When House dropped her off in front of her home, Thirteen was wiped with appreciation. House had told her in no uncertain terms he'd be there if she needed him to help end her life. She was all in. Thirteen was hooked. Whatever House needed to make his life better, Thirteen would make sure it happened.

Cuddy sat her desk and found her hands drawn to her belly. She unconsciously held her herself waiting to feel something return the physicality. It would be months until she'd feel a baby's foot kick back or movement slide under her hand. Still she held her abdomen as if she held the child itself.

"Hey, pinkie. How are you this morning?" Cuddy asked her fetus. "Don't even think of sleeping on the job, baby! I need to know you're there." Cuddy whispered loudly. As if the baby heard her, Cuddy felt a small gurgle in her lower abdomen. Was that the baby reacting to her voice or just her wild imagination?

"You and me are a package deal. I've waited a long time for you, Pinkie," Cuddy responded. "Don't let me down and I won't let you down."

Wilson walked in and caught the tale end of Cuddy's conversation. He caught Cuddy's attention and she blushed. Wilson mouthed a message to her silently.

"Are you on speaker phone?"

Cuddy quickly nodded and lifted the handset before setting it back down into the phone cradle.

"Yes, done. What's up?" Cuddy played along.

"Just dropped by to see what's going on?" Wilson said a little guiltily. "I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"I'm good, James," Cuddy smiled.

"How's House?" Wilson asked.

"How should I know?" Cuddy replied a little curtly.

Wilson felt like an idiot. "I meant has he stopped in lately?"

Cuddy glanced away, "No. I haven't seen him in a while, why?"

"No reason," Wilson said quickly.

"Something I can do for you?" Cuddy asked Wilson who looked a little sheepish.

"No...uh...no, I just wanted to see how my favorite boss was doing and make sure you were okay," Wilson ad-libbed.

"I'm perfectly fine, James."

"I can see that...okay then, guess I'll be leaving now…" Wilson sort of clapped his hands awkwardly before spinning on his heel and leaving Cuddy's office silently. "Well that didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped."

Cuddy shook her head at Wilson. He was so transparent. Clearly he was worried about her state of mind as if she'd be the one to go off the deep end when House was exhibiting all the signs of someone dealing badly with a break up, of being dumped.

No one knew Cuddy's little secret smaller than a peanut at this very moment. That little "nut" was the center of her universe and House a distant second

It had been just a few weeks since their break up but House felt as if it was only yesterday. Seeing Cuddy walking the halls of Princeton Plainsboro pained him deeply. He couldn't help but notice the line of her trim waist, her curves, her legs. That woman had the best damn legs! He missed her beautiful sparkling eyes and that million watt smile. Even her frown aroused him. House missed her.

Getting her to come back to him would take more than he could fathom at this moment despite the hours he spent staring at his bedroom ceiling at night wondering how he could turn her mind around. House hadn't given up inside yet to the world, he acted as if he was glad, glad she was out of his life. As if he was better off when nothing could be further from the truth.

His phone rang. A lawyer he had never heard of left a voicemail message for a "Doctor Gregory House" who is being sued by one Cuddy." House smiled as the message sunk in. He deleted the call without bothering to return it and sat back and waited for Cuddy to drop by.

Thirteen and Taub were discussing the patient not 45 minutes later when Cuddy made her entrance into the diagnostics room akin to House's office.

House worked at not appearing happy to see her but she was stunning. Cuddy's grey dress hugged her every curve and plunged narrowly between her lovely breasts revealing her delicate collar bones and silky skin.

"My mother is suing the hospital," Cuddy began. House knew Cuddy was speaking but he couldn't help but tune out as he stared at the woman before him. She was unbelievably lush. Cuddy's full lips, her deep-set eyes, her flawless skin, strong stubborn chin and arched eye brows only made him want to hold her close and inhale her scent.

"What?" House asked blindly.

"My mother?" Cuddy said curtly.

"Aww yes, I was just thinking how much I wanted a relationship without sex where I still get to deal with your mother," House said glibly. Cuddy smirked in return.

"I need you to attend a meeting with both her and her lawyer, House."

"Like that's gonna happen," House said firmly. "Go!" He admonished his team after determining the list of tests on the lottery-winning loser seeking his long lost love. Cuddy wasn't quite sure if he was telling her to get lost or his team. She rolled her slate grey eyes and spun around to follow House from the team room into House's office.

House whipped out his bottle of prescription vicodin and popped two pills into his hand as Cuddy glared at him. "I need these as I'm about to experience a sharp pain in my ass," House murmured before tossing two pills down his throat. Cuddy ignored him.

"We had a fight last night after I asked her to move in and now my mother's suing the hospital!"

"How's this my problem?" House asked.

"You're the doctor's who's name is on her patient records, who treated her after she fired you…" Cuddy said dryly.

"Oh I get it. My name is House and she's confused moving into your house with me…"

"Shut up," Cuddy said flatly. "I need you to meet with her. She won't drop the matter unless both you and I meet her for settlement talks."

"Too bad. Not gonna be there." House said flippantly as he passed by Cuddy and exited his office. The look of disappointment spread sadness across her face.

"Where's Doctor House?" Arlene's attorney asked Cuddy as he and Arlene entered the conference room.

