I Feel Like I Can Touch The Sky

Summary: Wings touching is the most intimate act for an angel after the joining of grace. Written for the Balthazar fic meme at LJ. Balthazar/Castiel.


The feel of soft lips travelling up from the small of his back had Castiel sighing happily into his pillow, feeling sleepy in his post-coital haze. The touch of hands, skimming his sides, leaving trails of soft fire in their wake, had him shuddering. The touch of an angel, his brother, had him smiling, a proper smile, for the first time in so long.

"So beautiful," Balthazar said against his skin, kissing further up his back, until he was between his shoulder blades and the breeze of the soft wing beats made him sigh gently. "You like that?" He pressed another kiss where body met the wing joint, scraping his teeth over the bone there, making Castiel push his face into the pillow, biting down on the material. Castiel had never had anyone touch his wings. Not in a long time. He had desperately wanted someone too, but his first choice had been Dean. But unfortunately, Dean couldn't see them. But Balthazar could and his brother was definitely making the most of it. Castiel stretched out his wings, feeling them groan in protest. It had been far too long.

"Balthazar," he moaned, gently, his voice gruff and muffled a little by the pillow. Balthazar's fingers ran through the small feathers of the tawny wings, ruffling them gently, making Castiel whimper with need. Balthazar smirked, knowing exactly where to touch Castiel to make him keen and buck against the sheets of the bed. It was the most intimate of acts for an angel. The sex they had had was nothing compared to touching each other's wings. Balthazar arched his back, feeling his own wings unfold and stretch, his shiny black feathers glistening in the sunlight coming through the window. He leaned down again, burying his face in Castiel's feathers, tracing a few with his tongue, before pressing more kisses along the bone structure. Castiel was practically putty in his hands, his face contorted with pleasure in the pillow in front of him, his fingers gripping tightly to the sheets.

"Look at you, coming undone for me, brother," he whispered against the soft feathers, his voice making them vibrate, Castiel now panting and grinding against the sheets. Castiel suddenly felt the tip of Balthazar's black wing come down to trace the feathers of his own, the touch of feathers on feathers too much for Castiel, making his moan for more. Balthazar felt himself harden as he watched Castiel writhe on the bed, begging, pleading for more. He flipped the young angel, looking down at his flushed face with satisfaction. Castiel suddenly thrust out his hand, grabbing a handful of black feathers, pulling on them, making Balthazar throw his head back and fucking groan. Castiel's other hand grabbed the amulet around Balthazar's neck, pulling him close and kissing him deeply, tongues invading each other's mouths as they pulled, not violently, at each other's feathers. Balthazar's wings began beating as they were touched so intimately, making the angel buck his hips against Castiel's, cocks rubbing together. The friction was beautiful as they moved together, rocking against each other's bodies, edging closer and closer to the end. Castiel could feel his wings tremble, along with the rest of his body, as he neared climax once more. One more grind from Balthazar had him cursing in Enochian and his grace seemed to bubble up to the surface inside of him as he came hard over his vessel's stomach. Balthazar followed suit, his wings coming down and around them, holding them together intimately. Castiel was still trembling in the aftershocks as Balthazar's wings shielded them from the world.

"I've got you, brother. I've got you."

I need to stop writing porn. NOT. haha. :)