Title: Becoming Obsolete

Author: beililee aka .sunset

Characters: Kurosaki, Katsuragi, Tsurara

Disclaimer: Don't own the Kurosaki drama, or the actors that play within.

Author's Note: If you haven't seen this drama, it is amazing like woah. Just saying XP

Katsuragi had been sure that when Kurosaki no longer needed him, he'd eat him too, eat him in the way of the Kurosagi con artist. Thus, no one was more surprised that he when Kurosaki continued to do business with him, and continued to keep him around.

Kurosaki grimaced at the implication that he'd gone soft, but it wasn't his fault that he'd let the old man get to him, or perhaps it was, but he didn't want to dwell on it. The old man had become somewhat of a father figure for him, showing him the ropes, helping him avenge his family's death, though not his father's since the prick had been the problem to begin with with his whining and his sniveling and his idea that murder-suicide was the perfect escape from the inability to pay back a debt.

Stupid ass. Kurosaki was tired of that view, tired of the people who would rather escape than fight. It made him almost want to beat them over the head, not that he'd ever show that level of passion for anything, well, anything other than getting that damn girl next door to leave him the hell alone.

Thus, he was grateful for his father figure, grateful that the man hadn't had him killed on that rainy night—truth be told he'd kind of hoped for that in his one moment of weakness.

His help enabled him to show the world that sniveling bitches were rapidly becoming obsolete—seriously, who searched out the damsel in distress these days? Kurosaki was smug, and smugger still as he showed them all the strength of deception and manipulation in controlling one's own destiny. So, he had been weakened by his own strength.

He couldn't kill the old man now.

Good thing the bastard would soon be rotting in his own carcass anyways—age always catches up with a person.

It just frustrated him that he had a soft spot for the man engineering everything. Even the bastard his father owed worked for him. Damn interconnecting underworld.