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Castiel gazed at his sullen expression in the gas station's bathroom mirror. He looked like him but he didn't. He had this... this glow about him now. Of course, it was unseen on the human spectrum, but man was it pulsating on the angel one. Hell, if Gabriel happened to pop up any time soon, he'd see.

He'd know.

And that was the last thing Castiel wanted. Because if Gabe knew then he'd tell. And he couldn't tell. Not yet.

Castiel shook his head and sat down on the toilet in the little room. It smelled like piss and shit and there were flies around, but he still sat. Because the angel seriously needed to think. Seriously. What was he going to do? He couldn't just go out there and tell Dean. Dean wasn't ready, he was sure, wasn't ready for this, didn't want this. Castiel wasn't even sure he was ready for this. He wanted it, sure, wanted it with Dean and no one else. Of course he did. But was he ready? He had handled the foes of hell easily, the foes of heaven were a bit more of a challenge but he had gotten through it. He had handled the foes of Earth worse than all else, seeing as Dean told him that he would be a drug addict in the future if that particular future did come to pass. He had almost been subjected to alcoholism when he had found that his father was not coming. Then came all the emotions and now that this had happened, the roadblock he isn't sure he can pass, they are so much more worse, so much harder to deal with. God they are everywhere.

If Dean even looked at him the wrong way he would feel like crying. And Castiel didn't cry. He didn't. Or if Dean said something and it got on his nerves, Castiel had almost smote him once, he was so angry. He had just disappeared on the hunter, shaking, trying to calm himself down. Or if Dean held him close at night, he just felt inexplicably happy. His emotions were everywhere and would change in the span of a heartbeat. It was ridiculous.

And then, of course, there was the whole thing of slowly turning human as it went along. It happened with male angels and female humans. The male angel slowly fell, was completely human by the time the baby was born. The same happened to female angels. They were human by the time they were giving birth like a human.

And now it was Castiel's turn.

Because he was pregnant.

It happened like it would happen with a man and a woman, just, different, since male anatomy worked differently. But he had still had Dean's seed spilled into him, it had still affixed itself to his grace and Castiel still had an angelically human baby growing inside of him at this moment.

And he had no idea what to do about it.

He was not getting rid of the baby. He didn't think he could if he wanted to and he didn't want to. He was so afraid at this point in time that whenever he thought of even seeing Dean, his insides twisted together and he felt sick. Although that could just be the morning sickness. And it had been several weeks, almost a month already and he was already showing, a small bump that he hide under the bagginess of his trench coat. This past week, he wouldn't let Dean within five feet of him, too afraid he'd try and hug him or something and he'd feel. Feel it and wonder. And the baby was Dean's.

Of course it was Dean's. Castiel hadn't had sex with anyone else, couldn't, not really. Didn't trust anyone like he trusted Dean, didn't want to. He wanted Dean, hoped Dean wanted him just as bad, for just as long (forever) and he was so lost. How do you tell the man you love who has had to go through so much that your carrying their child? Another responsibility, you're sure he'll see it that way. Castiel could only shake his head and look into the mirror again. What was he supposed to do? He had been acting strange and Dean was bound to catch on anytime soon.

There was suddenly a banging on the bathroom a door and then a soft, "Cas? You ok, man? You decent, can I come in?" Dean.

Castiel zapped outside of the bathroom behind the hunter and did him the small courtesy of tapping him on the back. Dean whirled around and smiled, the action reaching his eyes and making the edges crinkle. It was hard to believe that this man in front of him was only 33. He was a warrior, a hunter, a brother, a lover, a friend, a son, a savior... a father.

Castiel disappeared at the thought, catching one last look at Dean's surprised face, slowly sinking into disappointment.

What was he to do?

Dean shook his head and made his way out to the Impala. Had he done something wrong that he wasn't aware of? God, Cas had been acting so weird lately. All he had to do was tell Dean what he had done, what was going on. He didn't have to pull this cryptic shit. He was getting sick of it.

And he was also worried. But no way was he admitting that to Sam. He had to keep up his brilliant fa├žade.

