the Darjeeling Tea. "Young Master, I present to you, Darjeeling Tea"

'Hmm, oh," Ciel replied. After staring at the tea for a good minute or two, he lifted the cup carefully up to his mouth, and took a sip. Then, as he quite expected he would do, he spit the tea out. Sebastian, faithful as ever, asked "My lord, did the tea not suit your taste?"

"No. Take it away"

"Young Master, would you like something else instead.?"

"Mm. Bring me some hot milk, with honey"

"Certainly, my lord"

Unsurprisingly, Sebastian hadn't asked any questions, and Ciel couldn't quite figure out if this was because he knew the reason Ciel had craved the tea, or he simply didn't care. This was Sebastian after all, he probably just didn't care.

After a long day of looking around the mansion, and thinking about various things, Ciel decided to get some much needed rest. But for some reason Ciel simply couldn't fall asleep, which was unusal, because he was usually quick to fall asleep. He wasn't sure whether it was the change environment, the chill in the room and the lack of warm bed sheets( really, he thought, how did Alois keep comfortable?), or the fact that something was still bothering him. If only he could figure out just what it was. Eventually after what felt like all night, but was really only about an hour, Ciel drifted off into a deep sleep.

" I do hope the master was correct on his whereabouts.."

"Of course he's here. Where else could he be?"

"Well, i can think of a number of pla-"

"Quiet. Do you doubt the master's judgement?"


"Now quickly, you start heading up towards the back of the mansion"

"Yes, yes"

"Well, Well. It seem we have some guests" Said a mysterious black figure.

"Stay back! Just who are you?"

"Me? I'm just one hell of a butler"

Suddenly, Ciel awoke to what he thought was a scream. "Really, " he thought. "What on earth is Sebastian doing?" and with that, the young master fell back to sleep.

Author's Note: OMG. I am so sorry. . To be perfectly honest, i completely forgot about this story. COMPLETELY. and it's short, i know. I just wanted you to have SOMETHING. im sorry if you've totally forgotten the story by now...D: