So the idea of this is I used two wwe divas so you new the people to some degree and im not good at making characters up anyway that's also a tiny reason why I used them.

The story is basically about a regular girl meeting a desirable charming handsome wrestler who sweeps her off her feet basically she gets caught up in the wrestling world and brings her friend along for the ride. They both love it and it's just a story about the girls getting to know the world of wrestling and friendships and relationships forming in the business. Also the life a wrestlers girlfriend I think may lead.

Not a good summary I no but im hoping to get a great story out of this idea I have in my head.

if enough people tell me to start the story I will.

The two girls are mickie and maria and the guy is John Cena I need a love interest for maria other than John, im a jickie fan as some of you no :P