"Where's Cas?" Cas and Sam had bonded since he had gotten his soul back and Sam had helped some with the war in heaven. No way was Cas winning, but he had a better shot at gaining the upper-hand now because of Sam. Unlike his brother though, he hadn't noticed the subtle changes.

Dean merely shrugged, worry radiating off of him in waves that his Sam with the force of a typhoon. "I don't know. He's being... pissy again."

Sam scowled at his older brother as they got into the car. "Dean, he's in a war. Against other angels. Yeah, he's probably gonna be pissy."

Instead of throwing a smart aleck comment at him, Dean just shrugged and popped in a Bob Dylan tape. He hated Bob Dylan, really wasn't a fan of it, and Dean only put that on when he was upset or really, really needed to think.

"You're worried," Sam said. It was a statement. He knew all about Dean and Cas. Hell, he was a hypocrite if he was judging. He had his own thing with another certain angel of the lord...

Dean looked like he was about to object but then sighed and slowly nodded. "Yeah," he said, equally as slowly. "I'm... worried." He shook his head. "But its Cas, Sammy, he never hides things. He always tells me if something's bothering him. He just seems so... I dunno. Secretive. And he looks like crap every time I see him. Bags under the eyes, pale. Kinda smells like puke, too. I mean, he'll barely let me kiss him or hold him or even touch him! Am I that disgusting?" Sam smiled and was about to say something when Dean cut him off with a, "Don't answer that please."

Sam shook his head. "You're reading into his stress too much." At Dean's pout, he smiled. "It just means you care Dean. Don't worry."

Dean shook head. "Still-"

Suddenly the car swerved as Dean let out a yelp. Gabriel was sitting in the backseat, leaning over Sam's seat, planting a wet kiss on the teller Winchester's cheek. "Hello sunshine. Long time, no defile." As Sam was busy blushing, Dean got back on the road and growled. Gabriel's expression changed though, completely. "So what did you do now?"

"What?" Dean asked incredulously.

Gabe shook his head. "Really? You're playing that game? Well alright. Let's see. My little bro's barely been in heaven these past few weeks. He's letting Balthie lead all the attacks. He stays away from me and you, and Mr. Long-Legs over there, so there's something wrong with little brother of mine. I assume relationship problems. But I don't know what would keep him out of the fight he wanted to start so desperately."

"Doesn't mean I did anything!" Dean protested. "Geez Gabe. Not everything is my fault."

"I beg to differ," the archangel said in a suddenly threatening voice. "Because if anything happens to my brother, I'm coming after you."

Dean threw an equally ugly look over his shoulder. "Ditto on my bro, you smarmy ass clown. You're not the only big brother in the car."

Sam blushed and then made his way into the conversation before his boyfriend and brother killed each other with their words. "Look guys, maybe its just Cas. He's probably just going through something stressful and picked up some repressing techniques from Dean. Let's just talk to him."

Gabriel sat back in the seat, a candy bar in his hand, munching away, although grudgingly. Dean nodded stiffly and drove down to the nearest motel. If there was something Sam knew, it was that those two would do anything for him or Cas. And though he hated to use that power (not) he sometimes had to or those two would end up killing each other and he didn't know who would come out on top.

Castiel wanted to curl up in a ball and die. Not for any particular reason other than that was just how he was feeling today and that he had just puked up his guts a few minutes ago. He hated that. Since he was an angel, he was guessing the pregnancy would go by a little faster than a human one, maybe six months, but no more. So the first two months would be chock full of this vomiting thing. And he hated it. It was getting all over his coat and his hair and it smelled horrible. And he hated the feeling it gave him. His stomach always twisted in pain and then as it all came up through his throat it burned his esophagus and his nose and it was just disgusting. He wanted crackers and soda and a warm bed with Dean by his side.

But he couldn't bring himself to tell him. God, he was such a coward.

Anyways, he had just appeared in the motel room bathroom that the Winchesters were currently in. Well, Dean at least, although Sam and Gabriel were both outside, discussing things with Dean that Castiel couldn't focus on. But he was sure that they had heard him retching. He was loud enough.

