A/N: Hey! This is my first story! Yay! So... it's a story about Tory and the gang w/ a surprising guest. Ben/Tory.


"Kit! I'm going out!" I yelled through my bedroom door. He probably couldn't hear me. Oh well.

"Where?" Shoot. He heard me.

"To the bun- for a run!" I was going to the bunker but I couldn't really tell Kit that, right?

"Whitney's coming at six. Be here!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can't make me.

Tor. Where r you? We've been waiting forever. R you primping again?-Hi

Hiram. The lovable Hi.

Sorry. Leaving now. Kit had some…questions.-Tory

Well hurry! Cooper wants to see his mama!-Hi

C ya in 5!-Tory

I tied my Adidas and pulled my red tangle into a decent ponytail. Oh well.

I tucked my phone in my pocket and darted out the door.

Sun. Slight breeze. Salty tang. Beautiful day. Picture perfect. I started jogging then gradually sped up into a sprint. My sweat glands were working. Working well. I smiled. Running was amazing. A place to come loose. You don't worry when you run.

In a few minutes I skidded to a halt in front of the bunker's entrance. I slipped through and was greeted with a 50-pound hug.


After Coop's enthusiastic greeting I was welcomed by a slightly less animated welcome.

"Hey, Tor." Ben's usual stoic self was perched on the couch.

"Hi." Shelton. Reading something 5 times as thick as Dracula.

"About time, Miss America." Hi was messing with his floral shirt. His shorts were torn. Don't let his mama see that.

I sat down next to Ben on the couch. Hi raised an eyebrow. He always thought there was something between me and Blue. As if. Ben was as moody as the sea. And when he was angry? Lord, save our souls. He was cute. No doubt about it. Dark eyes. Lashes to die for. Copper skin. Muscular body. Dark hair. Change subject.

I opened my mouth to speak when Cooper started barking, softly, and pointing to the entrance.


I crept toward the entrance. My usual senses were sharpened by anxiety. No one was supposed to know about our bunker. No one.

I poked my head outside to find someone much…unexpected standing there.

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