Chapter 1

As Spencer stepped out of the mini van he looked around worriedly. He was in a parking lot full of cars but no people, but that didn't surprise him since he was almost an hour late. It was the second week of school but his foster dad hadn't enrolled him in time so this was going to be his first day. The old windows and red bricks of the old school building scared him and he stayed rooted to the spot. He had never been to a public school before, while in foster care he had always had a private tutor. He was slightly exited about the new things he would learn but had read enough books and heard enough stories to know High School was hard. He didn't mean Math, Science and subjects like that. He could handle those easy. (He was a genius after all) It was the fact that he was 12 years old and going into the tenth grade with people years older then him. The only thing that made him feel slightly better was that he was there with and going into the same grade as his foster siblings Emily and Derek.

"Move already!" said Derek as he pushed Spencer out of the way of the door, "I want to make it in the school before graduation!"

Emily got out of the van right after him and when she saw Spencer's expression she grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"It will be fine Spence. C'mon!" she said almost pulling him in the direction of the school trying to catch up with Morgan.

"Hey, kids! Do you want me to come help you get your schedules and find your classes?" yelled their foster dad Eric.

Emily sighed before yelling back, "Eric were fine! Go to work, we know you're already late!"

Eric smiled at Emily gratefully before getting back in his car. He still waited until they were in the school before he raced out of the parking lot. Emily smiled, Eric was one of the best foster parents she had ever had, even though he was a little disorganised and irresponsible at times. Eric had dark brown hair and brown eyes that sparkled when he was happy. He reminded Emily of a big kid. His wife Rose had been the serious and responsible one, but she had died a little more than a year before, Emily missed her greatly. Emily shook her head to get back to the present and looked down at Spencer. He was looking down, but he kept peeking to the sides to make sure nobody was coming.

"Spencer, high school is going to be fun; maybe we will even have some classes together!" She said trying to get him to stop looking petrified.

"Did you know that 282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month?" Spencer said checking down one of the halls they were passing.

"Kid, nobody will hurt you, if anyone even gets close to you I will beat them to a pulp, got it?" said Morgan clenching his fists. Emily saw the seriousness of Morgan's rage and gave him a look; they couldn't get in a fight the first day. Even though the kids weren't related by blood they were very close and Emily and Derek were very protective of the littlest one, Spencer.

"But that's not going to happen Spencer," said Emily opening the office door and guiding Spencer in first. Emily looked around the room; it was small and extremely crowded. There were 4 desks each covered and paper, there were a couple chairs in the corner, and potted plants placed in various places around the room.

At the closest desk sat a plump lady with red hair who was staring intently at her computer screen. Derek coughed loudly to get her attention but she didn't even give an indication she heard them.

"Excuse me miss.." Emily looked around for a name and found it on the computer, "Miss Garcia." said Emily loudly and when the lady looked up she continued, "We have an appointment with the principal, is there somewhere we could wait?" she asked politely.

"Well aren't you kids adorable! Just go straight into his office sweetie, down that hall first door on your left!" she said motioning with one of her hands. When Emily turned back to say thanks Ms Garcia had already turned her attention back to the computer.

With Derek leading and Emily pulling Spencer by his hand they made their way into the hallway. When they reached the door Derek paused for a second then knocked.

"Come in!" shouted a voice from inside. Derek looked back at Emily and Spencer before slowly pushing open the door.

All three of them looked in and saw a tall man with Jet black air and stern brown eyes. He looked the kids over before he spoke.

"You must be the new foster kids, come have a seat I have your schedules right here."

All three kids sat down on individual chairs, unconsciously seating Spencer in the middle. The kids sat down awkwardly trying to look anywhere but into the eyes of the intimidating man.

"I am your principal Aaron Hotchner." He said pausing. He went directly to the point of their meeting and turned to Spencer, "Spencer, you will do normal classes in the morning. I managed to put you in the classes with Emily. In the afternoon you will go to the guidance office for special classes and testing." He then turned to face all of the kids, "Period 1 hasn't ended yet, I expect you to make it for the last twenty minutes. You can pick up your schedules from Ms Garcia. Dismissed." He said and then tended to the paperwork on his desk.

The kids sat there for a second before realizing that that was their cue to leave. They slowly got out of their seats and walked out to the office. Ms Garcia seemed to be ready this time and smiled while she gave them their schedules.

"Wow what a fun guy." said Derek once they got into the hallway. Emily rolled her eyes and looked at her schedule.

"I have Science, Geography, Lunch, English then Gym." she read, "So I have Science and Geo with Spence, anything with you Derek?"

"Uhh.. Gym! Great now I can beat you at sports in front of a whole class!" He said grinning.

"You forgot the word TRY Morgan!" She laughed shoving him playfully. She looked at her schedule again and grabbed Spencer's hand, " Come on Spence let's find room 315."