"I didn't want him here," Cuddy admitted. Arlene frowned and glanced back at her attorney. "Come on, can't we discuss this?

Before Arlene could respond, House entered the conference room and dropped a tray with medical bandages and a few other items onto the conference room.

"I thought you didn't want to …" Cuddy began.

"How could I stay away after you said pretty please with sugar on top?" House quipped. Cuddy frowned and sighed exasperatedly.

"We don't give refunds but we do give credits," House told Arlene gesturing to the tray of medical supplies. Before House could continue, Arlene rose slowly and headed for the door.

"If Dr. House isn't going to take this seriously, I know a few judges who will," Arlene stated before leaving. Her attorney followed behind quickly leaving Cuddy to rub her forehead wishing her migraine away.

"Was I suppose to be the good cop?" House asked Cuddy?

Wilson had been ruminating over House's latest visit. House and Cuddy were definitely miserable without each other. It felt good to tell them to shut up and listen to him. Wilson couldn't help but notice House's hopeful face when Wilson admonished Cuddy telling her she still cared about House and Cuddy stayed silent. At least she didn't contradict him. Wilson could see House's hopes expand at that very moment.

Not for one second did Wilson believe House's lame comment he was better off without Cuddy. Deflection pure and simple. Standard House behavior.

Getting these two idiots back together was going to require help. Wilson pulled his cell phone out of his pants pocket and googled Arlene Cuddy's phone number.

The alarms shrilled loudly as nurses began racing through the corridors of the hospital seeking guidance and yet hurrying to get patients out of the building. Cuddy glanced up and sighed deeply.

"What the actual fuck is going on!" Cuddy asked herself mentally. "This better not be House's doing!" Cuddy hurried toward her office door and surveyed the nurses station. Everyone was following standard protocol to exit the building in a mannerly and pre-planned method. Clinic patients were quickly dispatched through the emergency room doors.

The elevators popped open and Cuddy could see House was among the groups inside them. She quickly turned away from him and greeted two people headed in her direction, one the hospital's chief legal counsel and the other a newly hired man in charge of Human Resources who had the unfortunate habit of checking her out while speaking to her directly. She could feel his eyes on her body. Ick.

"We have to leave the building right now," Cuddy notified the pair and led them to the exit. "We need to find out why the alarms are going off before we evacuate the building. I don't want patients…." Cuddy's voice trailed off as she spotted her own mother walking slowly toward her outside the building.


Arlene glanced up into Cuddy's confused face. "It's the only way I knew how to get both of you in the same place at the same time," Arlene admitted as she gestured toward House sitting a few feet behind Cuddy on a low, cement wall. House glanced up and spotted the once possible mother-in-law.

Cuddy glanced over her shoulder and spied House and it all made sense immediately. "Stop the evacuation. Let everyone return to the building," Cuddy told the administrative pair of department heads. They quickly departed leaving House and Cuddy standing before a sheepish Arlene.

"We're not getting back together," House announced. Cuddy's head snapped in his direction. Cuddy realized all of Arlene's antics were exposed by House's brilliant diagnoses.

"House, this isn't about that. It's about some one thousandth imagined slight…" Cuddy began.

"You never intended to sue the hospital. All this was just to get us in the same room," House added.

"Look at you two idiots. Who else would have you?" Arlene said bluntly. Cuddy was caught off-guard by her mother's guilty expression. House was right. Arlene wanted House and Cuddy back together.

"I asked you to move in with me and you realized we weren't going to reconcile…" Cuddy suddenly realized her mother's reaction was a desperate one aimed at bringing House and her together once more.

"You can't keep a man long enough to cook him a meal," Arlene continued as Cuddy swallowed hard and stepped forward, embracing her mother gently before hugging her tightly.

"It's going to take more than a common enemy," Cuddy told Arlene seriously.

"You and your impossibly high standards," Arlene finished. Cuddy grimaced but hugged her mother back before pulling back and looking over her shoulder for House who had disappeared.

House stood in his office replaying what had just happened. He stood there hopeless. The woman he loved was not willing to try to reunite with him. Even her own mother wanted them together but Cuddy didn't want to try. It hurt bad.

House grabbed his backpack, slung it over his shoulder and wandered out of his office in the slow pace of a depressed man. Seeing her now would send him over the edge. She glowed in his eyes. Cuddy was more beautiful, more beguiling, more intriguing now than before and she had never wanted him less. He felt the lump in his throat swell. House needed to get out of there fast.

Sorry for the lengthy time between updates but I was stymied by the hiatus and possible directions the show was going to take. Maybe I was the only one to see this in the episode #20 OR #21 "Changes" but it seemed to me the producers and writers were studding the scripts with references to Huddy not being anywhere near over. Its clear both House and Cuddy are miserable being apart but Cuddy needs to stick to her guns that she had every right to break up with House (the addict, dick-head boyfriend with selfish antics and an unwillingness to be kind to his lady love.) House, meanwhile, is hoping she'll take him back but his wounded pride keeps him from making the right decisions and so he continues on his self-destructive path of pretending he's better off without her when everyone around them can see both House and Cuddy should be together. As Wilson said, Cuddy should have known better than to expect House to be anything other than himself and House for being himself.

Any ideas for where the season finale will end up? 'll do my best to incorporate it into this fanfic. Let me know your thoughts.