Sooo. This has been long awaited. Sorry everybody. It's a bit shorter than usual. But. i'm getting there. ALSO: there's some minor (or what i see as minor because believe me my little ducklings, i have read worse out there) porn. YAY FOR THE GAY SEX!

So. Vamanos!

Sam: Is that how you even spell it?

Gabe: Also- we aren't a bunch of two year olds watching *shudders* DORA.

Cas: Who is this...Dora that you speak of?

Dean: Absolutely no one Cas. Really. Don't worry about it.

Gabe: For once in our lives, Dean, I agree with you. Ain't no brother of mine gonna be addicted to DORA of all things.

Sam: You're all so dramatic.

Gabe: *sassy* Oh yeah? You wanna sit and watch DORA for six hours straight?

Sam: *pales* Well, uh, NO. Why did you?

Gabe: *sighs* Long story short: don't get Thor mad. He knows how to take vengence.

Sam: Thor?

Gabe: I'll tell you when you're older.

So... Yeah. Saw Thor again the other day. I still think he's fucking hilarious. And then with Loki and Gabe... I had to make the reference! Sorry, Luvs! Couldn't resist!

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Nothing Is Ever Easy

Four years old...

Dean swallowed and tried not to look back. If he looked back, he would cry and he was a grown man, God-damnit, so he wasn't going to cry. Beside him, Castiel looked amused. He had a small smile on his face that he was hoping his husband wouldn't see, but Dean looked to the side and saw it anyways.

"Oh shut up," Dean said.

Castiel looked at him in abject confusion. "Whatever do you mean, Dean? I have said nothing."

If Dean didn't love him, he would have hit him by now and Castiel knew this. Dean just made a face. "It's not abnormal for a parent to feel this way, Cas," Dean said a bit grumpily. "I'm just surprised you're not freaking out either."

Castiel sighed and kissed Dean's cheek, sitting closer to him in the car. "It is because I know they will be fine Dean. It is necessary for them to complete this stage of life. We must learn to live with that. I understand that. So should you."

Dean just grunted as he pulled into the Salvage Yard's driveway and cut the engine. His hands were shaking and no, he shouldn't feel this way. He should feel satisfied and proud that the twins didn't cry but Dean can't. He can only worry and try not to turn the car back on and go get them.

It was only their first day of pre-school. He couldn't imagine how he'd act on their first day of high school. He shuddered at the thought.

Dean was currently 37 years old. Castiel was just a year ahead of him since Jimmy had been older than Dean by a year. Dean hated to admit it because he sounded like a sap, but Castiel with a few wrinkles around his eyes and actual small grey hairs in his wild locks was very, very attractive. They had decided to enroll the twins in pre-school in Sioux Falls only last year and had had Sam's help in preparing the preparations. Dean had known their children needed to get an education and the principal of the school had been very open minded having same-sex parents enrolling their children.

He remembered that day clearly. The principal had had no problem with them being same-sex parents. When she had seen the twins though, her eyes had widened and she'd looked at the two of them oddly, then at the children sitting in their laps.

"They look...exactly like the two of you," she'd said weakly.

"That's because they are our children," Castiel had said quietly.

The principal hadn't responded but had registered John and Mary into the school system and smiled when she was done. Mary had blinked up at her from where she was in Castiel's lap and had said, "You're a nice lady."

And the principal had been shocked. "Oh my. She can speak so eloquently. What's your name sweetheart?"

Mary had screwed up her little face and it was a sight to see. Her crazy hair was in short, curly locks around her ears with clips keeping it out of her large, jade eyes and she was in a t-shirt and jeans. She'd looked the principal in the eyes and said, "My name is...Mary Ellen Winchester. And only Daddy calls me sweethawt."

She'd slipped with a lisp in the end, but the overall effect was clearly made. The principal had looked at the two of them hopelessly, as if to say, 'And Daddy is who..?' and Dean had taken pity on her and raised a hand. "That would be me."

