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The ceiling look as if it would cave in at any time but then again the Villa Auditore was over 700 years old. The chilly air of the room hinted at a bit of wood rot also adding to the fact that there was a giant hole in the wall in front of where he was standing. Through the animus he had seen the catastrophe that had befallen the villa and the village bellow him by the Borgia. The walls on the outside had not even been rebuilt since the attack. It was his favorite place in the whole villa. He just stood there as dawn approached enjoying the rare moments of peace.

"Desmond you have 5 minutes then its time for bed mate don't want the master assassin losing his beauty sleep now do we?"

Well so much for peace Shaun really knew how to ruin the mood.

Pissed about his shattered peace he retorted, "What are you my mom? Piss off I know what time it is!"

Unfortunately Shaun's voice traveled from downstairs too well.

"Very funny. Well I will be pissing off once you get your butt down here!"

Moaning in annoyance, and rolling his eyes Desmond turned from the sight of the slowly ascending red sun through the hole in the wall, and descended into the musky cold dark interior of the sanctuary. As the warm sun rose that morning he never saw an eagle fly from the top of the Villa soaring over the town and its walls towards the rolling ruby sun. A ray of sunshine collided with its flight towards the solar spectacle and it was gone.

Only when the sun set was it safe to go outside. As Desmond was reminded again by an oh so helpful British dickhead named Shaun, as he told him that he and Lucy where going for more supplies and that he was supposed to stay put and not do anything stupid. Leaving him and Rebecca at the sanctuary.

"Hey Desmond, Desmond, DESMOND!" Rebecca's shouting pulled him out of his musing sitting atop the base of the Altair statue to a flustered Rebecca sitting at the animus computer nails drumming the table.

"Sorry did not sleep well." Was his grunted reply as he rubbed his eyes trying to wake up.

Her face went from annoyance to worry. "Is it more dreams of Ezio?" she prompted, "You really need to focus on categorizing you memories."

"I know that damn it." Desmond cursed as he hoped down from is perch, feeling frustrated he ran his hands through his short black hair. Truth be told it was not Ezio he had been dreaming of but Altair and his time in 1191.

Letting his hand fall to his side and sighing he decided to just say it. "Its Altair and his time…the memories are ones I've already seen but, its different I don't know why, just thoughts and other memories like that whole memory inside of a memory thing except its like drifting shadows."

His eyes pleading he looked at Rebecca who staring at him, her expression very serious. She looked back at the entrance to the sanctuary then at her watch. Finally she said, "With all that's going on this is not a coincidence but dangerous. I'm going to call Lucy hang tight for a sec okay?" she briskly started typing on the computer again before standing up and walking towards the entrance of the sanctuary taking a ear piece from one of the cabinets.

Desmond drowned out her voice as she disappeared up the stairs, as he hoisted himself back onto the base of his ancestor's stone statue. He had only told half the truth it was not just memory with in memory, it was already there he just did not notice it. Which brought up more questions, for instance the attack on Masyaf both he and Altair where curious about how easily the villagers where able to escape it. Roberts methods would have consisted not only of a frontal attack but an side as well. There had been a supply bridge in the east side of the village that had not even been attempted the traitor that opened the gate used it regularly. What happened, and other embarrassing memories. The one thing Abstergo and Lucy had missed was Altair was bi. He had seen memories of the people Altair had slept with. One of them for a brief time to his surprise was Malik. Thinking back to how Kadar's death effected their friendship it made better sense, but sometimes Malik would glance at his weirdly almost questionably it was unsettling. Heck all of this was unsettling in of itself. Not the bi part though because he was bi himself.

Hearing footsteps he looked up from the floor to see Rebecca briskly walking back in.

"Get back in the animus where going to do a test run with Altair to test the synchronization." She called to him as she booted up the animus.

Blinking he slid off the statue again walking over to her.

"Wait, why?" He asked confused as he reached her desk.

"Your dreams of Altair maybe some kind of animus interference maybe Subject 16 left behind, or…" she passed

"Or what." Desmond said putting his hands on her desk.

Looking with a frown she reluctantly continued. "Or it could be memories Altair suppressed. I don't know if you know this, but you where the only one that has been able to sync with Altair out of all of the Subjects Abstergo dragged in."

"What!" His hands jerked off the desk.

"Yah weird I know. That's why Lucy wants to do a test run. So take a seat when you ready and we will get started. The others should be back soon."

Huffing in annoyance he laid down in the animus. His vision started to fade and then he was in the familiar white world of the animus.

" Alright I'm going to access Altair's memories." Rebecca's disembodied voice called to him.

Desmond started to see flashes of his ancestor's life Jerusalem, targets, Masyaf, Templar's, ally's, enemies. His head started to pound and a shock of pain ripped through him. He fell to his knees as blinding pain began to build in him tearing at his body.

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, Warning, Warning."

"SHIT" He heard Rebecca's voice. Trying to open his eyes he saw flashes of Minerva and the apple. It was all he saw the apple it glowed golden against the flashing red animus.

"WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON" Lucy, it hurt to hear her. Gasping he collapsed writhing in pain.

"Eject him NOW" Lucy screamed.

"I'm trying it wont work...What, oh GOD tell me I'm not seeing this."

Rebecca's shout brought him to the present. Pain tore through him again the apple becoming brighter. He saw his hands and with wide eyes watched as they disintegrated, it was slowly moving up his arms falling towards the void of light. The pain was worse than anything he had felt in or out of the animus.

"He…He's disintegrating." Shaun for once was shell-shocked.

I was not an illusion his real body was disintegrating. He saw the apple its light, his body was almost gone now. Was he dying? Surrendering to the pain he lost consciousness as the light swallowed him.

"NOOOO!" Lucy's voice was the last thing he herd, but as darkness closed on him he saw the apple and its first tomb the Temple of Solomon, then nothing.