Riddle Me This

Character(s)/Pairing(s): This story is mostly focused around Kendall, James, and Logan but Carlos is the story too. This story isn't focused around romance but it will have Kenjo, Jannie (James/Annie), a bit of Carlos/OC and Logan/OC

Warning: This story is rated T for violence and language. Expect tons of Carlos whumpage. I have FCMD and poor Carlos has the misfortune of being my favorite character.

Rating: T

Genres: Friendship/Angst

Summary: After the unexplainable disappearance of Carlos, the boys begin to frantically search for him. But riddles only have begun to show; literally, as the kidnapper leaves riddles for the band members to follow. Who is this riddler? NO SLASH!

Disclaimer: No matter how many temper-tantrums I may throw in front of Scott Fellows, I don't own anything.

(Authors Note: This is my first Big Time Rush story ever. I'm really excited for it too. I so love this idea. It was a idea my cousin had given to me.

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Chapter One
A Veiled Shadow

It was definitely a beautiful day outside in Los Angeles, California. Sun shining, clear skies and a mild to warm temperature range. Quite the perfect day for being outside, one would say.

However, the members of a certain band from Minnesota were not to be outside, as they might wish. For they were in the studio with their boss, Gustavo Rocque and his assistant, Kelly Wainwright, rehearsing one of their newer songs that will be on their upcoming album.

The boys had been working on the song for a couple of days now and all of them really liked it, mostly because they all had equal amount of lyrics to sing, unlike some of their previous songs.

The song was upbeat, like most of the Big Time Rush songs were. Kendall started, singing the first verse. James sung the pre-chorus and all four sung the chorus together, their voices harmonizing beautifully together. Logan sang the second verse, then it went to Carlos, then back to the chorus, which everyone sang, Carlos sang the bridge, back to the chorus before the song ended.

The music came to a halt once the boys stopped singing and they all looked over at their boss. Behind him, Kelly was smiling but to their dismay, Gustavo seemed displeased. "And that's a wrap boys."

"So, Gustavo, it sounded great, right?" Kendall asked, taking his headphones off and placed them on top of his microphone.

The boys noticed Kelly smiling at them while she gave them a thumbs up before they looked over at Gustavo, eagerly awaiting his response. "No!" Gustavo said, which caused the four teens to look at him while the same thought crossed of their minds, what the heck? "The Glee cast sounds great, you guys only make me want to choke you."

"Gustavo, come on!" The boys shouted all at one. Carlos, James, and Logan took their headphones off as well and placed them on their microphones, much like Kendall had done earlier, before they turned their attention to Gustavo and all four of them started to argue with him with their own retorts from inside the booth.

Gustavo turned the speakers from inside the booth off, blocking the voices of the four angry teens out. "What?" He said, trying to hold back laughter. "I can't hear you!"

Kelly angrily slapped Gustavo on his arm, which caused him to turn around. "Gustavo, that was their best performances yet. For once, can you tell them that they sound great?"

"Look, Kelly; how about we leave the proper and precise criticism to me, and you can stand behind me and offer praise which doesn't matter nor is true as much as you like. OK?" Gustavo replied, which caused Kelly to roll her eyes. Would it kill him to be nice to these boys for a change?

Still inside the booth, Kendall rolled his eyes at the arguing Gustavo and Kelly before he spoke to the others, "Come on, you guys, let's not give Gustavo the opportunity to pester us further. We did great, I hope everyone realizes that. So let's get out of here." With that, the four made their way to the exit of the booth.

Gustavo rose from his chair when he heard the sound of the door of the recording booth closing, followed by Kelly. They both looked at the four teens. "You guys are done for the day," he told the boys.

"Yes!" The boys exclaimed all at the same time.

"Kelly and I have some work to attend to now." Gustavo said, catching the boys attention, "and I have a few changes to make to the song as well."

Yes, I knew he was gonna let us go early! Carlos excitedly thought to himself, looking over at the wall behind where Gustavo and Kelly stood. There was a clock hanging on the wall displaying a time of twelve-thirty in the afternoon. Being the outgoing one of the four, he could tell there was plenty of time for him to enjoy himself for the remainder of the day.

"But dogs," Gustavo's voice broke Carlos out of his thoughts. All four of the teens looks over at him. "Be back at the studio at exactly seven thirty sharp tomorrow morning. If you're late, I'll have your heads. Griffin wants this song finished by next week."

"We'll be here, Gustavo," Kendall said and turned to look at his friends, who gave him a nod in agreement. "Have we ever let you down before?"