"Ah," Mrs. Ceres, the principal, had said. "Right. Well, then. I'm sorry Mary. I won't call you that if you don't want me to." She'd then looked to John, who had his face buried in Dean's neck and said, "And what's your name, little guy?" When John hadn't responded, she looked to Dean and said, "Does he speak?"

Mary had frowned and looked at John, then looked at Mrs. Ceres and said, "Johnny doesn't like talking to strangers. But... he's not stur- stoo..." She paused. "He's not duuumb. He can talked as good as me."

Castiel had just closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose and looked to Dean. Mary had an attitude the size of Texas and Castiel blamed it all on Dean and his bad-temper genetics. They were both sure that it would get her into some kind of trouble in the future.

Mrs. Ceres had floundered about. "Oh sweetie no, no. I wasn't saying that he was... not as smart as you, I just wanted to know if he could talk at all. That's all. And you just told me he could, so that's good, thank you." She'd quickly let them out of her office, told them the start of the school year and that had been that.

Now, Dean sat next to Castiel in the Impala still, contemplating what he was going to do with the day. The kids were, Sam and Gabe were on a hunt in Alabama, Bobby was inside cooking lunch and Crowley was doing whatever it was that Crowleys did.

He looked over to Castiel. "I'm just... they left fine enough and I get it's only till noon and then we get to see them again, but... what if... what if they get made fun of because their parents are gay? Or something like that? What if they let it slip that they're like, half angel and the teacher thinks they're crazy?"

He was about to go on, but Castiel stopped him with a kiss to the mouth. It was cramped in the car, but they'd been doing it for years, so they were used to it. Castiel pulled away and looked Dean in the eyes as he said, "Dean. One, I don't think four and five year olds are going to care if Mary and John have two daddies or only one. Two, if, and only if because I know our children and they would not be so careless as to let the existence of the supernatural slip free, if they say anything about their angelic origin then the most their teachers will chastise them for is having an over-imaginative mind." He kissed Dean softly and then said, "Alright?"

Dean nodded and took a deep breath. "Yeah. Yeah ok, you're right."

They had decided that when the twins got old enough and their angelic gifts started to shine through, that they would start telling them more about the supernatural world and their connection to it. For now though, the kids only knew they were 'special' and had an angel half that hadn't made itself known save for the fact that Mary and John had a strong psychic connection that allowed one into the others thoughts. The children knew the simple story and it would stay that way until their gifts started showing, or they got older. They also knew not to talk about it to anyone besides people at home.

Dean and Castiel, along with the other men of the house, had taught them well.

They got out of the car, a little slowly since Dean's joints were a bit stiff these days from so many years of abusing them, and walked into the house to the smell of something spicy. Bobby was definitely making something... different for lunch and Dean knew it was for the twins since it was their first day of school.

"Hey old man, whatcha got there?" Dean said, sitting at the small kitchen table, Castiel taking off his trench coat to reveal a grey thermal and jeans underneath, and sat next to Dean, resting his hand on the hunter's.

"None o 'your fool business," Bobby said, not even turning around. "How was the drop-off?"

"Fine," Dean said, not really wanting to talk about it. He still had that itchy feeling under his skin that made him want to rush back and snatch his babies up into his arms.

"It'll pass," Castiel said soothingly, rubbing his hand. And it was still as if they had a higher connection, which they probably did, because Castiel still knew how Dean was feeling by just a look. Either that or it was the seven years of knowing each other, four of which had been spent married and with children.

"He freak out?" Bobby asked nonchalantly as he threw something else into his pot.

At the same moment Dean protested "No!" Castiel said gravelly, "Of course."

Bobby chuckled. "You knucklehead, relax. It happens to the best of us."

"Cas wasn't so worried," Dean said ungraciously, making Castiel smack his leg.

"Castiel wasn't so worried about what now?" Crowley walked into the room, still in black, still in style, but his hair had some gray at the temples and his skin sagged a bit under his eyes and at the corners of his mouth. Not that anyone else was saying. He walked over to Bobby, kissed the old hunter quickly on the mouth and then put the bag he had in his hands down on the table in front of Dean and looked at them expectantly.

