Title : Taking a Risk
Summary : Edward had a thirst. Can Bella help him ? Or will she be the beginning of the end for him?
Word Count : 291
Rating : M
Disclaimer : SM owns. I just make them all kinky and perverted.

I heard it in her voice.

Saw it in her eyes.

The want.

The need.

The pure, unadulterated lust.

I felt the lust radiating off her in waves.

I smelt her arousal coming at me in every direction.

She bit her lip, enticing me forward.

I felt the venom pool in my mouth rapidly as it sped around my body at vampiric speed to my groin.

" Edward for fuck sake, DON'T."

"She's a risk to us all."

My siblings thoughts rang out loud and clear in my head, trying to draw meaway.

Sometimes, this thought reading thing? It kinda sucked.

And not in the good way, where I attacked her and drained every last drop of blood from her body.

I looked back at Bella and shook my head to clear it.

I heard the beat of her heart. The pumping of her blood, as it sped rapidly around her body, and pooled in her abdomen.

I could smell her arousal, and judging by my siblings thoughts, so could they.

I stepped closer. It would be so easy. To just yank her by the hand into the nearest janitor's closet.

So that's what I did. We moved so fast, if anybody was around they wouldn't have seen a thing.

Once the door was closed I grabbed her face to lean down closer to her mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck.

" Kiss me, Edward..." She whispered.

"While you still can."