"There's a first time for everything," Gustavo replied, causing the four teens to roll their eyes yet again. "JUST BE HERE!"

"We will, Gustavo!" They all shouted before they left Rocque Records quite happily to head back to the Palm Woods.

The four best friends walked back to the Palm Woods while talking about what they wanted to do for the remainder of the day; all of them clearly excited about getting the rest of the day off to do whatever they wanted. They can't even remember the last time Gustavo let them go early.

"I'm gonna take Jo to that carnival that just opened up earlier in the week tonight," Kendall told James, Carlos, and Logan. He smiled at the thought of his girlfriend, Jo Taylor. "I know she's probably on set now though. Hey, are you guys planning to go to the carnival too?" Kendall asked, curious to know if his friends were going to go as well.

Carlos quickly nodded. "Yeah, I'm going," he replied, "Jess and I are going tonight as well. If I don't go with her, I'd never hear the end of it. She's been bothering me all week to take her so we'll be there tonight."

He was referring to his girlfriend, Jessica Edwards, who had moved to the Palm Woods about six months ago. She was an aspiring actress and had landed a lead role in the CW show, New Town High, alongside Jo. Due to the fact that they were co-stars, Jo and Jessica became great friends and they always spent time together. Shortly after she arrived at the Palm Woods, she became great friends with the guys and even developed a crush on Carlos, who reciprocated her feelings. Shortly afterward, Carlos had asked her out on a date and they had been been dating ever since. To the impressive physical appearance as well, she had brown hair that reached just below her shoulder, fair skin, and green eyes to match her complexion perfectly.

So, I don't have a choice now. I have to go," Carlos said. "Not that I mind though, carnivals are a lot of fun." Carlos paused for a second, grinning, and looked at his friends before he continued, "Well, there's still a couple of hours left until the carnival and it's a beautiful day out and I'm not about to let it go to waste. I'll see you guys later. Adios!"

With that, Carlos slapped his helmet twice before he took off. Kendall, James, and Logan all waved at their friend and smiled to themselves at the energy shown by the Latino as he made his way into the Palm Woods park. Once Carlos had disappeared from their view, the boys continued to make their way back home while chatting amongst themselves.


The time was ten thirty by the time the carnival closed and everyone left to go back home.

Now Logan found himself walking back to the Palm Woods with his girlfriend, Laura Shah, down some of the streets that led to the palm woods. Their hands were entwined as they walked, with nothing around to interrupt their time together. It was a relatively peaceful day, and Logan and Laura both were very much enjoying it.

Laura had moved to the Palm Woods around the same time as Jessica, Carlos' girlfriend when she had landed a lead role in the Fox hit TV Show, Catalina, at the age of fifteen. She had become great friends with Jo, Annie, James' girlfriend, and Jessica. Like Logan, she was also a singer. She had recorded several songs for the Catalina soundtrack and was currently recording more. She has straight black hair, that reached just below her shoulders, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

"So Laura," Logan began, catching Laura's attention. "Did you have a good time tonight?"

Laura nodded and laid her head on Logan's shoulder. "Yep, I had a great time, Logan."

"Anytime, Laura." Logan said, leaning his head against Laura's, which was still resting on his shoulder. "So, how was your day?"

Laura smiled, "I had a good day." she said and removed her head from Logan's shoulder. "I had to record another song for the Catalina soundtrack and they kept me at the studio today till around four, just recording. I thought I'd never leave."

Logan turned his head to look at his girlfriend, "I know the feeling." he said and chuckled a bit. "Gustavo tends to like to keep us later then usual. Luckily, he let us go early today. He and Kelly had some work to attend to."

When Logan looked up, he noticed a tall familiar building in front of the two of them: the Palm Woods. He didn't plan for them to arrive back at their home so fast and he sighed, slinging his arm around Laura's shoulder, who wrapped her arm around his waist. He would have loved to spend a little more time with Laura. But he also remember it was ten thirty at night and he had to be back at Rocque Records early the next morning. Laura also had to be on set quite early the next morning too so they couldn't stay out too late.

"You know," Laura began, looking at her boyfriend as they came through the front doors of the Palm Woods. "It's a real shame that neither Carlos or Jess showed up at the carnival tonight. I can't help but wonder why either." Logan nodded in agreement. "Jess was really looking forward to going."

"Carlos was too." Logan said, "when we left the studio today, he said he was going tonight no matter what. I kind of wonder why he didn't show up tonight." He looked over at his girlfriend and saw her quickly nod. "Hey for all we know, they might have been there and we didn't see them. Carlos did say he was going, no matter what."