Sure enough, just as another wave of nausea hit him, Dean burst through the door, just in time to see him throw up his insides. The hunters face was in a mask of horror and confusion, but in a moment he had recovered and was by his angel's side, taking his coat off so he wouldn't get vomit smeared all over it. He left Cas to do his thing for a moment while he wet a face cloth and then pressed it to his head, rubbing circles into his back, murmuring sweet-nothings to help him through it.

All the while, Sam and Gabriel were standing near the doorway, Sam a confused and sympathetic expression on his face, Gabriel one of disbelief. "Dean?" Sam asked, "He ok?"

Dean shook his head, worry creasing his features like paper. "No. Can you turn down my bed for me Sam? I'm gonna move him after this." Then to Cas, "Hey, babe, you're good, your ok. I'm right here." He pressed a kiss to Cas's forehead as Sam grabbed a gawking Gabriel to help him turn own the bed.

"What?" he finally asked as they reached the bed.

"He was glowing," Gabriel said weakly.

"Um... ok? What was that angel vision? 'Cause I saw nothing,"

Gabriel nodded."Yeah. Sure. Angel vision. He was still glowing."

"Which means?" Sam asked as he turned down the sheets, Gabriel following absentmindedly.

"Which means, I know what's up with Cas."

"Which is?"

But Gabe shook his head a little sadly. "Not for me to tell, Sammy." He finished turning down the bed.

Dean meanwhile was wiping Castiel's mouth and face with the cloth, having rung it out several times before. He felt his heart racing. He was sure angels were not supposed to heave up all they were worth. He was positive, actually. So why was Castiel doing it?

He shook his head as Castiel opened his eyes again. He closed them this time, aware of what was going on. He refused to look at Dean, even when the hunter lifted him up and brought him into the room. He wasn't light, not like all the other times he had ever lifted Cas. He had extra weight. For some reason, that was worrying.

He gently laid Cas out on the bed, taking off his shoes and jacket and tie. He unbuttoned the white dress shirt and untucked it, slipping Cas's belt off while he was at it. All the time he was painfully gentle, handling Castiel like he was porcelain and would break so easily.

Sam and Gabe watched in silence, one unsure the other uneasy.

By the time Dean was finished, Castiel was fast asleep. He had just been so tired.

Dean made a motion with his hand, indicating outside and Sam and Gabriel followed obediently. They walked a few doors down in silence and then turned into Sam and Gabe's room. Once inside with the door closed and Sam sitting down, Dean exploded.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" If anything, the hunter was shaken up. Angels were not supposed to do that. Not Cas. Not ever. And how much he hated it, the look of pain in his eyes, not only that but this harsh look of fear? It was breaking Dean's heart.

Gabriel looked away. "Good ol' Cas..."

Dean grabbed the angel by the shoulders. "What is that supposed to mean? You tell me what's wrong with my angel now, or so help me...!"

Gabriel just poofed out from under Dean's hands and stood beside a sitting Sam. "Sorry amigo. No can do. That is strictly Cassie's story to tell, not mine."

"Well you're gonna tell it anyway," Dean growled and Sam just shook his head and rolled his eyes. Here it comes...

"Believe me," Gabriel spat, "You really don't want to hear this from me. And for one of the few times in my life, I am gravelly serious Dean. I can't tell you this. Cas can and will, but give him a little time to adjust to this."

"To what?" Dean exclaimed. At the angel's silence and his brother's annoyance with them both, Dean said instead, "Fine. Fine, I'll ask him. But tell me this: how do I help him?"

There was so much broken desperation in Dean's voice that Gabriel actually pitied him. So ok, he didn't like the guy much, but he loved his brother and Dean loved his brother, that much was true, so...

"Crackers," Gabriel said, "Saltines, I think he'd like better. Oh and like, I dunno ginger ale? Yeah. That'll probably settle his stomach a bit. Go young, stallion. Get your mare these things." He shooed Dean off who didn't even bat an eye at the requests or the comment and ran off, grabbing his keys from Sam's table and almost running to the car.

Hey, he hated seeing Cas like that. And if crackers and soda would help, so be it.

Meanwhile, Sam, the all out smarter of the two was sitting very still in his chair. Gabe sat on the couch, looking through the pay-per-view selection of Casa Erotica 13. Sam turned to him. "Gabe?"


