Sorry this took so long to get done peeps, but I've been very busy lately with the end of school and had a bad case of writer's block on this fic. I'll probably add a part 3 sometime down the road ^_^

Part 2

"So what's it like? Being part pokemon, I mean." Jon asked over breakfast. Kate stuffed another mouthful of food into her mouth and scribbled on her pad of paper, then shoved it towards Jon.

I don't know, I've never been anything else.

"I see, How did you get this way though?"

That idiot scientist. He tampered with my DNA before I was born.

"Wow, you've led quite an interesting life."

I'd give it up in a heartbeat. I hate it. I'm always running, always hiding. I've never met a single person willing to look at me and not scream 'monster.'

"That's awful Kate. I don't think you're a monster. You're very pretty."

Really? You really think so?

"Yes, definitely."

I-I I don't know what to say.

"Nothing Kate, you're an incredible individual. I'm sorry that no one else has ever taken the time to notice it."

Kate blushed, then stood up.

"Where are you going?"

I need a bath. She wrote, then wandered into the back of the house. A few moments later Jon heard the sound of running water. He hoped that Kate didn't damage something with her electricity. He knew she was sentient, but still... Electricity and water?

Jon waited patiently for her return. He cleared the table, and noticed how very neat Kate had been about her meal. She'd eaten every last bite. Obviously she was accustomed to only getting food once in a while. Jon went out onto the balcony, overlooking the valley behind his house. Somewhere out there was a dead man. He beleived that eventually he would be missed, but somehow, no one ever noticed his disappearance. Jon sat on the balcony for ten minutes, staring out over the landscape. He didn't move even when Kate stepped out onto the balcony, wringing water from her pointed ears.

"It's a rough world isn't it Kate?" He said, then looked up at her. She was nodding, a single tear formed in her eye.

"Why don't you give it all up? Stay here, with me. I'll take care of you. You can live in the guest house. I'll always be here. I'll protect you."

She shooked her head slowly. She knew it would never work. The bounty hunters would kill him with the blink of an eye, just to get to her and the huge reward on her head.

"Why Kate? Why not? I really like you. You're very special. You're a treasure, not just some monster on the run."

I know, Kate thought, but no one else will ever see it that way...

Her head drooped until she was staring despondently at the ground. Jon stood and walked up to her. He hugged her affectionately. She buried her head into his shoulder and let her thoughts drift away from the harshness of reality. She was brought back by a sudden noise. She snapped her head up and looked Jon in the eye.

What was that!?

"Shh, someone's coming. Hide in the house." He said, motioning towards the door. She darted inside with inhuman speed. She could hear footsteps. Someone trudging through the leafy forest floor.

"Hey! You seen anything odd around here?" One of the two people asked.

"No, why?" Jon replied.

"There's a dangerous creature running loose around here."

"Dangerous?" Jon asked, eyeing the silent man suspiciously. He had produced a metal device and was sweeping it across the house.

"Yes, very dangerous. It killed a man yesterday."

"Really?" Jon asked, a hint of skepticism in his voice.

"Yes, I would advise you to..." He as cut off by a rapid beeping sound.

"She's in there!" The silent man said, suddenly speaking up. He dropped his scanner and drew a rifle off of his back. Jon darted inside, barely evading capture.

"They're here!" He said, barricading the door frantically. "You've got to make a run for it. Out the front door! Quick! I'll always remember you! Come back again if you can!"

Kate nodded solemnly and dashed out the front door. She ran for all she was worth, leaving Jonathon and his companionship behind her. She would return one day. That, she was sure of.