"Yeah, you're right," Laura said and smiled.

Logan turned his head to look at Laura. "If I see Carlos at the apartment when I get back, I'll be sure to ask him whether they were there tonight or not. I'll ask Kendall and James if they saw him there too."

Logan's words made Laura smile as the two of them entered the elevator. Logan quickly pushed the button with the number three on it since Laura lived on the third floor with her older brother, Daniel, and her younger sister, Alice, since neither of her parents are in the picture. Laura's mother died from Breast Cancer when she was fourteen and her father had abandoned them when her mother was eight months pregnant with Alice.

After a few minutes of waiting in the elevator, the couple arrived on the third floor and before Logan knew it, they were standing in front of Laura's door. Laura turned and stood in front of Logan, taking both of his hands in hers. "Well, thanks for tonight, Logan. I had a great time tonight." She gave Logan a quick peck on the cheek.

"Me too, Laura." Logan said, unable to hide his smile. "And I guess I'll see you tomorrow after I get home from the studio. We can go see a movie, if you want to."

Laura nodded, "sounds great. I've been dying to see No Strings Attached."

A brief smile appeared on Logan's face. "OK, then. See ya tomorrow then." They shared a quick kiss before Logan slowly pulled away. "Goodnight, Laura. I love you."

"I love you too, Logan. Goodnight, see ya tomorrow," was the last thing Laura said before she entered her apartment. Logan watched until she closed the door and then he left to go to the apartment he lived in with his friends, Katie, Kendall's sister, and Kathy Knight, Kendall's mother.

It was a quiet short back to the apartment to apartment 2J and the whole time, Logan kept thinking of Laura. He hasn't exactly known her for very long, only a couple of months but he was fully convinced she was the one for him. They had so much in common; Laura was different from a lot of the girls that lived in the Palm Woods. She was a very kindhearted and down to earth girl. They have something special and he knows Laura feels the exact same way as he does.

Both Kendall and James were sitting in the living room when he walked in the apartment. Both of them stood when they heard the door open. "Hey guys," Logan greeted them, closing the door behind him. "You just get home now too?"

Kendall put a finger to his lips, indicating his two friends to keep their voices down. "Yep, we only got back a couple of minutes before you did."

"Oh," Logan said and looked at each of his friends then asked, "you guys didn't happen to see Carlos and Jess at the carnival, did you?" He closed his eyes when Kendall and James both shook their heads. Typical Carlos, Logan thought with a chuckle. Why doesn't this surprise me?

Logan snapped himself back to reality when Kendall began to speak, "Nope, Jo and I didn't see either of them tonight."

"Neither did Annie and I," James replied.

"It's weird," Kendall offered. "Carlos said he was definitely going tonight with Jess. I kind of wonder why. It's not like Carlos to miss it when he clearly said he was going."

James nodded, "Kendall's right."

"Come on guys," Logan responded. "This is Carlos we're talking about. You know how he is. He probably just lost track of time when he was out and it was too late to come."

Kendall and James both looked at each other then back at it. "Good point," they both replied together.

Logan couldn't help but laugh. "Plus, for all we know, Carlos and Jess could have shown up at the carnival and we just didn't see them. That place was huge, was it not?" He asked his friends, who both nodded in agreement. Wouldn't be the first time something like that happened.

"You're right, Logie," Kendall said.

"Of course I am," Logan said with a smirk, causing Kendall and James to laugh. He couldn't help but laugh along with them, "I am a genius after all."

"Well, guys," Kendall began, catching James' and Logan's attention. "It's kind of late now and we have to be at the studio early. We might as well go to bed now." Both Logan and James nodded in agreement. "We don't want to be late tomorrow, Gustavo will kill us."

"I was just about to say that," Logan said with a laugh. "Goodnight guys." He waved once at his friends as he walked down the hallway, where his bedroom was.

"Goodnight Logan," James and Kendall both said as they headed for their own bedrooms.

Logan looked over at the side of the hallway, where Carlos' bedroom was. The door was shut. He must asleep now, Logan thought as he walked by into the bathroom to brush his teeth before going to bed himself. I'll have to ask him tomorrow morning.

After Logan had finished in the bathroom, he proceeded to go to his bedroom. As he changed into his pajamas and climbed into his bed, he couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right and whatever it was, it concerned Carlos. No matter how hard he tried to assure himself that there's nothing wrong, it just wouldn't go away. It's probably nothing, he attempted to reassure himself as he reached over his nightstand and turned off his light.

A single and lone thought crossed Logan as he drifted off to sleep, I'm just being paranoid; Carlos is fine.

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