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Tory's POV

I sat in bed, eating carrots and some Greek yogurt. It was around 8:30, three hours since Zay interrupted dinner. I was able to sneak food from the kitchen while Kit was…'saying goodbye' to Whitney.

I had about two hours before our scheduled B and E, and I decided to spend them up in my room to avoid Kit and any of his outraged remarks. I planned to go to 'bed' at around 9:45 so Kit will be unsuspicious.

Zay's POV

Believe it or not, I loved my little sister. See, being an only child for fourteen years can be boring. Sure, I loved having my own room and no one bothering me (except my parents) yet, I felt alone.

So, when Caitlyn came I was excited. Sure, she might grow up to be a brat and what-not but right now, she was precious. Sweet and kind and adorable.

After I left Tory's, my mom instantly loaded me with chores. First was to get Caitlyn ready for bed. Caitlyn went to bed late, around 8:20. I changed her into pajamas and changed the sheets on her crib. Caitlyn had this obsession with black and white animals, expected since she loves Kung Fu Panda, so her crib was half-full of pandas and zebras and penguins. It was a miracle she could fit in the crib.

After laying my baby sister down to sleep, I still had dishes, trash, and sweeping the kitchen and hall. My mother wasn't much of a tidy person, so she left it up to me and my OCD-ness to keep the house how I thought it should be. I appreciated her for that. She understood how I wanted things and let me do my stuff, but stepped in to correct me and help.

I knew I had two hours to clean up and dress for the B and E. I rushed through cleaning and collapsed onto my bed. Looking at my phone, I realized it was already 10:05 and I needed to hurry.

Tip-toeing to my mom's room down the hall, I peeked in and saw her sleeping lightly. "I'm going to bed." I stage-whispered. She nodded. Good.

Slipping back into my room, I shut the door and changed into black sweats, a grey t-shirt, and an over-sized black hoodie.

Time to do some good old-fashioned illegal fun.

Tory's POV

I changed into some black yoga pants and a white shirt with a black hoodie. Since my shoe collection was sparse and already mostly black, I just chose my black Converse. I pulled my phone of the charger and grabbed the flashlight I kept in my nightstand drawer. Pushing my door open, I sent a mass text to the pack, Zay, and Jason telling them I was on my way. I crept down the stairs, keeping close to the wall and slipped out without Kit noticing.

My phone beeped five times, each of my fellow law breakers on the way. I left my bike, too much to be stealthy.

Keeping in the shadows, even though it was dark, I crept past the bunker and to the dock where the Seewee was moored.

I was first, predictably. No more than a few seconds later, I heard the slight, muffled whispers of someone walking down the half sand – half dirt trail.

"Hey, pretty girl." Zay came up out of the shadows onto the dock, slightly illuminated by the moon.

She was…usual Zay. Black pants and a black hoodie. The hood was down so I could see her pale face. It was…startling. Her hair and bangs were pulled up to the top of her head in a bun. She was missing her usual eye makeup, so her hazel eyes seemed big and soft without their rings of black.

"I know, I know. No look-y at the head." Zay pulled up her hood and I rolled my eyes.

"Right on time." I remarked.

"I don't like to be late." She replied simply.

Three figures, dressed almost identically, stepped up behind Zay. The shortest one held a finger up to his lips, and I nodded ever so slightly. The other two stopped and I pretended to not notice the third creep up silently behind the petite female.

One, I counted in my head. Two…

"Why, hello there, girly." Hi whispered in his best hoarse, serial killer impression.

Zay jumped about ten inches in the air and spun around. "What. The. Hell?" She screamed. In an instant, she had Hi down on his knees and in a headlock.

I scooted back and covered my mouth with my hands.

"What in the name of Voldermort were you thinking? If I didn't realize it was you, you would be in that water right about now." Zay threatened in Hiram's ear. Shelton and Ben managed to skirt past her and stand on either side of me.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I won't ever do it again! Now let go of my frickin' head!" Hi pleaded.

Zay waited a few seconds before releasing Hi. He stood up, straightened his shirt, and scurried far away from her.

"Okay, guys. We have to get going now, before Zay really does throw you into the ocean." I stepped into the Seewee and the others followed.

Zay's POV

Okay, okay, Hi can sometimes, maybe, be a little, tiny bit cute but what he did was flipping .able. No one and I mean no one, sneaks up on me. Especially sounding like a rapist. Uh-uh. Not in this lifetime.

The trip to LIRI was uneventful, well less eventful then on the dock. I stayed at the back with Tory while the boys huddled up front. Occasionally, I would spot Ben turning his head to check on Tory, but she was oblivious. I saw Hi raise an eyebrow at me once or twice but I turned my head and tried to hide my blush.

Tory's POV

We managed to the island in peace. Shelton and I moored while the others waited on the beach. We made sure we had flashlights, cell phones, and Shelton had his lock picking kit.

Ben led the way through the shrubbery to the chain-link fence. Since Shelton had picked this lock before (and LIRI didn't bother changing the lock) he opened it with ease.

We waited, onetwothree, and ran. The few seconds in the open was still frightening, especially with another person. We managed and huddled on the steps in front of the main door in Karsten's former building. Shelton pulled out his bag and we waited with bated breaths, we were not completely hidden and there was a new lock on this door.

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