a/n: This is a remake of a story I have done before, "A Tale of Mysteries". I realize that I was young when I wrote this so please bear with me, thank you for your patience and I hope you like this new version!

Disclaimer: I do not own any Twilight copyrights.

She was screaming, mother was screaming, the very tone of her voice alerting us to her pain. Somewhere besides me the other shifted; his movements restless, uncomfortable and nervous. He did not like the sound, it scared him. I kicked out at him, if only as a warning. He could not move for there was no room, he would hurt mother. The warnings did no use; the other panicked at my kicks and delivered his own. We both felt the movement as our mother fell; we both heard her cries get louder with pain. The other kept kicking, he was terrified, he did not know what to do. I too felt the terror but did not kick. I curled my form to its smallest size, giving him room, giving him the space to stop.

"Ora," Our mother said, saying the name she had given us. "Please. . ." She paused here, her breath coming more ragged. "Please Stop."

I was overwhelmed with my need to escape, an urge that came so suddenly that I did not know from where it came. Every nerve in my body screamed at me to become smaller, to shrink down, to vanish. Almost like a visible link, a certain force seemed to connect to me, gently pulling and tugging at my every limb. It scared me, for I knew that this pull wanted to take me, to fulfill my need.

The other did not like the pull; he kicked out even harder than before, trying to dig his own way away from it. Our mother screamed anew as she felt his panic, snapping bones and tearing tissue mingled in her cries. The sounds seemed to ring throughout me, filling my every pore with the sickening echo of her shattered ribs. The mere horror brought the pull back with such force that I felt the tug in every fiber of my being. Gradually my resolve to stay slipped, and just like that, I slipped with it. I felt a rush unlike any other take over me as my one physical tie torn in too. All sounds faded into the dark and I knew I was gone.


How I came to see, I do not know. All that I know is that the embracing, fluid darkness was gone. In its place was something different, stranger, lighter than it had ever been. It swam above my head, illuminating the willowing objects around me in one grand sweep; it tickled my chin with its invisible fingers, making the objects dance and wave in its breeze. It made me want to do something truly odd, to. . . to cry? No, that was not it. . . Laugh, my mind told me in a sudden realization, you want to laugh.

And I did, or at least I tried. The first giggle that left my lips was strangled; almost not a sound at all, but the second did produce results. I gagged, choked and coughed as a thick sludge gurgled out and trickled down my chin, leaving in its wake only my quick, hurried breaths. Confused I slowly raised my fingers to my face, touching the sticky liquid.

My breathing flickered and stopped; surprised by the sudden feeling of familiarity. It was like the darkness was still there, smaller yes but still just as heavy, just as thick. I held part of the gooey mess up to my cheek, feeling it smear as I nudged it. A different, darker fluid dribbled down my arms and splashed upon my face, staining snow white a dark, crimson red. Bewildered, I touched this too, only to find it different than the fluid darkness. It still smelled of mother but it did something strange to me also. Like a mini-fire, a deep seeded burning roared to life within my throat, making me want to drip the liquid into my mouth, to taste it soothing the fire.

Stiffly I tried to bring some to me, only to fail. When I tried again, the results were the same. No matter how I tried to do it, the act always thwarted me in the end. It would drip through my fingers or refused to be picked up by them at all, either way it frustrated me. Tears pricked in my eyes and an overwhelming urge similar to before took me, only this time it was not laughing that I wanted to accomplish.

Clear of any kind of debris, the wail I emitted was much louder than the giggle had been. It lasted longer too, by the time I had finished I was breathing again, making up for the lost amount of air. Exhausted, I lay completely still on the ground, my breath my only movement. As I began to calm down a deep peaceful feeling descended on me, causing my eyelids to grow heavy and flicker. Yawning, I let the breeze and the warmth of the fluid darkness lull me to sleep.


There had been no signs of life since my arrival in this strange place, the only exception being the tiny heartbeats of the miniscule creatures cowering in my presence. All other beasts had fled. Thus, the sound that woke me was not only terrifying, but startling as well.

It was a feral sound, somewhere between a screech and a roar. It rang throughout the trees, rocketed through my very being. It contained such a raw tone of hunger that I felt my breath spike anew and my body shiver and, when it happened again, practically shaking with fright. I listened intently as the screaming noise cut off abruptly, silence rushing in its wake.

Gradually new, quieter sounds came to me through the void. They were soft, repetitive and padded, almost so distant that they barely reached my ears. I knew what they were though, knew almost as soon as I stopped to ponder the question. Footsteps, my mind instantly supplied, recognizing the concept from my memories; a memory that was taken from when I was with mother, a time when movement was felt as well as heard.

More of the steps accompanied the first as they slowly brought their bearers closer to me. They spoke none at all after that screech came to me, no sound of voices whispering in my ears. This frightened me; if they meant no harm than they would speak; alert me to their presence. As I heard them give their last movement outside the clearing, their last move before I would be revealed to them, I too tried to move myself. I tried and failed, not even able to scoot from where I lay. I heard them slip into where they could see me, leaving me unable to lift my head and do likewise. A distressed whimper rose out of me before I could stop its ascent.

I was not ready for this.