Graves had put himself and Amber under the covers of her bed as she snoozed, her chest seemed to be inhaling awkwardly but what could he expect when he'd half wrecked her throat less than 10 minutes ago, he couldn't find a way to relax, and he didn't know why, he had a beautiful girl friend, safety from being shot dead, a sexy woman who was willing to bend however he wanted her to, and to top it all he had the job he had needed thanks to Amber. His mind flashed through memories of the past week, and one shone though to him.

Amber walked into her father office and smiled over the table to him as she propped herself onto it smiling happily, he looked up at her for a moment gave a small thoughtless smile, Amber grunted unhappily and he looked up.

"What is it, sweetie?" he said through gritted teeth staring up at her expectantly. Amber smiled and leaned down to her dad and kissed him on the cheek. "Well daddy, you know how you said you need a spy on the street? And that I needed to find a man?" she sang innocently, as she slowly turned and stood up raising her hands and arms towards the Elevator door.

It pinged then the doors slowly opened to reveal a rather worried looking grave robber, stuck between Amber's two body guards. Both grabbed his arms and pulled him forward to Rotti's desk. Rotti's face went solemn as he stared at the man examining him. "This is what you bring me, dear daughter? A tramp off the edge of the grave yards?" Rotti's powerful voice boomed as he stood up bashing his hand of his desk. "But father you're mistaken, he's more than a tramp; he's a grave robber who's evaded you for some time!" Amber's voice sang in retaliation walking over to grave robber and stroking her hand down his chest, different materials sliding though her fingers, her hand reached down to his belt and she felt along it and pulled out a chain with viles of zydrate attached and held it out to her father. "In return for protection he could rat the others out, he would get more money, and you'd have more control!" she sang moving behind the grave robber lifting up a piece of his hair and twirling it around her fingers. Rotti sighed, and then looked at his daughter, then at the man. "So is this really the man you want to be with?" Amber nodded smiling proudly at her father as graves wrapped an arm around her waist and did an awkward smile to him, dark lipstick showing how white her teeth were. Another louder sigh from Rotti then finally nodding and began typing onto his computer. "Take a seat, both of you..." His voice had lost the natural music it seemed to have any other time. Amber led him to the couch sitting him down first then sat her body down and put her legs over his.

There was an odd noise from Rotti, and he clapped his hands together, Amber shot up to her feet standing with her back elongated and straightened out, grave robber gave an oddly confused face, his lip raising on one side, brow forced down angrily, a swift kick from Amber got him up onto his feet. He made a small grunt at her and gave her a stare that said "I will get you back for that." And her cheeky smile was a simply reply of "I know." And it infected his face with a proud smile.

Rotti grabbed a piece of paper out of a drawer and signed it. "Now mister...?" Rotti said staring at up at the man from his desk. "Digger." His voice said seriously, Rotti raised an eyebrow then "I assume your first name is Grave then?" Rotti said through gritted teeth. Graves looked proud as he nodded and got another kick from Amber.

"Uh, thanks for this opportunity Mr. Largo." Grave robber said trying to seem respectful. "Well thank you for finally getting Amber to settle down." Grave robber looked confused and shook his head then looked at Amber and her own look of confusion showed it too.

"Once you and Amber stop dating my gene-corps will come and find you and they will shoot you." Rotti's voice seemed very relaxed about the whole thing as he turned the contract round to face graves and dropped his quill atop of it. "And after 5 years of dating you must marry Amber." Rotti smiled as he held a hand up to Amber. "Father! Don't make him do this!" Amber pleaded and got a rehearsed reply of "Amber, silence." Amber took a deep breath in and shook her head trying to stay calm. "But father I can't be happy in a marriage if...if my lover doesn't love me." Her voice broke into sobbing begs. "Dear Amber, how could he? You throw yourself around changing constantly, no one can love those they cannot recognise by looks, and with your attitude it shows the true ugliness beneath." Amber's sobs grew heavier and Rotti's lack of compassion shined though.

A deep grunt filled the room followed by the scratching of a pen. "There, its signed, I will marry Amber, and it may be before the 5 years but I will." He solemnly is looking away from both the largos. He reached a hand out brushing against Amber's. "What is my new job?" he stood looking at the wall feeling disgusted with his choice.

"You will be helping this young perfect girl, the child of my former love and quite the double of her too" he said handing a photo over to grave robber of Shiloh, he threw it over his shoulder. He gave a glance to Amber whom was holding back more tears and felt a weird twanging in his chest. "And after that?" grave robber sighed out his deep voice quivering as he began to speak. "Then you have free time to spend with Amber, or anyone else for that matter, I wouldn't blame you, Amber is not the best company." A smile spread across Rotti's face as Amber let out a sea of tears weep. Grave robber took a deep breath in and bit his lip to keep his opinion bubbling in his throat. He nodded to Rotti as he took Amber's hand and led her over to the elevator, her body staggering as it leaned against his, her hand grasping onto his wrapping her fingers around his tightly as they reached the Elevator, Rotti waved from his desk as the doors shut, as once they did grave robber pushed his black lips against her purple ones, an odd tenderness flowed through him as he grasped her head forward to his moving his lips around, between and onto her as her tears and make up painted lines down both of their faces. Her eyes burned as her tears flowed endlessly and the elevator took its time to get to their floor, Grave robber's grasp was backed up by some strength any small movement to get her lips free, he would push her back to him harder, teeth clinking as the rough kiss continued even as the elevator pinged telling them they had reached the residential floor of gene co. Grave robber let go of Amber as their lips separated and both panted and stared at each other for a moment in silence, then the door pinged again to show it was shutting. "Oh fuck" grave robber said as he bashed the open button on the elevator and amber let out a soft giggle. He took her hand again leading her to her room both with faint smiles growing on their faces, a loving heat passing between them through their hands giving Ambers icy form a sweet heat. Grave robbed threw his body back on the bed amber falling on top of him and lying on his chest, her ear pressed to his rib cage listening to the gentle beat of his heart, it was such an odd contrast to how he acted, the soft beats mirrored the fist shaped bruises all down her back. He sighed heavily and fiddled through her hair with his long finger nails, catching the tugs as he tangled her hair around his fingers. Amber sighed happily then leaned up to kiss him stealing a light peck and then lay down on his chest falling asleep.

It had been a week since then and Grave robber knew tomorrow was the day the world would change, the repo man would be ousted, a young girls world will be pulled apart, and what of amber? With her obsession with body modification had become an addiction would she be anything like she looked today, tomorrow? He didn't know and he almost didn't want to, it was all terrifying, yet he knew he had too. He also knew he was trapped with amber, against both their wills, and it would be a long time before he could get out of it, but did he want to? His life was becoming a chain of events that he couldn't figure out if they were self improving choices or his usual self destructive choices.