Angelina Scinelli slumped over in the passenger seat of Sage's Crown Victoria. There was a hole in the side window where the bullet from Brandi's sniper rifle had entered the car. The sound of the shot had just begun to die down when the driver's door flew open and Sage dove out of the car. Joe and Frank rushed at the car with their guns drawn. Frank rushed to Sage's side as Joe approached the passenger door.

Joe flung the door open and pointed his gun at Scinelli's motionless body. Her chest was covered in blood from Brandi's bullet. Joe touched her neck and then quickly holstered his gun and pulled out his cell phone. "She's still alive!" he yelled as he dialed. He snapped an order into the phone and then shoved it back in his pocket as he pulled the mafia boss' body out of the car. He pressed the palm of his hand against the entry wound on the left side of her chest as he pulled off his shirt. He placed a library card over the hole in her chest and then wrapped his shirt tightly around her chest. He checked for an exit wound and found none. The bullet must still be in her he assumed. He felt for her pulse again. It was gone. He quickly started CPR. He could hear the sirens approaching from a distance. He kept performing CPR until a paramedic shoved him out of the way and took over. Joe stood back and watched as the paramedic worked on Scinelli. After a few moments he hurried over to check on Sage. He found another paramedic bandaging a bullet wound in her shoulder. "How did that happen?" he asked.

Sage winced. "She managed to sneak up behind me. I think she was going to kill me at first but then she figured a hostage would be more useful so she just wounded me so that I couldn't fight her."

Joe nodded. "I wondered why you didn't take her out yourself," he teased. "But that explains it.

Just then Brandi came running up, the sniper rifle slung over her back. "Is everybody okay?" she asked anxiously.

"Alright here," Sage assured her.

"I have a question," Joe smirked.

Brandi raised her eyebrows.

"What kind of wimpy rifle are you using that didn't even go all way through Scinelli?" Joe scoffed.

Brandi glared at her brother before looking a little mystified. She shrugged and handed the rifle to Joe.

It was his turn to look mystified. "This is a Barrett .50 caliber rifle," he said, puzzled. "This should have easily punched through her."

"With armor piercing rounds no less," Brandi added.

"So why didn't it?" Joe wanted to know.

"I can answer that," Sage spoke up. "My car has some pretty heavy duty bullet proof windows. I wouldn't have been surprised if the bullet hadn't penetrated at all."

Brandi gulped. "Well, I'm sure glad it did, otherwise you might not be here right now."

Sage shuddered. "I prefer not to think of that," she said.

The paramedic had just finished bandaging Sage's bullet wound. "We need to get you to hospital to get this properly patched up," he said. He helped her to her feet and led her to one of the two ambulances.

"We'll meet you there!" Frank called as she climbed into the ambulance. The ambulance pulled away. A few moments later, the other ambulance, carrying Scinelli, also raced away, its sirens blaring.

Six Months Later:

"Who are your contacts in Italy?" Frank asked for what seemed the hundredth time.

"For the last time, I'm not telling."

"You do realize that you are this close from disappearing into a secret prison somewhere and never being heard from again, don't you?" Frank growled at the woman sitting across the table from him in the brightly lit interrogation room.

Angelina Scinelli laughed at him. "I still won't tell you. The things I know are the only thing keeping me out of that dark hole."

Frank grinned wickedly. "That was true, until two hours ago," he told the imprisoned mafia boss.

Scinelli gave him a mildly curious glance and then began to study her fingernails.

Frank shook his head in disbelief. He reached into his briefcase and pulled out a thick three-ring binder. He slapped it on the table and slid it across to Scinelli.

She put on a bored expression as she opened the binder. She glanced at the first page, did a double take, and began to rapidly read the contents. Her face turned ashen as she read. After several pages, she closed the binder and slid it back to Frank. "What do you want?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"Absolutely nothing," Frank replied as he shoved the binder back into his briefcase. "I was only giving you one last chance to help yourself." He stood up and began to walk away. "Enjoy life in prison." He walked out of the room. The door shut behind him with an ominous thud.

"What's in the binder?" Joe, who had been waiting outside the door, asked curiously.

"Remember that coded book we found in Tammy Jackson's apartment?" Frank asked in return.

"Yeah," Joe replied curiously.

"The codes division in DC took their time, but they finally came through for us," Frank told him. "The translation of that book was hand delivered two hours ago."

"It took them six months?" Joe asked in disbelief.

"Apparently there was quite a backlog there," Frank replied. "And it was a very complex code."

"So what was in it?"

"This book contains all of Scinelli's contacts, employees, and bank accounts. Basically everything there is to know about the Scinelli crime family can be found in this book," Frank answered.

"I take it we are going to round them all up?" Joe asked with an eager grin.

"You guessed it," Frank agreed.

"I know exactly where to start," Joe said with a grim smile.


"Remember that lovely house of horrors that Fanelli sent Bess to?" Joe asked. At Frank's nod, he said, "I say we start with the guys who ran that."

"Sounds perfect," Frank said.

The look that came over Joe's face sent shivers down Frank's spine. He would hate to be those mafia torturers when Joe caught up with them!