As I approached the open door, I noticed a note lying on the ground. Cryptic writing was scrawled on the yellowed paper. Its time the past caught up to you. I dropped the note, mystified. Were my parents kidnapped? What was going on? Suddenly I heard a loud noise, like thunder, boom outside the door. I walked outside. In the middle of the driveway was a large black mass, swirling with tendrils of darkness. I cautiously walked up to it. "Hello?" I muttered. What looked like a car door opened on the side of the darkness. A tall man stepped out. He had a green suit on and messy emerald hair. He almost appeared to be glowing. He was probably in his late twenties or so. "Sorry,"he said, almost hissing. "I almost had them too." I backed away. "Had who?" I asked nervously. He looked at me with bright green eyes. This guy must've been an Eco nut or something. "Oh, just the ghosts that captured your parents."

"Look buddy, I dunno who you are or what toxic waste plant you've stepped in, but ghosts aren't real. I mean, they at least can't drive," I said tensely. He smiled. "Of course they are!" he said matter-of-factly. "I would know, considering I'm a ghost." No wonder this dude was glowing. "Your parents are in great danger," he said. "They've been captured by the most evil ghosts of all." I gulped. "Yeah right," I shot at him. "Why would my parents be captured by ghosts!" He took my hand. "Lemme show you something." He led me to the garage. "How do you open this?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and pressed in the passcode. The garage door creaked open to reveal the clunker my dad had just been working on. He ran inside and started to rummage around my dad's tool-bench. "Ah here it is!" he exclaimed. He pressed a small button covered in sawdust at the end of the bench. I had never seen that before. Suddenly, a portion of the wall at the end of the room slid upwards. "What the-" I stuttered. He laughed. "Follow me!" he shouted, running to the giant black gap in the wall. I shrugged and ran after him.

Inside was a large room, glowing blue. "This is your dad's true 'garage',"he explained. "Where all the magic used to happen." I stopped walking and looked around. Strange computers stretched the length of the room. A large yellow orb floated noiselessly in the corner. "Hold up, I need to ask you something," I said. "Who are you anyway!" He patted my head. "Young Tori, I am Slinky, the ghost that was left behind," he said dramatically. "I used to be part of a horrible band of ghosts that your father would try again and again to stop." I held my hand up. "Fine then," I stated flatly. "Then why do you keep talking about my dad?" He looked at me for a minute and sighed. "Your dad was the infamous Pac-Man."