On October 10th the kyubbi had attacked the village hidden in the leaves. The Yondaime had sealed it into his own son in hopes of saving the village and that they would treat him like a hero. The villagers thought he was the kyubbi reincarnate. They expressed they sorrow and hate towards Naruto. The kyubbi watched all this happen and finally thought that it had gone on long enough. One night as the child went to sleep on the cold, hard street; kyubbi pulled him into his own mind to talk with him.

The boy looked around the sewer, and was immediately frightened. A soft voice called out, "Do not be afraid little one". Naruto looked around and saw an elegant seeming lady looking at him. She was tall, had flowing red hair, and was wearing an elegant but simple kimono. She sat down in the cold water and Naruto noticed that she had chains all over her body. In a shaky voice he asked," Lady don't those chains bother you", kyubbi said, "yes they do but we are here to talk about other matters". She told him all about the fact she was sealed into to him. She noticed that he was shaking. Once she saw his face, she knew that there was too much anger on his face unlike normal % year olds. "YOU'RE THE REASON EVERYONE HATES ME AND THE FACT THAT THEY TRY TO KILL ME. YOU'RE THE REASON NOONE PLAYS WITH ME. I BET THAT YOU'RE WHY I DON'T HAVE PARENTS EITHER", she tried to go to him to comfort him but she was chained to the cave. Naruto was about to yell at her more, but saw that she was crying ,curious he went over and said, ' I'm sorry lady , but I got mad because I found out you're the reason of my terrible life", he saw that kyubbi's chains were making her hands bleed. He wished she didn't have those chains anymore, or the fact this place was not the sewer and was a field he saw a dude with a dog mask in. instantly the scenery changed into an ANBU level training ground and there weren't any chains on kyubbi. She stopped crying and said thank you. They had a long chat about his terrible life. She said, "I will change this for you naru, I will alter your body to make you strong."Naruto was happy kyubbi thought about having a long talk with the Sandaime the next day. She took over Naruto's body took him into a secret field near by and thought 'Sleep well '.