"Dean was quite upset when we dropped the children off at school today for the first time," Castiel explained. "He was complaining that I did not seem as worried as he did. And I was about to answer," Castiel said with a bit of an edge, the kind of edge that got Dean a little hot beneath the collar, "that that is only because I can hide it better than he can and know that one of us had to be alright or else it would scare the children more than they already were."

Dean grumbled and reached for the bag Crowley had dropped just as the demon smacked him in the back of the hand. "No touching," he said slyly as Dean rubbed his hand.

"What the hell have you got in there? The Devil? 'Cause I think we've already established we can deal with that."

"No," Crowley said cloyingly. "Something for those annoying little children that I somehow have affection for. And no, it's not for you to see. It's for them. If you have a problem with it, then you can take it up with them, not me."

Dean rolled his eyes and looked to Cas for backup but the man just gave him a look that said he was done with the conversation. Dean just sighed after that. It felt like his whole family was against him at the moment and it had been too long for him to feel weirded out by calling Crowley family. As it was, he really was family, which was the sad part, so Dean couldn't complain and say he wasn't.

"We're baaack!" a loud, obnoxious voice said behind Dean and he groaned.

"Gabe. So good to hear your annoying, little voice. Hopefully you have my brother with you? In one piece?" Dean said, not bothering to turn around.

"Present and accounted for," Sam said behind him and came to sit down on the other side of the table, warily looking at the black bag. "Oh God, what's in that?"

"Apparently, none of our business, but it's supposedly safe enough for my kids, so," Dean said sarcastically.

"Hey, right it was their first day today! How'd it go? Anyone cry?" Sam asked.

"Besides Dean, here? No," Crowley responded, making Gabriel laugh. The angel seemed to be ageing as well and Dean didn't know if it was because he was around them so long that his body just picked up on it or if he was doing that purposefully. It made everyone feel better though, that two people weren't not ageing, even though they could be doing the opposite.

Dean glared at the both of them. He kind of hated that they hit it off and got along so well. It would have been easier if they hated each other and couldn't gang up on Dean like they did on a daily basis. But they both doted and adored Mary and John, so Dean tolerated it. Also, members of his immediate family, or you know, almost biological and biological family, loved the two of them dearly and to death, which Dean couldn't understand.

So he dealt with them. Mostly.

He decided not to answer him, which gave Castiel a bit of a lip twitch in repose and possible approval. Dean was too nervous for his little munchkins to argue with his in-laws, as he had now come to accept that that was what Gabe and Crowley were.

"Oh leave him alone," Sam said coming to the rescue, much to Dean's chagrin and gratitude. Sam made a gross spectacle of grabbing Gabe by the waist and dragging him to his lap where he kissed him. Crowley smirked as Dean rolled his eyes and got up.

"Right. I'm gonna go do some more research on that hunt me and Cas are going on next week," Dean announced. They took turns. His and Cas's hunts were usually in the area or around. Next week they'd be going to Pierre. So he wanted to be sure everything was researched and they new what they were going after so they could kill it quick and come right home since it was a bit far from the kids.

Everyone knew he just needed to get out and not think abut his kids in a big building with other children they didn't know, with only each other and-

Dean stopped that train of thought. It would only get him more worked up. He settled into the books. They were sure they were going after a incubus, but you know, it never hurt to be extra sure. Better to be safe than sorry, he always said. Or, you know, Cas always said.

Speaking of which, the other man walked in at that moment and closed Dean's book. He sat on the desk in front of him and took Dean's face into his hands, kissing his lips with great care. Dean smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Cas's waist, Castiel bracing his knees on either side of Dean's torso against his ribs.

"Is this your way of distracting me for the next oh, three hours?" Dean said, albeit a bit hopefully.

Castiel chuckled into his mouth softly and pulled back, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he smiled. "Is it working?"

Dean pretended to contemplate it for a moment then smiled. "I think so. It would work so much better if there were a bed involved and I don't know, maybe less clothes?"

Castiel gave Dean's nose a quick peck then slid languidly off the desk. He extended a hand to Dean and quirked his head to the side, and said, "Shall we?"

