I love the pairing MikeyxAllie in Everlost, and I don't know why no one really writes about it… first Everlost fic enjoy! I haven't read Everwild, so this is right after Everlost ends. If Mary is in this, it will b a little later but I will have some NickxMary. Sorry if I do some grammar/Everlost stuff wrong!

Nick's POV

I paced through the trees, literally, not wanting to be sucked down to the earth.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?" I looked up. I scrambled to a tree, quickly finding that either someone had died from falling here, or the tree had died, and hid in the branches, praying that whoever had spoken would be to busy talking to their companion to notice me.

"Mikey, we've gone over this before. You can't still torture people because you said you were going to quit being a monster and get where you're going!" Allie came into view, Mikey trailing behind. He flinched when she said 'get where you're going.' It had been, what, a week, since Mary and I had split.

Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary…

"But I don't look like one any more. I even call my self Mikey now. I still have sixty years, and we agreed on half-decent. What else is there to do for fun around here?" I rolled my eyes. Allie had some work to do, and she herself seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover," was all she said as she wandered away, Mikey in tow.

"Ha!" We all looked around, and I climbed down from the tree. Mikey nodded to me, and Allie waved, as if a boy who had died in a car crash with you climbed out of random trees everyday.

"Was that you, Nick?" Allie looked around. I shook my head, confused.

"Confuse me with Hershey?" Vari. I frowned at the memory of the nick-name he had given me. As he strode into the clearing, I noticed an odd smell about him. I remembered it from the Sulfur Queen. Sulfur, of course. Mikey stiffened. "You." He pointed at Mikey. "You look familiar…" He rubbed his chin. "No matter." He snapped his fingers, and a crew appeared behind him. With the flick of Vari's wrist, chains were brought out. "Thank you for showing us that lovely, dead tree, Hershey." He smirked. "Chime 'em!" Mikey scowled.

They grabbed me first, surrounding Allie and Mikey. Why didn't he just claw them? I saw Allie shake her head at him from the corner of my eye. She must like him very much to be nurturing his humanity even in times of danger.

They hung my by my ankles in a branch of the tree. When they grabbed Allie, the former McGill's eyes glinted with anger. She shook her head again.

"You're the real McGill. Aren't you?" We all turned in the direction of Vari's voice. "You don't look very intimidating to me."

"Were the McGill," Allie whispered gently. Mikey raised his chin, but I could see a familiar coldness in his eyes.

"But," Vari continued, "I can believe it. You look just as pitiful and ugly." He ended the last part with an evil smile. Allie's upside down (right side up for me) face slowly morphed. She nodded to Mikey.

PS: Vari knows about chiming because he was there when nick went to mary and pinhead could have told him. How was it? I know no one reads this anymore but…..