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R is for Repose

Moments of repose are rare when they are on the run, but Kratos tries his best to find safe places for them to rest. Anna is four months pregnant and though she tries not to complain at the constant moving he knows that she is tired. It's easy to tell by the way she grimaces as she walks—her feet have been hurting her, not to mention her back—and the way she lays her hands on her stomach when they take small breaks, frowning down at it with a worried countenance is no less of a giveaway.

Tonight they are holed up in a small inn by the side of the road that they've been traveling on for the last few days. Anna is fast asleep, sprawled out on top of the inn bed in her nightgown. Kratos sits beside her, awake, his right hand gently pressed against the bulge of her stomach as her own hands so often are. He rubs small circles into her skin through the gown as he watches her, the light from the lamp on the bedside table playing across her face in alternating shadows, and he thinks that the shadows beneath her eyes are much too deep.

Softly, quietly, he promises, "I'll find somewhere for us soon. At least somewhere to stay for a little while."

Anna does not stir and Kratos sighs and looks away hoping that his words hold true.