Dean took his hand and let Castiel lead him upstairs. Now that he thought about it, they hadn't had time to have proper sex since the twin's were born, or hell even before that. They'd only had quickies on small hunts and then it was either back to work or back home where they had a family waiting.

Maybe they could really utilize this school thing...

They made it up to their room in relative peace, undisturbed by anyone. They heard the voices of their family members in the kitchen, laughing and teasing, content. They were safe for a few hours.

The second Dean closed the door to their room, Castiel was on him. He was shoved into a wall and his mouth attacked. Castiel kissed him with such bruising ferocity, that Dean couldn't help but giggle and go with the flow.

"I don't think you understand how desirable you look when you're researching," Castiel said in his ear, panting, his voice husky, already rock hard against him.

Dean groaned a bit at the feeling of him against him and at his comment. "Shit that's what Gabe says about Sammy," Dean ground out and then caught his breath as Castiel rolled his hips slowly against Dean's, bringing him to full hardness.

"It must run in the family then," Castiel said before literally ripping his shirt from his chest. Dean was bare-chested in moments and for an entire minute Castiel just stared. He looked up at Dean, his pupils blown wide, and said, "You are magnificent Dean Winchester."

Dean rolled his eyes and walked over to Castiel, slipping his shirt off and said in response, "You're not so bad yourself Mr. Winchester. You're not too bad yourself."

Castiel loved it when Dean called him 'Mr. Winchester'. He'd told Dean as much before when he'd said it at earlier times, and now Castiel's eyes shone with that look of adoration at being such an intimate part of Dean.

"I do love it when you call me that," he whispered to Dean as the hunter backed him up to the bed, softly pushing him down.

Dean smiled and then undid his pants and chucked them off with his underwear. "I know," he said, and Castiel's eyes widened.

The minutes Castiel shimmied out of his jeans, Dean made sure they were skin to skin, erections lined up neatly, sliding hotly together, causing the most delicious friction possible. Sweat broke out on Dean's forehead, Castiel working up a full body flush. But it wasn't enough. It had been forever since they'd done it properly and Dean was aching, absolutely aching to be inside Castiel, have that warm, silky, softness surrounding him.

"Want you," Dean gasped. Oh God. He was 37! And he was still so easily reduced to a crumbling mess by this one man. It was amazing. Mind baffling.

Castiel nodded, nodded and nodded, his head rubbing sensually against his pillows, making his sweaty hair stick up at odd angles. "Yes, oh yes. Please. Now. Now, now, now."

"Jesus, Cas," Dean muttered. He reached over, his hand shaking, into their nightstand. Pulling out some lube, he was amazed at how long it had been since they had an occasion to use it. He squeezed some onto his fingers and winced. It was freezing. This was going to be uncomfortable for Cas. "Relax," he murmured into Castiel's hand as he reached between and below them to Castiel's entrance. But he really shouldn't have doubted him. Castiel let him in easily and Dean almost came at the feeling of heat around his fingers before he spread them out.

Castiel's breath caught. "Oh, good," he breathed. "So good, Dean." Castiel threw his head back and Dean bit his lip, half to keep himself from moaning, half to keep himself from coming. Shit, but that was a gloriously beautiful picture right there.

"Kay, Cas. I'm going in. You ready?" Dean asked, his voice falling apart. He wanted in and he wanted in now. Right, right now.

"If you don't do it, I will bash your head in," Castiel said, his voice deeper than it had been in a while.

And damn, Dean couldn't say no. He slicked him up so fast he was sure he would just coast in, he used so much lube. But it was slow going. He had to make sure Cas would be ok. They hadn't done this in a while, though it was long wanted after.

"Move," Castiel hissed, looking like he would explode. Dean was all too happy to comply.

And it was amazing. Castiel was so hot, so tight, so delicious that Dean thought he was going to come, he definitely wasn't going to last long, which was a shame because Castiel's ass was just so a fine a place to be inside of. Meanwhile, Castiel's cock was trapped between them, sliding against their bodies as Dean snapped his hips up and in, making sure the angle was good, making sure Castiel's prostate was being hit with every thrust.