"Aren't..." He swallowed, the realization donning on him. "Aren't saltines and ginger ale used to calm vomiting and nausea in... pregnant women?"

Gabriel slowly looked up. He gave a small, sad smile. "Why... yes Sammy. I believe they are."


Gabe nodded. "Crap indeed."

Dean stopped at the nearest market he came across to and ran inside. He reminded himself to calm down enough to start looking for what he needed. Unfortunately, he had no idea where to look. So off to the front desk he went.

"Excuse me?" he asked an older woman who was restocking cigarettes behind the counter.

She turned around. She was in her early forties, he could tell. "how can I help you sweetheart?"

He gave a small smile, trying to hide his apprehension. "Um... you think you can direct me to the crackers and soda? It's... kind of an emergency." Whenever it had to do with Cas, it was always an emergency.

The woman broke out into a smile. "Congratulations."

Dean made a face. "Excuse me?"

Now she was the one making a face. "Well... aren't you an expecting father?"

Dean's eyes bugged out. Um, no. He most definitely wasn't. So he took a deep breath and wondered if he would regret the next words out of his mouth. "Um... no actually... I'm gay."

He waited for her reaction, but all he got from her was a gasp and a blush of embarrassment. "Oh, goodness. So sorry, sweetheart. I didn't even realize..." She shook her head. "No matter. Crackers and soda help everyone when they're feeling ill."

Dean waited for her to throw him out but she just smiled. When she realized what he was waiting for, she smiled and gave a cracky little cackle. "I'm not gonna throw you out, hun. My daughter's a homosexual. I'm very open-minded."

Dean's eyes widened. "Oh. Sorry."

She "Psh"-ed him and got out from behind the counter. "See, my oldest, that's my daughter, is a lesbian. Her school wasn't as understanding as me and her papa. See, they kicked her and her significant other off their lacrosse team, which they were the stars off. Team lost the championships. Asked for the girls back and they refused. They lost the whole team after that." She gave Dean a smile as she pulled a few things off a shelf and handed them to him. They were two boxes of Saltines.

"Wow," was all Dean had to say.

"Have you come out to your parents yet?"

Dean gave a small smile at that. It was bittersweet and wistful. "My mother died when I was four. My dad when I was twenty-six. The only person I've come out to is my brother and our closest friend of the family, mostly because they're all I have."

The woman turned around. "Oh, I'm so sorry, sugar."

He waved her off as she led him to a back fridge. "Nah. It's cool."

"How old are you?" she asked as she scanned the fridges.

"Thirty-four," Dean responded.

She turned surprise on her face. "My, my. I thought you were at least thirty."

Dean snorted as she went back to looking. "Don't I wish."

She turned around with a 2-liter bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Handing it to him, she smiled. "No you don't. You're older and you know better about life." Dean gave a half-hearted nod. That much was true. "So you're significant other is feeling ill?" she asked as they made their way back to the front counter.

Dean nodded then remembered that she was in front of him and said, "Uh, yeah. He's... sick. Lots of throwing up, hence these." He lifted his bottle and packages. "Anyway, yeah. He's been feeling like this for a while. You know, his family's been fighting and no one care's enough to check up on him. He's been trying to keep the peace. It drains a guy."

They were back to the front and he placed the items down and watched as the woman scanned them. "How long have you been together?" she inquired as she busied herself.

Officially, it had only been about two years. But Dean realized a while ago that he had loved Castiel since the beginning so he went with, "Four years," knowing that that would take him back to when Cas yanked him out of Hell.

"Well, well, well," she responded, ringing up the last item as Dean fished out a ten dollar bill from his wallet. "That's longer than some heterosexual couples."

Dean cracked a smile. "Yeah, it is, isn't it? Funny thing, my brother's also... uh... homosexual. He dates my...boyfriend's older brother." Weirdest. Sentence. Ever.

She smiled. "Well that's wonderful. $6.78, then's your total."

Dean handed his ten to her and she gave him back his change. Suddenly Dean thought of something that made him turn in the doorway and ask her, "Wait... why did you think I was an expecting father when I asked you for these?" He lifted the plastic bag in his hand.

