*Next day*

Clare's pov:

The twins stopped aging after they hit 13. They will be 13 forever now. Do you no the weird thing about it is Adam imprinted on Hermione and now they are dating. It's just weird but they are happy. Right now I'm with Eli in my room.

"That's just weird" Said Eli.
"What is?" I asked.
"Adam is dating our daughter" Eli chuckled.
"I no, but we have to get over it" I replied.
"Yeah I no" Sighed Eli.

There was a knock on our door and our beautiful twins walked in. Draco looks like Eli with the black hair, the green eyes, and the smirk. The only thing Draco has of me is his lips, the rest is Eli. Hermione looks like me with the auburn hair, the blue eyes, and the smile. The only thing she has of Eli is that her hair is naturally straightened like Eli and Draco's, the rest is me.

"Hey mom and dad" Said Hermione.
"Hey beautiful" I said.
"Mom I got blinded" Said Draco.
"Why?" Asked Eli.
"Because I walked in on Hermione and Adam kissing" Draco replied.

We laughed at him and he soon joined in. Noah came running in.

"We have a problem" Said Noah.
"What is it uncle Noah?" Asked Draco.
"Alli got pregnant by me" Replied Noah.
"Oh god" I said.
"Yeah and she told her parents and she got kicked out and she moved in here and I have to turn her or she dies" Said Noah scared.
"Noah, it will be okay" I said.
"No it won't, I never wanted her to be like this" Replied Noah.
"Don't worry uncle Noah if you don't want her to die than think you will be saving her life" Said Draco.
"Did anyone ever tell you are smart?" Asked Noah.
"Nope" Draco replied.
"Well you are" Said Noah walking out of the room.

We got up and walked into Noah's room.

"Alli, in order for you to live, you need to be turned" I said.
"Okay, but I want Noah to do it" Replied Alli.

Noah tilted her head and bit her neck and stepped away. Alli started to transform. When she was done Bryson got her blood from a bottle. She drank it and then she was in labor.

"Clare you're delivering the baby" Said Noah.
"Oh god" I said.

I saw the babies head.

"Alli push" I said.
"!" Alli screamed as she pushed.

*7 hours later*

Clare's pov:

Alli gave birth to twin girls. Draco and Hermione were sitting in a chair smiling and smirking.

"What are you going to name them?" Asked Eli.
"Well we wanted to match you guys by naming them from Harry Potter" Said Alli.
"So for the one I'm holding her name is going to be Bellatrix Luna Edwards and the one Alli is holding is going to be named Nymphadaora Lily Edwards" Said Noah with a smile.
"Aw!" I said.
"I no" Replied Alli.

*Next day*

Clare's pov:

Noah and Alli's twins stopped aging at the age of 12. Oh and get this Draco imprinted on Nymphadaora and now they go out. In this house it really doesn't matter if you are related or not because we just date anyway. Both of the babies have Noah's skin tone. Bellatrix has Alli's hair, Alli's brown eyes, and her smile. The only thing she has of Noah is his nose, the rest is Alli. Nymphadaora has Noah's auburn hair, Noah's blue eyes, and Noah's smile. The only thing she has of Alli is her laugh, and the rest is Noah.

*19 years later*

No one's pov:

Eli and Clare got married. They raise the twins Hermione and Draco. After they got married in 2013, 2 years after they got married they had a son named Vincent Gregory Goldsworthy who stopped aging after the age of 11. Eli and Clare live in the woods in Florida with everyone else. They had a house built real hugh. It was like a mansion.

Noah and Alli got married. They raised there twins Bellatrix and Nymphadaora. After they got married they had another daughter and they named her Lavender Ariana Edwards. She looks just like Noah she doesn't look like Alli at all. She stopped aging at the age of 11.

Bryson and Jenna started to date but when she got pregnant Bryson turned her. They had a son named Seamus Oliver Edwards and he looks just like Jenna not Bryson. Seamus stopped aging after 13. They had another child which was a girl named Padma Parvati Edwards. She looks just like Bryson not Jenna. Padma stopped aging at 11. They are happily married.

Adam and Hermione are still dating. Adam and Hermione never had any kids.

Draco imprinted on Nymphadaora are still dating. Nymphadaora and Draco never had any kids.

Vincent was imprinted on by Bellatrix when he was born. They started to date and they don't have any children.

Drew imprinted on Lavender and they started to date. Drew and Lavender don't have any kids.

Seamus imprinted on his own sister Padma when she was born. They started to date and they don't have any children.

They are all happy and nothing can break them apart.

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