His husband clung to him, fingers digging into Dean's shoulders as he drove it in and home, working up the pace. He braced himself with one arm as he thrust and used his other hand to wrap around Castiel's dick and pull right from the root, twisting up, thumbing at Cas's slit which was slick with salty beads of precome. He had to or else he would come before Cas did and that was just not happening. And anyways, he liked it better when they came close together. It made post-coital cuddling all the more cuddly, he thought. In a weird way.

"Oh Dean, Dean, I'm-I'm-" Castiel said in a choked voice as Dean's hips snapped up and he drove into him wildly.

"Ah-oh, oh my, oh-" Dean said, choking on the words as Castiel's clamped down around his cock, coming in Dean's hand. Dean saw stars as he came as well, emptying himself into Castiel, the pull in the back of his spine dispersing to his entire body, all the way down to his toes.

He collapsed on top of Castiel then slowly pulled out and rolled onto his back. Beside him, Castiel turned his head to smile, even though his chest was heaving and he was still flushed. Dean twined their fingers together and smiled back before gathering Cas to his chest and burying his face in his hair.

"Oh Jesus mother-fucking Christ, you are so fucking amazing. I love you, you know that?" Dean mumbled against Castiel's head.

Snuggling close and into his chest, Castiel chuckled and weakly reprimanded, "Language Dean. No taking you in-law's name's in vain please. I can tell you first hand, they'd rather you didn't."

Dean chuckled tiredly. "Right. Sorry about that Big Guy. Just didn't know how to express myself after making love to your brother. Hope you don't mind too much."

Castel shook his head against Dean's chest. They were silent for a moment, just reveling in each other until Castiel popped his head up from where it was against Dean's chest and said, "Oh, and Dean?"

"Mmmm?" he responded. He'd almost been asleep.

"I love you," Castiel said, the words forming themselves against Dean's chest.

Dean smiled and held Castiel a bit tighter. That was answer enough.

"You two had a nice, solid fuck I take it?" Gabriel asked upon their return to the kitchen a half hour before the twins needed to be picked up.

"Fuck you, Gabe," Dean said snagging a chip from where Sam was eating a bag. "You don't see us ratting you out after your done boning Sammy, do you?"

"Dean, eeww," Sam said in protest. "Shouldn't you being doing something productive. Like, say, I don't know, picking up my niece and nephew?"

Dean checked the time on his watch and smiled a bit. "Why yes, Samuel. I do need to be doing that. Actually, we do. Cas? Shall we?"

Castiel had just been watching the exchange and now he smiled. "Of course. One question before we leave: Bobby and Crowley are where?"

Sam made a face as Gabe said, "Playing what you two just did on repeat, many, many time. About an hour ago, they disappeared upstairs and into their room. Occasionally, there's a thump and a yell, so we know they're alive, but besides that...?" He shrugs. "Pretty much it."

Castiel looks like someone just told him Santa Clause wasn't real. "Geez Gabe, too much info. Thanks for saving us from all the itty bitty details," Dean said, steering his partner out the back door and to the car.

"Well hey, if you wanted to know who's the power bottom and the submissive top-" Gabe started.

Sam cut him off with a groan and then threw something at him. "Shut up, Gabriel!"

Dean only shook his head and walked hand in hand with Castiel to the car. "God only know show those two work," he said.

Castiel smiled and nodded. "Indeed. I think he's the only one who would understand."

Dean conceded. "True that."

Mary practically ran out. Her smile was huge, her eyes were shining. Her crazy brown hair was blowing in the small breeze that had picked up into a wind since the morning. And she was so happy that Dean really couldn't feel bad about dropping them off at school anymore.

"Daddy!" she squealed as she ran over to where he and Cas were standing outside the Impala, leaning on the hood. She hugged his legs so tight that he almost toppled. Then she looked up shyly and said quietly, "Hi, Daddy."

He picked her up easily landing a wet kiss on her cheek, making her laugh, and said, "Good afternoon sunshine. How was your day?"