Instead of saying, of course, you're gay, you don't know about women pregnancies, she smiled kindly and said, "Well, crackers and soda usually comfort a pregnant woman when she's going through nausea in her first trimester. Hell, I was horrible during that time. I wouldn't even let my husband touch me, I was so emotionally distressed."

Dean was about to say goodbye and thank you until he heard that. "E-emotionally distressed?"

She nodded and he walked over to the counter and leaned against it to listen better. "Well, sure. I was mad at all the little things, then happy at them, then sad and I wouldn't let him near me 'cause I didn't tell him I was pregnant and was afraid he'd find out if he felt the small bump that was starting. Didn't think he wanted a kid or was ready. But he found out anyways. Saw me puking up everything I was wroth and knew. Surprisingly, he was more upset that I hadn't said a word than that he was a father. Happy as kittens 'bout that actually."

Dean nodded slowly, not liking that there were way too many similarities with Cas in this. "Anything else?" he asked, a note of hysteria in his voice.

"Well, I always looked tired, exhausted. But my husband said I practically glowed through it," she said, smiling as she reminisced.

All Dean thought was, Hadn't Gabe said something about Cas glowing?

Dean swallowed, his throat suddenly dry, unable to say a word. "Um... thanks for bearing with my curiosity...?"

She smiled. "Sheryl Robinson."

He shook the hand she had offered him and said, "Dean... Dean Winchester. Yeah. Thanks."

As he walked out, his mind cataloging all the weird things about Cas, Sheryl called as he left, "Hope your man feels better, Dean!"

Yeah. About that...

Sam and Gabe were now playing checkers, a game Gabriel seemed to be excelling at like no other Sam had seen before. Gabe had checked on Cas a few times, but the angel was still asleep. Sam felt worried, but Gabe just brushed it off as exhaustion. Now that Sam had figured that his brother's boyfriend was... pregnant in the angel way, he didn't know if he went along readily with that theory. Hell, he was trying to wrap his mind around the whole baby thing, which would make him and Gabe uncles, which would make Dean a-

"Hey you two nerds, what're you doing?" Dean walked in, placing the plastic he had in his hand on the single bed that Sam and Gabe were sharing. He had a pensive look on his face, like he was wrestling with his mind. Sam wrote it off as worry for Cas.

"Checkers," Gabe said and then, "KING ME!"

Sam rolled his eyes and topped one of Gabriel's pieces off with one that he had been holding captive on the side. Damn, he was good. Better than Crowley, although to see who won at chess... now that would be fun.

"And Gabe is definitely cheating. I swear he's reading my mind or something," Sam bitched.

"Aw, somebody's better than Sammy?" Dean joked and Sam could hear that his heart wasn't really in it. "Stop bitching and play." Sam rolled his eyes and did as he was bid, but then they got interrupted by Dean asking, "Um... is he... asleep still?"

Gabe looked up, a brief moment of panic on his face. Then it was gone, hopefully seen only by Sam. "Yep." He went back to playing.

Dean nodded and went into their room's kitchenette and got out a plastic cup. He filled it with the sparkling soda and then grabbed a row of saltines. "Well, I'll head over there and wait till he gets up...ask him what's up and stuff."

Something in Dean's voice, Gabriel noted, something suspected. "Anything you wanna ask before you go see him?" Gabe asked cryptically. "Anything at all? 'Cause, you know, I just might have an answer."

Dean looked torn for a moment and then he seemed to make up his mind. "...nah. I'm good. Anyways, like you said," his eyes flashed, "Cas'll tell me. But..." There was hesitation and then Dean mumbled, "Thanks," and quite literally ran out of the room, slamming the door closed with his free hand.

Sam gazed after his brother and rolled his eyes as his angel cackled. "Huh, bow-legs is smarter than he looks, huh?" He looked at Sam expectantly and, c'mon, how could you not kiss those lips?

Sam leaned over and gave into that urge, smiling as Gabe almost melted into it. He loved making his Trickster do these little things. It made him fill up with warmth inside. "Mmmhmm," he said answering his previous question.

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