Early the next morning, Casey was awoken by the piercing ring of the doorbell. Yawning, she tried rolling over and falling back to sleep. That, however, quickly failed, since the mystery visitor relentlessly pressed the button again and again. Casey sighed and sat up, rubbing her eyes in an attempt to wake up. Within seconds after she got out of bed, the doorbell was accompanied by the sound of Serena's crying from the nursery. Casey reached for the light switch in the darkness. After turning it on so she could see where she was going, she made her way into the nursery. When she saw Serena awake and crying in her crib, Casey smiled softly and lifted her gently out of the crib and into her arms. "It's okay, sweetie, they woke me too," she murmured.

As her daughter's cries slowly subsided into quiet coos, Casey carried her downstairs, just as the doorbell rang again. "Good grief," Casey mumbled, growing more irritated with every ding dong. Upon reaching the front door, she unlatched the chain and opened it, ready to bite the head off of whoever the mystery guest was. As she opened the door, however, she changed her mind. "Good morning, Alex," she offered in greeting, despite her confusion. She stepped aside to let Alex in.

"Good morning," Alex responded, walking past her and stepping into the foyer. She took in the younger women's disheveled hair and barely open emerald eyes. "Did I wake you?"

Casey shrugged. "Yeah, but it's alright. Serena probably would have woken me up sooner or later, anyway."

Alex nodded absentmindedly. "Babies tend to do that," she replied. "Anyway, where's Olivia?"

"She got called into work last night." Casey's suspicion was beginning to override her sleepy state of mind. She closed the front door, sliding the chain into place once more. "Alex, what are you doing here? If you came here looking for Olivia and hoping she was alone, you are sadly mistaken in your motives."

"Is that how you think of me?" Alex asked with little inflection to her tone.

Casey sighed. She led her predecessor into the kitchen and gently sat Serena in her booster seat at the end of the table. Walking over to the cabinet, she retrieved a can of formula. She prepared a bottle as she spoke. "I don't know what to think, Alex," she told her. "Every time you and Olivia are alone together, you end up in bed, doing more than sleeping. I told you I was willing to attempt a friendship with you, but you coming here expecting Olivia to be alone places my brain on alert." She really was not in the mood to have a full blown debate, especially not this early in the morning. But if that was what had to be done, she would do it. "Just tell me the truth. You were hoping she would be here by herself, weren't you." It wasn't a question; it was a statement, an accusation.

"Well, yes, but it's not what you th-"

"Why is it so hard for you to keep your hands off of my wife?" Casey demanded, her anger mounting with each passing second. "You said you didn't mean it, she said she didn't mean it, BUT IT KEEPS HAPPENING." Casey immediately wished she had not risen her voice, because Serena started to cry all over again. Sighing, she handed the bottle to her daughter and sat down at the table across from Alex, meeting her gaze. "Why can't you accept that she loves me, not you?" she asked quietly.

Alex responded with a sigh of her own. "Casey," she replied slowly. "I did not come here hoping to have sex with her. After everything that has happened, I can't say I blame you for thinking that, but that's not the case."

"Then what is the case?" Casey asked, still refusing to break eye contact.

"I can't tell you."

"That's convenient," Casey snapped, standing up once more. "You're not here to screw my wife, but you can't tell me why you are here, which leads me back to square one. Just tell me the truth, Alex. I can handle it."

"She is telling the truth."

Casey turned around to see Olivia standing in the kitchen entrance, arms full of shopping bags. "You knew she was coming?" the attorney asked, not sure if that appeased her anger or added to it.

Olivia nodded, setting the bags on the island in the middle of the kitchen. "Not only did I know she was coming, but I asked her to come." She wrapped her arms around Casey's waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Breaking away, the brunette leaned against the counter. She chuckled when she saw the confusion etched into Casey's features. "Honey, it's not for anything bad. I asked her not to tell you because I wanted to surprise you."

"With what?" Casey asked, wondering whether this was another attempt at a threesome or not. It had better not be, she thought to herself.

Olivia grinned. "A surprise party. For you. To celebrate being married to you and having a beautiful little girl."

Casey's jaw dropped in shock. "Really?" she asked softly. The redhead was not one for surprises: her life needed order, stability, and predictability. But how could she stay mad when the woman she loved was the one surprising her? With that thought in mind, Casey wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and returned her kiss.

They stood in the middle of the kitchen, passionately intertwined until Alex interrupted. "Romeo, Juliet, would you mind saving that for the bedroom?"

Casey pulled away, turning to the blonde, who was still sitting at the table. "Sorry," she said sheepishly, blushing as red as her hair. "And I'm sorry for accusing you of wanting some quality time with Olivia," she added.

"I understand where you were coming from. Don't worry about it."

Olivia smiled. "You know, you two remind me of a yoyo when it comes to liking each other. One day you're getting along, the next I'm breaking up some catfight on the courthouse floor."

"She's never going to let that one go," Casey remarked with a smile.

Alex smiled too. "Of course not. Where's the fun in that?"

Olivia rolled her eyes. "What am I, some sort of vigilante?"

"Of course. But that's part of your charm, Detective." Casey leaned over and kissed Olivia once more, ignoring Alex's playful covering of Serena's eyes. Breaking away once more, she sighed happily. "Well, call me crazy, but I think I'm starting to develop a friendship with someone I once considered my arch enemy."

"Awww. You flatter me," Alex replied, batting her eyelashes.

Olivia shook her head. "Like I said. A yoyo." Reaching into a dark green bag on the counter, she pulled out a giant chocolate cake and a bowl of whipped cream. "Who's hungry?"

"Me," Casey replied, retrieving four sets of silverware from the top drawer.

"Me too," Alex piped up.

Olivia smiled at both of them, then pulled out a third item: a bottle of Casey's favorite champagne. After gathering three glasses, she poured one each for herself, Casey, and Alex. "I figured we could celebrate with just us girls before everyone else shows up," she said as she distributed the glasses.

"Sounds good to me," Casey murmured, reclaiming her seat at the table.

Olivia sat down next to her and smiled. Meanwhile, Alex raised her glass. "To the Bensons. May your marriage live in eternal happiness."

Casey smiled softly and raised her own glass. "And to Alex. May you find your fairy tale ending as well."

As everyone finished the toasts, the three women entered a conversation that, for once, did not end in a fight between Alex and Casey over Olivia. And when the men arrived later that afternoon for the party, they were shocked to discover that Casey and Alex had done the impossible: they had become friends.

Over the next few years, that friendship grew stronger and deeper. Alex fell in love with another attorney in the office, and Casey and Olivia continued to have a happy, thriving marriage, strengthened by the fact that Olivia had been nothing but faithful ever since the last time she got in bed with Alex. When Serena was three, they had a second child, a little girl named Sadie. Five years after that, Cragen resigned and Olivia took his place as Captain. Everything was where it should be: everything was happy, and Casey wouldn't trade what she had for anything in the world.

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