Casey scrolled down on the article she was reading online as part of her research for an upcoming trial. She jotted a few notes down, then looked back at the screen. Just as she was about to resume writing, a knock on the door made her jump. She glanced down self consciously at her current outfit, which consisted of a tight red spaghetti strap top and silky black bottoms. "Just a second," she called out, setting her pen and notebook carefully and neatly on the coffee table. Who was here so late? That question occupied her mind for the entire thirty second walk to the front door. She looked into the peephole, shocked by who she saw on the other side of the door. "Olivia, this is a huge surprise," Casey said as she opened the door and stepped aside to let the brunette in. "Is something wrong?"

Olivia placed a bag on the end table next to the couch and smiled softly. "No, nothing's wrong," she responded. She gave Casey's outfit the once over, making Casey blush as red as her hair and wish she was wearing something else, or at least a bra. "I'm here because…well, I don't know how this is going to pan out, but I'm willing to try." She reached into the bag and pulled out two cartons of Chinese food. Handing one to Casey, she set hers on the coffee table and pulled out a limited edition of Monopoly.

"You came here to eat Chinese food and play Monopoly with me? At two in the morning?" Casey asked, one eyebrow arched in confusion. "Have you been drinking again?"

Olivia shook her head. "No. I just thought that, with everything going on in this case, we needed something fun and happy."

"Oh," Casey replied, knowing that the detective was talking about the Newton case. Two weeks before, Michael Newton had raped his pregnant wife. Afterwards, he beat her nearly to death, contributing to her current comatose state. To further complicate things, a paternity test confirmed the child wasn't his. Newton claimed he and his wife fought after he found out the truth about the affair, and Trevor Langan was claiming that his client had acted under extreme emotional disturbance. "Casey?" Olivia's voice called Casey out of her thoughts. She sighed and sat on the couch, smiling softly as Olivia sat next to her. "What if the jury buys it?" That was the first time she had voiced her fear out loud.

"They won't, Casey," Olivia assured her. "Newton originally told us, when he found out about the affair from the doctor that he had no prior knowledge to it. Now he is claiming he just lost it? He's a liar and once the jury sees how many times he has changed his story, they will see that and convict him."

Casey bit her lip in frustration. Olivia had a point, but the victim would be dirtied up on the stand. She would be steamrolled and bullied on the stand by Langan, and Casey knew that everything that would be brought up would be relevant. Especially Jessica's affair and pregnancy with another man. "I hope you're right," she murmured. She turned to face Olivia. "So, limited edition Monopoly, huh? You never struck me as the kind of cop who plays classic board games in her free time."

"You never struck me as the kind of prosecutor who wears skintight clothes to bed," Olivia replied, pointedly looking at Casey's small chest. She quickly turned away and began setting the game up.

Casey watched as Olivia shuffled the community chest and chance cards. "How did you think I slept?" she wondered aloud. "In a suit?"

"Naked, actually," Olivia admitted quietly. "Well, it's kind of a suit. It's your birthday suit!" It was Olivia's turn to blush. After falling in love with the other woman shortly after they met, Casey desperately wished Olivia knew just how much she wanted to be loved in return.

An hour later, Casey moved her dog into the free parking spot for the fifth time that game. She collected the money from the center of the board and smirked. Olivia rolled a ten, exactly the thing she had been hoping not to get. Her top hat moved straight to Casey's Park Place, which, thanks to it having a hotel built there, cost just enough money to make Olivia bankrupt. "I win," Casey sing-songed playfully. "What's my prize?"

Olivia got up and stormed into the kitchen, leaving Casey alone on the couch to wonder what she had done wrong. She joined Olivia and looked at her. "I'm sorry I won," she said.

"Don't be," Olivia muttered. "And besides, that's not the issue." She turned away. "I'm not mad."

"You're storming around and you're sending off angry vibes all over the place," Casey pointed out. "If you want to play again we can, and I'll even let you have the most expensive properties! I'll take Baltic Avenue and Connecticut-"

Olivia whirled around. "YOU JUST DON'T GET IT, DO YOU?" She yelled. "You're completely clueless to why I'm upset." Casey tried to say something but Olivia cut her off. "I came here wanting some alone time with the ADA, and now I realize it was a mistake."

"W-why?" Casey asked, hurt.

There was a long pause before Olivia finally responded. "Because I want you as more than my best friend. I'm not like you, Casey. I'm a lesbian, and I fell for the assistant district attorney who walks into the squadroom every day in perfect fitting clothes, a beautiful body, and a personality to match. Now we're here, in your kitchen, and you're wearing tight clothes that just make me want you even more. Damn it Casey. You're the ideal woman! You're beautiful, intelligent, and sweet. If you're going to transfer because I creeped you out so much, just do it," she growled.

Casey stood there, still as a statue, unsure what to say. At least one question was answered. She took a deep breath and took a couple of tentative steps forward towards Olivia. "How can I say that I am creeped out when my heart wants the same thing? I've never been with a woman, which makes my feelings for you so much harder to understand. I dream about you almost every night. When I see you in action, it makes me wish we were in bed together." She sighed and paused before continuing. "I've never done this."

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Olivia asked. "Don't answer verbally. If the answer is no, push me away."

"From what?" "From this." Olivia grabbed Casey and pulled her into a heated kiss. "See that? Our relationship is sealed with a kiss. They say those are the strongest ones."