Hi my name is Clare Edwards and i am 15 years old. I have 2 brothers named Noah and Bryson. Bryson is the oldest, then it's Noah, then it's me. Bryson is 17 and Noah is 16. We are different because we are vampires. Me, Bryson, and Noah where all born vampires. Bryson in 1733, Noah in 1796, and me in 1824.
We where born in Romania and we came here to Toranto. We left because there was an incident with my brother Noah and it turned into a blood bath. Me and Bryson can control the smell of blood but not Noah but he is learning. We all have powers. Mine is to read minds and to control emotions, Bryson's is to heal any broken bone and Noah is that he can see the futur. Noah is the fastest, then me, then Bryson. Bryson is the strongest, then Noah, then me. Any way we just came to degrassi and we can possibly pass as humans. I'm wearing a black and white mid- thigh dress with black flats. I just got done putting my books inside my locker. When i turned around i bumped into a hard chest and me an him feel.

"I'm so sorry i didn't see you there" i said trying to make it less wierd.
"No it's my fault i didn't see a beautiful girl walking" he replied with a smirk. I blushed.
"I'm Clare Edwards i'm new" i replied holding my hand out for him to take it.
"Eli Goldsworthy" replied Eli with a smirk and shaking my hand.

With that we got up and when i was about to leave he grabed my wrist lightly and turned me to face him.

"I can show you to your next class if you want it's no problem" said Eli looking at me.
"Yea sure i have Coach Armstrong for math" i replied with a smile.
"Cool my class is right next store to that class" replied Eli with a smirk.

With that we started walking and i read his mind. 'Wow this girl has beautiful blue eyes. I could get lost in them'. I smiled to myself and continued to read his mind 'I wonder if she is a vampire. Her skin seems cold and pale'. Oh god he can't think that. Great just great Clare freak out the first kid you meet at a new school. When i got done thinking that Eli laughed at me. I got confused but shook it off. When me and Eli where walking down the hall guys would whistle at me and some of them had girlfriends and they would hit them telling them to pay attention. When we arrived at a class he turned to me.

"Well this is your class good luck" replied Eli with a smirk.
"Thanks" i replied with a smile.
"So i will see you after class. That is if you want me to show you where your classes are i will be cool with that" replied Eli looking nervous that's when i read his mind again.

'Oh god now she can tell i like her. Just look at her she has curves in all the right places, has a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and she is so god damn hot'. I blushed when i read that.

"Yea i would love for you to show me to my classes" i replied with my beautiful smile.
"Great i will see you after class then" replied Eli with a smirk.
"Okay bye" i replied with a smile.
"Bye" replied Eli.

With that we went are seprate ways.

Authors note: This is just a prologue. Me and Claudia Montague are writing this story. The next chapter she is writing. Check out her fanfiction storys there fantastic.