She smiled wide then stopped, turning in his arms to wave. Dean looked to where Castiel had suddenly started walking. John was standing with another little boy, a little boy with raven hair and violet eyes, their heads bent together. "That's Hunter," Mary said and then she giggled. "But he's not a hunter like you Daddy. Or like Poppa. Hi Poppa!" This was directed toward Cas, who was coming back with John in tow, who was still waving to Hunter, who was waving back.

"Hello darling," Castiel said and gave her forehead a kiss. He looked down at a bashful John and then to Mary. "So, what is the verdict?"

Mary looked to John who was just as confused, then gave him a look. "The wha?"

"How was your day?" Dean said, rolling his eyes at Cas. Using five dollar words with four years olds. He gave his husband props for trying.

"It was soooos awesome," Mary said. She smiled as Dean buckled her into her car-seat and handed her Susangel. "They was so nice. I have a friend too. Her's name Jillian, but she say I can calls her Jill." She nodded proudly. She was so excited that she's skipped over a lot of grammar mistakes, but Dean let it go.

"How about you?" Dean heard Castiel ask John from where he was buckling him in. "Who was that little friend of yours?"

John looked like he had no idea what they were taking about, but then he turned absolutely red. "Uh...Hunter?"

Castiel looked at Dean a bit dubiously. "Is Hunter your new friend?" John nodded his head, that yes, he was. "And?" Castiel prompted.

Mary shared a look with John for a moment and then she looked at Castiel to say, "They're bestest friends. Right Johnny?"

John nodded slowly. "He don't think I'm a weirdo."

Something made Dean catch his breath and he shared a look with Castiel, that same terrified look that meant that it would destroy them if their kids were already getting picked on. Dean looked to Mary to ask her what John meant but she was looking away. So it was happening to both of them.

"What happened baby-girl?" Dean asked softly, crouching so that he was level with Mary's car-seat. He knew she was more likely to talk than John was. On the other side, Castiel was just rubbing John's back and running his fingers through that thick hair soothingly.

Mary finally shrugged. "I dunno. There's this girl. And she says that me an' Johnny is weird. She says so 'cause we're twins. And sometimes, I say what Johnny was gonna say an' she calls us..." She screwed up her face, like she couldn't pronounce the word.

From where he was sitting in his car-seat, John said softly, "Fweaks."

Dean closed his eyes so he didn't see the defeated look in his kids' eyes. "That's not a good thing, right?" Mary asked. "'Cause then Tommy started laughing." She looked a little angry.

When Dean opens them, Castiel looks murderous, but he schools his features. "No, it's not. But she is wrong. You know that, yes? You two are wonderful. And you have to stick together. Right?"

To Dean's surprise, Mary looked insulted. "I knoooow," she said. "Me and Johnny is too awesome to be fweaks. She's the fweak."

Dean started to chuckle, happy that at least Mary was unaffected. John looked to be ok too, and then he confirmed it by saying, "Hunter says that too. That that girl's the fweak and not me an' Mary."

"Well Hunter sounds like a really nice kid," Dean said, moving to the driver's seat.

Mary smiles and tossed Pilali to John from her car-seat. She nodded to Dean. "Yep. I like him. He's nice."

"Jill sounds sweet also," Castiel added from the passenger's seat as Dean took off down the street and away from the school. A few people gave them odd looks. One parent even gave them an outright dirty look, an outright glare. Castiel didn't deem them with another look or response. Dean didn't either.

John nods. "Jill's nice..."

And after that, conversation petered off and Mary and John simultaneously asked for Dean to put Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me. Dean could only comply.

Mary shrieked when she finally got to see what was in Crowley's bag. Of course, this was after they had arrived home and told their god-parents and grandparents the good and bad parts of their day. Then Crowley presented them with the black bag and John, too apprehensive about some of his "Gamma's" gifts, let his twin open it.

But at her squeal of approval, he got up on the kitchen table with her and smiled down into the bag. Mary reached her hand in and Dean spent all of five seconds hoping and praying that nothing bit her hand off. He was a bit relieved when all she pulled out was a leather bound book. On the cover were markings in a language Dean couldn't understand, but the twins sat themselves down and opened the book between them. Oddly enough, they could read, although they were told to tone it down once they entered school, so as not to freak their teachers and peers out. And they understood and read in different languages also. It was like something in their brains switched everything to something they could understand.

