-His Evil-

I wrote this in language arts today, Hannah? I bet you recognize this. This is also sort of a companion to The New King. Enjoy. In Ichi's POV.


The evil inside me,
That I hide every day.
The monster inside me,
That will stay till my dying day.

He wants to take the crown,
He'll hurt whoever he wants.
Eyes of evil,
Endless void of darkness,
No pity in his demonic eyes at all.

Blood-curdling screams,
Can be heard.
Do you hear them?
They are mine.

He makes me scream,
Till I do what he requests.
His torment has no boundaries,
Not a one.

No end can be seen
There is one end,
But I can't do that now.
Not yet.
Not yet.

The part of me that I hide,
From sight.
Wants to kill you all,
And cackle in delight.

He yearns for blood.
It makes no difference to him.

He's a hollow soul.
Nothing is left but hate,
Pure bloodlust.

The end for me is near.
His rule is coming.
The New King will be here soon.