Story Name: Unconditional
Summary: Because love is without conditions or limitations.
Word Count: 461
Rating: T

It's strange, the immense feeling of love that washes over me when I look at you. I barely know you, yet I feel like I've been waiting my entire life for you.

How can I feel this way when I've only just met you?

The familiarity in the brown of your eyes, in the wash of pink on your cheeks are like markers of our connection – of why you're here in my arms.

It's impossible for my heart to beat, but even so, it's like you've reached into my chest and touched it, claiming it as your own.

Eyes; startling in their gaze, bore into mine. If I had a soul they would find it.

A strange feeling spreads through my body, like blood returning to my veins. Warm and liquid; it seeps into every crevice and cell.

Love. Undeniable and completely without definition.

It's big and it's scary, it's exciting but it's painful all at once, there are no words that I've ever heard that can describe the feeling properly. Even the word itself doesn't feel like enough to explain the way it feels.

I've never understood unconditional love. To be able to love someone regardless of their faults, of who they are or what they do.

But I feel it now. And I would give everything I have, every single possession, every cell and every fiber of my being if it would keep you happy and safe.

For you, I would be anything, do anything, go anywhere.

Before this moment I never realized how much there was to be afraid of in this world. But now I know I'm afraid, afraid that I won't be able to protect you, that I won't be enough, that I'll fail you somehow.

A strange feeling bubbles inside of me when I look at you. If I had tears, I would cry, this love is so encompassing - I'm petrified.

And for the first time since the change, I feel can feel something shift inside of me.

The feeling is not fleeting, nor is it transient; I can feel it cementing itself into my being. My love for you is who I am.

You make me whole, make me feel human again, like a real heart beats in this cold, hard chest.

If she is my world, then you are my sun, warming me and bringing me to life.

I thought it was impossible to love someone any more than I did…do her.

But my love for you grows from a new place, somewhere special, somewhere that only this kind of love comes from.

The kind of love only a father can have for a daughter.

Renesmee – my beautiful girl.

How can it be that I've loved you since before you were born?