Once in a while, while they sat and giggled next to each other, both dressed in jeans and Zeppelin and AC/DC t-shirts, they would tug on Castiel's sleeve where he was sitting watching them read and ask him what a word meant or how it was pronounced. Castiel had retained most of his linguistics knowledge after Falling. It was very useful.

"What is that?" Dean asked Crowley.

"The book?" he inquired and Dean nodded. "Oh. Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. Some entertaining stuff in there."

"And gory," Sam said a bit aghast. At that, the twins erupted into laughter and whispered words in German to each other.

"Oh they're fine," Gabe said, gesturing to them. "See? Now Cas has something to read them for a bedtime story. Where'd you get that any ways? Looks like an original copy."

Crowley looked downright smarmy. "That's because it is. As for where I got it, well, where I took it from no one will be missing it."

Bobby rolled his eyes, setting little plates of whatever he had managed to concoct in front of the twins. Slowly, they peered around the book and tasted it. Seeming to fit their approval, Mary nodded to Bobby and gave him a thumbs up.

"Mmmm! I like Gampa!" she exclaimed, shoving the book aside so she and John had room enough to eat.

"Well I made it just special for you and your brother, you sassy thing, so you should like it. How 'bout you, you little rascal? Good?" Bobby asked, looking at John.

The toddler smiled, his food showing, and giggled when Mary and Sam made identical faces of disgust. Dean was laughing along with Cas and Gabe. Crowley just rolled his eyes. But Dean could tell he loved every minute of it.

"Hey, what do you say to Gamma?" Dean asked, mock-stern.

Mary and John looked to Crowley and said in unison, "Thanks you Gamma."

Crowley looked gloomy for a moment then said, "I really can't convince you to call me something else can I?"

They giggled and shook their heads, no. Crowley rolled his eyes and then mussed up both their hair. "Thought not. Oh well. A chap can only ask for so much. At least I got this, though I think you over did it on you know, the attitude," Crowley continued, except he was looking up, Heaven-ward. "Just thought I'd point that out, where ever you are."

Castiel looked to Sam and Gabriel, then Dean. "Praying to an absent father Crowley?" he asked slowly as the children, oblivious, delved into their food and book, little bits and pieces of German slipping free as well as giggles.

Crowley shrugged. "If I were doing that, I'd be having lengthy conversations with Lucifer. Seeing as I'm not, I think I'm more having short, spur of the moment dialogues with an absent... grandfather? Whatever he is to me." Crowley made a face, trying to act indifferent. "Seems more reliable than good ol' Lucy any ways. Sue me."

Castiel just shook his head and sat in Dean's lap, the latter wrapping his arms around the thinner, yet lithe man. Sam lifted a dubious eyebrow then smiled and grabbed Gabe's hand. Gabe just smiled smarmily and said, "Welcome to the club. We have to wait longer for an answer, but the answer is a lot better than any one 'good ol' Lucy' can give you. Am I right or am I right?"

Crowley blinked and deadpanned, "I don't know. I can't testify to that. He hasn't answered yet. But when he does, I'll be sure that you're the first one I call up."

Bobby had never laughed so hard.

You guys enjoy first day of school jitters. No, i am not doinge very single year. It's gonna be like this. Kay? I'll just jot down how old they are at the beginning, m'kay, loves? m'kay.

Dean: i would not freak out.

Sam: Much.

Dean: Shut up bitch.

Sam: Make me jerk.

Dean: *smiles* That's what Gabe is for.

Gabe: Oooooh. He burned you. *stops* Wait, I'm not your attack dog.

Dean: You are if it's to have sex with Sam.

Gabe: Ah- *thinks* Hmmm. Ok. Fine. YOu're right about that.

Cas: I honestly do not want to comprehend what you three are arguing about.

Dean: Oh yes you would. That chapter got me abit hot and bothered.

Cas: *sexily* Would you like me to do something about it?

Dean: *swallows* Yes please.